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Easy Side Hustles

These days, to get ahead financially, you need to have a side hustle.  According to Yahoo Finance, nearly 51 percent of Americans now do some sort of extra work to make money on the side.

However, if the idea of spending your nights and weekends driving around strangers for Uber isn’t your cup of tea, you can relax.  There are several other ways you can earn some extra money on the side. Most of them you can do without ever even leaving your home!

Here are 11 easy side hustles that you can get started doing right away. 

Making money with side hustles

1-Become A Proofreader

Looking for an easy side hustle? Do you like to read?  If you’re good with grammar and can spot the mistakes in other peoples’ writing, then you might have a knack for proofreading.  

Proofreaders are needed for reviewing a variety of different publications:

  • Promotional copy
  • Books 
  • Articles / website content
  • Official documents
  • Etc.   

You can start finding work on sites like Upwork or Fiverr.  Decide which types of publications you’d like to specialize in and start applying for jobs in that niche.


Are you patient when it comes to teaching children, teenagers, or even young adults? Are you a teacher looking for a side hustle? If you’re particularly knowledgeable when it comes to certain subjects such as reading or math, then you could offer to be a tutor.

Private tutors can earn anywhere from $25 to $75 depending on what they teach and who they’re teaching.  If you already regularly work with children, then you might already have some potential clients.  If you don’t, you could also sign up to work through an online service such as Wyzant.  

3-Teach English Online 

Teaching Online

Speaking of teaching, would you be interested in teaching English to kids in China?  If you’ve got a Bachelor’s degree, then you could get paid up to $20 an hour to become an instructor via videoconference using the service VIPKid.  Just remember that there is a significant time zone difference between China and other parts of the world.   

4-Manage Social Media

Are you always on Instagram or Pinterest?  There are very few businesses (especially small ones) who properly utilize social media to promote themselves.

Remember that there are still a lot of people out there who are not comfortable using social media, and what may seem simple to you could be complex to them.  Even though most promotional posts can be automated, someone still needs to pick what to say, when to say it, and find the right people to connect with.

Look for gigs in places like Upwork to find your first client.

5-Take Surveys And Watch Videos

If you find yourself with spots of free-time throughout the day, then you could turn them into opportunities to make money.  

There are a lot of apps that will reward you for taking surveys and watching short videos.  With just a few clicks, you’ll earn points that you can then use to redeem gift cards or cash.  Though you won’t get particularly rich, a free gift card here and there can be a nice bonus. 

If you’d like to give this a try, download an app like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, or Survey Junkie to get started.

6-Test Websites

Another easy side hustle is testing websites. A great website is the first impression that a business makes.  Therefore, it has to look and work just right.  Otherwise, it could scare off potential customers.

That’s why lots of businesses need people to review their site and provide them with feedback.  They might be looking for opinions about the overall appearance, functionality, menu options, ease of buying, or many other features.

Services like UserTesting work with these companies and are willing to pay you to become a website tester.  Sign up with them and start letting them know what you think.

7-Deliver Groceries

Publishing online books

Do you know your way around the grocery store and are pretty efficient at picking up what you need to get? 

Every day, thousands of people are either too busy or simply unable to go grocery shopping.  Instead, they are willing to hand over their grocery list and pay someone else to do it for them.

If that sounds like something you don’t mind doing, you can sign up with a service like Shipt, Instacart, or Postmates.  As long as you’re organized, you could group multiple orders into one shopping trip and complete several jobs all at once for maximum efficiency.

8-Become A Freelance Writer 

Do you like to write and have a lot of knowledge that you can share? 

Businesses from all types of industries as well as regular, everyday people need writers to help them create content.  Think about:  

  • Promotional / sales copy
  • Product literature
  • Articles
  • Website materials
  • ebooks
  • Cover letters / resumes
  • Etc.

If any of this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing, then start looking for gigs using sites like the Flex Jobs and Upwork.

9-Self-Publish Fiction eBooks On Amazon

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book, and then thought to yourself: That’s not how I would have written the story …

Well, now you can!  Lots of people are finding success thinking up good fiction stories and then selling them on Amazon.  You can write and publish ebooks for any number of genres: Romance, sci-fi, mystery, … whatever you’re in to!

Other than your creativity, all it takes to get started is a laptop and a software program like Microsoft Word.  Once you finish and proofread your manuscript, you can upload it to Amazon for self-publication.  No middle-man needed! 

Would you rather write non-fiction?  That’s okay too – there’s a market for that as well.  Just be sure to check out the competition first and make sure the topic you’d like to write about isn’t already saturated with other best-selling titles.

For help getting started on writing your first ebook, check out this free guide from Smart Blogger.

10-Design eBook Covers

Speaking of ebooks, as more and more authors continue to self-publish, they’re going to need someone to create attractive front covers.  If you’ve got an eye for art and know how to use a photo editing program, then you be of service.

While some people claim to have only paid $5 for their book cover, oftentimes graphics at this price range come from cookie-cutter templates using free stock photos.  That puts the book cover at risk of looking mediocre or possibly like everyone else’s.  

Instead, most writing professionals will recommend that you spend a little more money on a book cover that is unique and custom-designed.  That’s good for you because it means you can command a higher price!

Find your first client through a site like 99 Designs.

11-Become A Pet Sitter Or Dog Walker

Dog owners are crazy about their canines!  The thought of leaving them alone when they’re at work or on a short trip is something they can’t take.

That’s why if you’re good with animals, you could offer to watch their pets while they’re away.  Often times, all it takes is just a few minutes out of the day to do routine tasks for the pets like give them food, take them for a walk, or even play with them.

You could offer your services directly to friends and family through social media.  Or you could find new clients through a service such as Rover.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of side hustles out there, and now you know 11 easy side hustles that can help you make some extra cash. Whether you’re a nurse, a college student, or a single mom side hustles can make a big difference in your income.

DJ Whiteside

DJ Whiteside is a financial enthusiast who believes in helping other people to achieve financial independence. He’s constantly looking for practical ways to optimize savings, reduce spending, and create a lifetime of passive income. DJ holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, which allows him to take an analytical approach to financial topics. He has been a financial writer since 2011 and has self-published 5 personal finance eBooks relating to saving, retirement, and financial independence.

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