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How To Sell Used Clothes Online

We all have had that moment of weakness when we bought a clothing item, or five, that we have absolutely no use for. Now, they hang in our closet, barely worn. Seeing them every day may bring you a rush of endorphins. However, are you aware that you could actually monetize this indiscretion if you decide to sell clothes online? Now, you can transfer your clothes straight from your closet to stores that will either buy them from you or offer you a platform to sell them. It hardly matters whether they are from obscure brands, are designer clothes, or vintage clothing; there is space for them.

In this guide, we share how you can turn your clothes into cash. All of the information you need is below. So, if you want to learn how to sell used clothes online and make some money, read on!

Used Clothes

Why You Should Sell Your Used Clothes Online

Generally, you stand to make money when you sell clothes online. However, starting a business where your products are clothes can be quite daunting. Why should you go on with it anyway?

Helps You Keep Inventory of What You Have

Opening your wardrobe to the world helps you declutter. It is common for people to have their homes filled with clothing items of different forms. This adds to the clutter in the average home. Decluttering might seem farfetched and even arduous. However, when you sell your clothes, you declutter even if you don’t mean to. It even gets easier when you sell clothes online. You kill two birds with one stone: declutter your home while making some money in the process.

Pay off Student Loans

One of the best benefits you get from selling your used clothes is that it gives you some extra money. In the first place, everyone benefits from having some more cash. For instance, you can pay off your student loans or help someone pay theirs if you have no challenge in that area. Furthermore, you can channel the spare cash towards your savings goal. You could even go on that vacation that you have been putting off for a while now. Having more money could also improve your shopping credit. If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of having your order declined at the grocery shop, you would understand how important being credit-worthy is.

Sell Used Clothes For Income

It Can Be an Act of Goodwill

This is often one incentive people overlook. While it is well and good to make some money from selling your used clothes, the act can also indicate generosity. When you sell your clothes at a pittance, you would be drawing from the human instinct to share. You could be helping the less fortunate access clothing brands and designer clothes they may not have gotten any other way. Of course, the items of clothing may not seem like a big deal, especially considering that they are used clothes. However, it is the thought that counts. If we all can be partners in generosity, instead of hoarding designer brands and whatnot, the world will perhaps be a better place for it.

Top Places to Sell Used Clothes Online

Places to sell used clothes online should be the least of your concerns regarding selling clothes online. This is because several of those stores exist, catering to different needs.

Used Clothes Hanging

For each of these sites, the transaction fee and seller fees may, however, vary. Thus, it is left for you to peruse each site to be sure they meet your goal.


eBay website

eBay is one old-fashioned platform where you can sell your old clothes. It is a little clunkier than the others but gives you a great deal whenever you want. When selling used clothes on eBay, you have two options: selling at an auction or fixing a price on the clothing item. Both work, but your best bet might be fixing the price of the clothes beforehand. This is because people get to eBay looking for specific items. Once you can provide what they are looking for, you are home free. eBay is a great consideration for anyone looking to make some cool cash from their old clothes.

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ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace website

ASOS marketplace is also another of the online stores you can sell used clothes. The space has a unique niche that it caters to. It offers a platform to sell vintage garments and retro fashion. So, while it may not take your designer piece of clothing, it is the best site for selling fashion pieces from the eighties. 

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Thredup website

Thredup is another fantastic option for anyone interested in selling used clothes. One of the best things about Thredup is its relative ease. You do not have to go through the hassles of sorting, photographing, and arranging your clothes. What you need to do is order a cleanout bag from the Thredup website. You then fill the bag with your used clothes and send it back to them. Its experts would sort through the clothes and decide the ones that can be sold and the others that can be recycled. You can then request your money through Paypal or spend it on their site. One thing you’d love about Thredup is that you can donate your money to charity. This whole process takes less than one month. Basically, as you can see, you bag your clothes and ship them off and expect your money at the end of the day. Thredup is reliable for holding up its own part of the bargain.

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Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace functions generally like a clothing store. Just like the other stores, you can put up used clothes you want to sell and have people indicate interest and make purchases. Here, you partner with Facebook to get things rolling. You list the items on Facebook, people contact you, and you finalize agreements, then you meet up at a public place to complete the exchange.

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Tradesy website

Tradesy does not just sell clothes. Its niche is broader than that. It is one of those stores where you can sell other designer items at the same time. As a consignment store, Tradesy stores and then sells your clothing items for some predetermined seller fees. You may love how it partners with the owners to get them the best customers for their items, while also drawing visitors to their site. Tradesy makes sure that you are on the same page at every turn.

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Poshmark is one online site you can sell a variety of brands. It offers one of the easiest ways to sell used clothes since you can do everything with your phone. This cuts down the commission costs, shipping fees, processing fees, and transaction fees. Simply download the Poshmark app, upload pictures of your clothes, and connect with your tribe online. Thus, you list up to 5 outfits (preferably), have people indicate interest, and then ship them off to them within the best possible time. Poshmark makes its process quite easy to handle.

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Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange offers you the option of walking into one of their stores to sell your clothing item. Besides, they accept mail-in consignments. You can request a shipping kit and then fit up to 40 clothes into each of them and send them back. They would select the ones they can purchase and send you back the rest. The commission fees are pocket-friendly. You should make some gains with this site.

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Tips for How to Sell Used Clothes Online

No doubt, you must be pumped up at this point. However, you cannot just jump into selling clothes online. Having looked at the places to sell clothes, we will be looking at tips and best practices when it comes to exchanging your used clothes for cash. Below, find the best tips for selling clothes online.

Used Shirt

Get the Requisite Information

It is good that you are reading this article because the first port of call for selling used clothes online is getting information. The process takes to sell clothes online differs from selling clothes at a physical location. Thus, even if you have some experience selling clothes physically, it would not be the same. You need to figure out the intricacies of online stores, how to decide on and fulfill an order, shipping costs, if a payment processing fee exists, etc. It may take a moment to get the hang of all of these, but once you get rolling, you will pick up momentum really quickly.

Figure Out Your Priority

If you are like most people, then you have quite a pile of used clothes. However, it is not every item of clothing that can be or should be sold online. Hence, you need to sort the clothes by priority. Recognizable brands will fetch you more money than hand me downs. Also, many people are in the market for clothing for children, so that should be a priority for you, too.

Determine Your Sale Price

Some folks get stuck determining the sale price for their clothes. A common mistake is thinking that they could sell the clothes the same amount they bought them. However, that may not work. Regardless of how much you love the clothes, the fact that they are not new automatically lowers their price. It doesn’t matter if you have worn the clothes or if they came with designer labels. Furthermore, they may have gone out of style, and people may not want to waste money on clothes no one considers stylish anymore. You need to be objective. Look at similar items online or even at thrift stores to get a sense of the price range. Using this knowledge, you can set your starting price and eventual sales price. One rule you must bear in mind is that it may be impossible to sell at the price you desire; affordability is the key consideration.

Get Ready

Once you have figured out the clothes, you wish to sell and the amount of money to sell for, the next step is to prepare to sell the clothes. At this stage, you need to launder and iron the clothes. Take great pictures of them and write terrific descriptions to draw people in. If you have any experience with writing, you can employ it here. It would be a win-win situation on both ends. You may want to also connect with other sellers before you dive in. Have them share their experiences with customers, especially how to craft a return policy and even how to determine a commission fee. These are things you can learn best from people with actual experiences.

Conclusion: Selling Used Clothes Online

Used clothes do not need to be a burden with the right information. One thing this article seeks to achieve is to share knowledge about the how-tos concerning selling used clothes online. Designer items, commission fees, etc., will be commonplace to you if you’ve read till this point. It would be best if you now put all you’ve learned to work for the best results.

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