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Best Credit Repair Software – 9 Top Choices

Who would have thought just ten years ago that your credit could affect things like whether or not you can rent an apartment or whether you get hired or not if your potential employers check your credit first? Then, of course, you have the traditional reasons why your score matters when it comes to things like getting a loan. Not only does your credit impact if you’re approved for getting a loan, but the interest rate is also determined by it.

That means your mortgage could cost you a lot more money, which most people want to avoid in favor of a lower mortgage payment. But, if your credit score is getting in the way of your goals, it’s time to start looking into credit repair. A potential solution is using credit repair software.

Credit repair has its pros and cons, but it can be beneficial in certain situations. Credit repair may help if you want to refinance your car, refinance your student loans, or simply want to take control of your finances.

People that want to work on their credit score but need outside help could benefit from using working with a credit repair company or using a credit repair software. So, what is the best credit repair software? Let’s dive in and find out!

Credit Repair

What is Credit Repair Software?

Credit repair software is a technology that’s designed by credit repair companies to help people repair their credit scores. Credit repair works by assisting consumers to remove negative items that are on their credit report (which is the basis of how a credit score is calculated) and analyzes their personal credit so they can solve their credit problems by targeting the reasons the users have these issues.

There are many different types of credit repair software, including:

  • Credit Repair Software for Individuals
  • Credit Repair Software for Small Business
  • Credit Repair Software for Mortgage Brokers

We will discuss a few of the best credit repair software options shortly, with a focus on software for individuals.

Many companies provide credit repair software that people have successfully used to repair their credit history. Unfortunately, some credit repair businesses have marketed their software as being able to achieve unlikely results.

For example, a credit repair company that advertises that their software will “Fix all of your credit problems and raise your FICO score by 300 points” can’t do this for all their users. Instead, work with a professional credit repair company that is trustworthy and reputable.

Credit cards

The credit repair services offered by these software providers are also very different. That’s why people must read the fine print before paying for credit repair software programs. If you are unfamiliar with how credit repair works, it can feel overwhelming to know what’s the best credit repair software to use.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the best credit repair software out there. Use these recommendations to guide you when researching credit repair software to choose.

Best Credit Repair Software

Credit repair software can be found with different functionality and placed in various categories. Some repair software will do almost everything for you, while others will help you fix credit errors by working with you to settle disputes at the credit bureau. Still, others will even help track your credit score so you can stay on top of changes that may have occurred on your credit reports.

You can expect to pay more for a credit repair software program that does more than provide you with credit aid. Of course, these recommendations will vary by the prices and credit repair services that they provide. But you’ll be able to identify the personal credit repair software that best fits your budget and functionality needs.

Experian Boost

Experian Boost

Experian is one of the three credit bureaus and major reporting agencies. Experian Boost claims to be able to raise your FICO(R) credit score for free and instantly. Consumers who use Experian Boost increase an average of 13 points in their FICO Score by 8 according to their reports. Now, Experian Boost is not a credit repair software.

It works by giving you access to nontraditional credit references (your phone and utility bills). You need to link your bank account to Experian Boost so that Experian can look over your bank statement history and find those positive credit entries. These bills must be paid on time for your credit to increase.

You also get access to your Experian credit report, FICO score, and their credit monitoring and alerts. The best part is that Experian Boost is free to use. People who would benefit the most from using this product from Experian are those with little credit. Keep in mind that these credit score increases do not apply to credit reports and scores that the other two credit bureaus, Equifax and TransUnion, offer.

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Personal Credit Builder

Personal Credit Builder

This is one of the best credit repair software solutions for consumers who need help removing negative items affecting their credit scores. Personal Credit Builder will automate part of the process of disputes from all three major credit bureaus. You should start to see results in about 30 days.

Personal Credit Builder is a Windows-based credit repair software that allows you to import your credit reports from all three bureaus. Then it will automatically generate the dispute letters that you need to send them. Creating credit dispute letters on your own can be a hassle so having Personal Credit Builder do it for you makes the process more seamless.

You can get Personal Credit Builder for $199.97 during their current promotion period. This is not necessarily a cheap credit repair software, but may be worth it for certain individuals.

The best type of person for this credit repair software is someone who has simple credit issues due to credit reporting errors or has been a victim of recent fraudulent activity.

If your credit score issues stem from things like charge-offs or other advanced credit problems, it will take longer to see an increase in your credit score. But that will be the case with any professional credit repair.

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Credit Repair Cloud (Previously Credit-Aid)

Credit Repair Cloud (previously Credit-Aid)

Are you thinking about starting you own credit repair business? Credit Repair Cloud, formally known as Credit-Aid, is actually a tool intended for a credit repair professional. This web-based software works by allowing you to download credit reports and create dispute letters for your customers. Another benefit of Credit Repair Cloud is that you also get a website that can be branded to your business.

Other notable features of using their credit repair business software are:

  • Send credit reports via an encrypted method to your client
  • Receive updates about your disputes and history, your client’s credit score, and improvements
  • Affiliate portal that can be run inside the system to build referrals
  • Marketing tools such as business card creation
  • Automated Billing

Credit Repair Cloud comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee trial. There are four pricing tiers in their repair software:

  • Start Plan ($179 per month for up to 300 clients)
  • Grow Plan ($299 per month for up to 600 clients)
  • Scale Plan ($399 per month for up to 1,200 clients)
  • Enterprise Plan ($599 per month for up to 2,400 clients)
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Another option for those in the credit repair business is the system offered by ScoreCEO. They offer all-in-one credit repair business software for your business and clients. ScoreCEO allows a credit repair company to streamline its process for many different aspects of its business.

It’s also the first credit repair software provider to offer a business application for social media integration. Companies can use this tool to help team members post information about their business and expertise on their social media accounts.

The features and pricing depend on the plan you pick. They have a program starting at free to their Advanced plan, that’s $299 per month. You also have a 30-day money-back guarantee period to try ScoreCEO and decide whether it’s the best credit repair software option.

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The best credit repair software doesn’t have to empty your pockets. TurnScor offers very robust software at a price tag of only $40. This credit repair software program will help you monitor your score from all three major credit bureaus. That way, you have a handle on your credit information.

Using TurnScor’s software program, you can also file a dispute letter to the credit bureau using their dispute letter templates. TurnScor’s credit repair software is easy to use, and the interface design uses a theme that’s fun for users.

You do have to do more work in the process of credit repair with TurnScor than with more expensive software. For example, you’ll have to manually fill each of your letters. But since their software program is easy to use, this isn’t going to be an issue. People who have poor to fair credit and want to improve their credit over months or years steadily are the best customers for TurnScor.

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Credit Detailer

Credit Detailer

Available in English and Spanish, Credit Detail is one of the few credit repair software programs that are bi-lingual. Unfortunately, its repair software isn’t the most user-friendly system. Credit Detailer works by helping you find credit reporting errors and fixing them. It gives you access to templates that can be used in your disputes and can be sent to the credit reporting bureaus.

Credit Detailer makes fixing credit reporting errors automated, so you won’t be spending all your time manually filling out information. Being in business for over 15 years, Credit Detailer has earned a reputation in the credit repair industry as one of the most trustworthy companies.

You can purchase Credit Detailer for $399, though they often offer promotions. If you’re interested in providing your own credit repair service, they also have professional repair software to handle all your client needs. If you need more information on Credit Detailer because you commit, they offer a 7-day free trial.

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Intuit Turbo

Intuit Turbo

When it comes to accounting software and tax prep, while there may be some alternatives, most people think TurboTax. But did you know they also offer credit repair? The company is best known for its accounting software but does offer some credit repair services with its Intuit Turbo product.

Intuit offers to help people improve their credit for free. Their system is not credit repair software, and you’ll need to lean on additional credit repair support to fix your credit problems.

The company has a user-friendly platform that gives users access to all the information about their credit through its monitoring. If you spot errors and need to reach out to the credit bureaus, Intuit Turbo can’t help you.

But since it is a free credit repair software, there’s no downside to using it. You get access to your information with your fingers on your mobile device, so you know when there’s been a change to your score.

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Credit Karma

Credit Karma

You won’t be able to use Credit Karma to dispute items on your report, like incorrect tax liens or charge-offs. But you will be able to keep track of your score by using their credit monitoring and simulator features. What’s nice about Credit Karma’s software is that it’s straightforward to use and it simplifies managing your personal credit.

A credit report looks like an eyesore that anyone who isn’t a banker will have trouble picking up on all the information it contains. But their software presents the report in a simple format that anyone can understand.

Plus, you’ll get Credit Karma’s credit simulator. We’ll explain this type of software program later, but it can simulate various events to tell one how their credit might be impacted. The software is free so people who want to monitor their score and receive their TransUnion and Equifax reports should consider it.

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Credit Repair Magic Software

Credit Repair Magic Software

Rounding off the credit repair software program that we recommend is Credit Repair Magic Software. Their personal credit repair software is coined a “self-directed” program that will educate and assist you on your journey to credit repair. Think of it as having your own personal credit coach as the software guides you through the credit repair process.

Using their Automated Software System, you don’t have to write any dispute letters. This will streamline the credit repair process and improve your dispute letter management. Separating itself from others in the credit repair industry, Credit Repair Magic Software also has a 60-day money-back guarantee. Pricing may vary based on promotions, but you can currently get all the features and functionality for $97.

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How Credit Simulators Work

Credit simulators have only recently become available and are very handy for people that want to understand how specific actions will impact their score. One example is how a late payment in your payment history could affect your credit score. Other events credit simulators might be able to stimulate include what happens to your credit score if you lower your credit usage, and open or close a new credit card account.

Knowing what could happen to your score beforehand will give you some insight before taking action. A credit simulator is a great information tool if you’re thinking about heading to some car dealerships but want to see how adding a car loan will affect your score.

Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring is like having a personal assistant who watches over your credit. They can be used to keep track of various credit scores (depending on the credit monitoring service), give you access to your credit report, and send you alerts anytime there’s a change to your accounts. One example is if there is a new credit card account that’s opened in your name, you can get alerted.

Keeping you up to date on your information allows you to keep on track and maintain healthy credit. In addition, many others have found it useful to help in the prevention of identity theft and fraud.

Choosing a Credit Repair Software

We’ve discussed several credit repair software options, but you might still be unsure which one to choose. So let’s look at the key factors to consider.

Credit Score And Credit Repair


When choosing credit repair software, you don’t necessarily want to break your bank account. Selecting the one that best fits your financials and goals is essential. Credit repair software is an alternative to working with a credit repair company that often charges using a monthly subscription model. Instead, you generally pay a one-time fee for repair software.


The features offered by repair software may vary from company to company. Choose the one that will help remove the things from your report that you need help with: late payments, collection accounts, disputes, negative items, etc. Additionally, the software should provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to use it. Video tutorials are particularly valuable.

Company Reputation

The repair software companies that we’ve outlined are trusted and respected within the credit repair industry. If you’re considering a credit repair service that’s not on this list, do the research, such as looking at their reviews, to find out what type of reputation they have.

Security Standards

A software program that you must reveal your personal information to should follow the best cybersecurity practices. Make sure there are safeguards to protect your information, like encrypted software.

Customer Service

Having excellent customer service is necessary when it comes to repairing your credit. The process is often long and complicated, so you want resources available to you when you need to talk to someone.

Can I Repair My Credit Myself?

It’s entirely possible to repair your credit by yourself. However, it might be more challenging since you won’t have the benefit of having assistance from software or a credit repair expert. Improving your credit can take a long time, depending on your situation. But it’s well worth it for the benefits like lower interest rates on loans, getting approved for a mortgage, etc.

You might even realize you’re great at it and decide to start your own credit repair business! Either way, if you’re looking to repair your credit on your own, below are some things you can do that will enable you to fix your credit over time.

Review Your Credit Report

If you have a low credit score, you should first do the same thing as many credit repair software do. That is, get a copy of your credit report from all of the bureaus. Review them to find errors and report them immediately to the bureau. They typically have 30 days to research your dispute and verify that it is correct or remove it from your report.

Make Your Payments On-Time

Lenders view your payment history as the most crucial aspect of your financial life. Nothing will get you off track faster than missing a few payments. You can set up alerts on virtually all your bills to remind you before it’s due, whether that’s through a company’s app/website or using the calendar function on your phone. Better yet, set up auto-payments, so you never have to remember when a bill is due.

Lower Your Credit Utilization

Using a high percentage of your credit limit will make it challenging to increase your score. Credit utilization is the second most significant factor in how credit scores are calculated. So lowering your credit usage, which also reduces your debt, is another focus point. For example, if you have a credit card that has a limit of $1000 and you use around $600, your credit utilization is 60%. It’s best to keep your utilization as low as 30%.

Repairing Credit

Alternatives to Credit Repair Software

There are some other ways you can fix your credit without using repair software. Here are some things to consider when determining if these routes might make sense for you.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation allows you to pay off your other debt (credit cards, student loans, personal loans, etc.) using one loan. Interest rates on a debt consolidation loan might be more favorable than your current debts. You don’t have to worry about making payments on your other loans on time anymore since it’s used to pay them off.

Using debt consolidation might be able to help improve your credit score, but it’s not a solution. You’re basically buying time to pay off your debts and potentially lowering your interest rate. Debt consolidation may help you if you are in debt that you either can’t handle or make your finances challenging. Credit repair service or software provides you with tools to manage your overall credit and improve over time.

Filing for Bankruptcy

This is a tool for debtors who want to get out of debt as a last resort. The bankruptcy process is very complicated, and not everyone is eligible for one. There are also many different types of bankruptcy, and each has different scenarios.

Filing for bankruptcy also leaves a long-lasting negative statement on your report. Bankruptcy could be removed depending on the circumstances, but you may need to hire legal help to get it done. Generally speaking, it won’t help you improve your score by filing for bankruptcy.

Conclusion: Credit Repair Software

The process of credit repair can be a long road. Take the time to determine what goals you want to accomplish and how much support you need along the way. Credit repair software is a tool for those DIYers who might want a little bit of hand-holding. As you begin seeing improvements, you’ll be even more satisfied with choosing credit repair software.

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