Editorial Policy

Our goal at Wealth Pursuits is to help you elevate your personal financial situation. In order to do this, we adhere to a strict set of editorial guidelines.

Guiding Principles

Read more about our guiding principles below.

Follow the Research

We do not go on “gut.”

We do not “riff” on a topic.

We follow the research.

Our team relies on research from credible sources. Comprehensive research provides the backbone for every article we create.

Back it Up With Data

The world of personal finance is filled with subjective ideas.

While we incorporate some opinions and personal experiences into our pieces, we always defer to the data first.

Nothing speaks louder than data.

Avoid Bias

We believe that there is no “universal” advice in the world of personal finance and we do our best to curb our own biases. Our recommendations are driven by research and considerations of what advice will be most effective for our readers.

Avoid “Fluff”

We’re not here to waste your time. We pride ourselves on creating actionable content that you can use to improve your financial situation.

We leave the fluff at the door.

Keep it Simple

We’re not here to try to impress you with big words and fancy jargon. We believe personal finance should be simple and straightforward.

Think Different

There are millions of articles on personal finance, many of which regurgitate the same generic advice. We strive for originality. We try to take a unique perspective in every article we write.

We’re not here to reinvent the wheel, but we are dedicated to standing out from the noise.

Make it Actionable

Personal finance isn’t about “theory.” You will not be formally tested on the material, nor will you benefit if you don’t take action.

Our goal is to make our content actionable so you can achieve the results you desire.

Our Research and Review Process

Whether we are working on a research piece or reviewing a service, our team follows a set of guidelines that enable us to create top-quality content.

Dig Deep

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Our team digs deep into every topic we research to ensure that we cover the material comprehensively and accurately. We rely on a variety of publications, websites, and books to uncover the best research.

Firsthand Experience > Everything

We believe that experience is more valuable than anything you can read in a book or watch on YouTube. Our team of expert writers digs deep into research material but also relies on personal experience in the industry (the best of both worlds!)

When possible, we test services and strategies to ensure their effectiveness.

Defer to the Experts

When entering “subjective” areas in the world of personal finance, we defer to the experts. This includes both our team of specialists and credible third-party sources.

While we prefer to focus on cold, hard facts, not everything in the world of personal finance is black and white. There is a gray area in which subjectivity thrives. For example, what are the best stocks to buy? What is the best price to pay for a home? What is the most effective marketing strategy for a new business?

When addressing subjective questions, we defer to the experts who have a wealth of knowledge that leads to more informed opinions.

Consider Everything

We want our readers to get the “full picture” after reading an article. Our team is committed to taking a comprehensive look at every topic.

When discussing topics related to budgeting and saving, we consider what is viable for people in every financial situation.

When we review services, we consider how effective they will be for our audience at large.

We consider factors like cost, effectiveness, viability, and more.

We rely on multiple data sources and multiple perspectives.

If we miss something, just let us know. You can always reach out via our contact page.