Finimize Review – Is This Financial Newsletter Worth Reading?

Not everyone wants to rely on a financial advisor to manage their money and keep up with the stock market. It’s easier than ever to be an informed investor these days with self-serve platforms like Robinhood.

If you wish to stay ahead with the financial market, you must keep up with the news stories. The business world is always moving and you have to know what’s going on to invest smarter.

You also must have a solid foundation of financial literacy to understand investing.

That’s where Finimize claims to help. Finimize’s goal is to give anyone the tools to become their own financial advisor by giving them the information they need to invest. Should you use Finimize as a financial literacy and news source to help reach your investing goals?

Read this Finimize review to learn more before making your final decision!

What is Finimize?

Finimize is based out of the UK and provides a financial newsletter to its subscribers with straightforward financial news every day. It allows investors to stay informed with relevant economic releases and gives jargon-free insights.

finimize financial newsletters

Subscribers get digestible and well-written content in about three minutes. The financial newsletter gets straight to the point on the main headlines so you can go about your day with the knowledge of what’s going on in the financial markets.

Aside from providing daily news, Finimize breaks down each topic into different categories. This gives it an organized and easy presentation.

For the investment pros, they can drill down to the relevant financial news in just a few minutes, saving them time. Beginners who aren’t as familiar with the financial world, get easy-to-understand content from Finimze.

Finimize Key Features

Daily Newsletter and Financial News

The main component of Finimize is its daily newsletter. The Finimize Daily Investment Newsletter and Finimize Mobile App Daily Briefs provide news that can be covered in just 3 minutes.

You get super digestible and well-written content that covers the key economic topics of the day. Economic releases and analysis of current market trends, for example, are subjects that might be covered. 

finimize daily newsletter

Best of all, the newsletter is written free of the Wall Street jargon so you can get your information in plain language. The editorial team writes in an entertaining and conversational style.

The content is intended to provide short and sweet financial news with explanations of why it is relevant to individual investors.

The Finimize app includes a “Daily Brief” that is similar to its website’s Daily Newsletter. The difference is that it covers different stories than the Finimize website newsletter.

The Daily Newsletter has three headings:

  • What’s Going On?
  • What Does it Mean?
  • Why should I Care?

Financial Literacy and Resources – Profitable Investment Strategies

To supplement its newsletter, Finimize offers financial literacy for its subscribers. There are a variety of guides to cover relevant topics to give you some basic lessons in financial topics and enable you to invest smarter. Some topics include:

  • How to rebalance your investment portfolio
  • Saving for retirement
  • Investing in real estate
  • How to choose a brokerage firm
  • How much income to invest
  • DeFi Investment Strategies
  • How to build your portfolio construction

This list is just the tip of the iceberg to what Finaimize offers. There are well over 50 financial and investing guides.

You can also find personal finance-related short articles on subjects like how to start building emergency funds.

You can choose between text or audio format.

Finimize Community and Events

Finimize has a community of well over 1 million members around the world. These members hold in-person, live events to meet new people and talk about what’s going on in the financial world.

With members in so many different cities across the globe, you’re likely to find events near you.

Alternatively, there are plenty of virtual events too. When you become a subscriber, you can join a Whatsapp group that’s tailored to your interest and people near you.

Within these groups, people share stock tips, investment ideas, and more. It’s a great opportunity to connect with people with similar interests and help each other out.

Mobile App

Through its web portal, you can get access to all the daily news, guides, community, and events. But you can also download the Finimize app.

Available in the Google Play and Apple App Store, you can use the app to find out exactly what you need on the go. There is a news tab, among the options that are handy to get a quick update on what’s going on while you’re waiting in line for a table at lunch or riding the bus to work.

Finimize Pricing

You can invest smarter with Finimize by signing up for a 7-day free trial. You’ll get the financial newsletter, including the Daily Brief and Analyst Insights sent directly to your inbox.

finimize 7 days free trial

After five days, you’ll get a reminder to let you know your trial is ending soon. Cancel your trial before it ends,  if you don’t plan to keep the service.

If you decide to continue the service and like the financial advice that Finimize provides, it costs 59.99 GBP (equivalent to $79.99 USD) per year.

Basic Membership

Finimize does offer a basic membership that allows you to receive daily briefings and articles. This membership level is available for free.

Premium Membership

If you want unlimited access to their daily content and its full library, the premium member is 59.99 GBP a year. That is $79.99 in U.S. dollars.

It includes:

  • Daily briefings and articles
  • Weekly review
  • Analyst strategies and opportunities
  • Daily charts and data analysis
  • Hundreds of guides and deep-dives
  • Access to all live events

Who is Finimize best for?

People who have some savings and aren’t sure how to use it to take advantage of trends and events happening now will benefit from Finimize. The service was created to especially target millennials.

There is basic financial literacy information that’s designed to help you manage your money better. However, it is not going to provide actual advice on which stocks to trade. 

Finimize Pros

Presentation of News is Engaging

The average person who’s interested in investing will especially like how Finimize presents news stories. It’s very digestible and short so you can understand the content quickly.

finimize mobile app

Has Resources for Beginners

If you have never created a financial plan or just getting into investing, it can be very overwhelming. You don’t have to go to financial advisors to make investment choices with Finimize.

There are basic lessons on financial literacy and guides to help you invest smarter.

Interface is User-Friendly

Sometimes when we download new apps, we find out they aren’t that easy to navigate around. Finimize’s interface isn’t that case. Even the novice smartphone user should be able to quickly figure out how to get around the app.

Content is available in Text and Audio

We all learn differently. Most of the information on Finimize can be viewed in text or audio.

7 Day Trial

Paying $79.99 for a year of service without trying it out is a risk. Luckily, Finimize gives you the chance to try out its app for seven days.

That gives you plenty of time to make a decision on if the service makes sense for you.

Finimize Cons

Need other Resources for more Information

The goal of Finimize is to give you short and sweet content. But that could leave you wanting more information.

Not for the Seasoned Investor

Finimize is great for beginners who are just starting their journey into the world of finance. But for those experienced investors who do their own stock trading or want to dive deep, it is not going to off much value.

Finimize Review Ratings

Customer Service 3.5/5

Finimize has an FAQ section on its website that will answer general questions. If you’re having technical issues or need a refund, you can email them at

Mobile App – 5/5

The app was made available on Android devices recently. The customer reviews on both versions are high. Users note that the app is easy to use and has a nice interface.

Pricing – 4.5/5

At $79.99 per year in the U.S., Finimize is less than $7 a month. That’s a pretty low price to get the premium membership benefits.

Plus, you can try it out for 7 days before committing to the service.

Product Offering – 4/5

A subscription to Finimize gets you a daily newsletter, guides, weekly reviews, analyst strategies and opportunities, daily charts and data analysis, and access to live events.

It is a very robust tool for new investors that are starting their financial journey. Most of its content can be accessed via audio and text.

Finimize Review: Conclusion

If you’re just getting into navigating the financial world, Finimize offers a great service. It’s designed to help you understand personal finance concepts quickly. Use its 7-day free trial to test the waters and find out why it has hundreds of thousands of users across the world. Its service is also inexpensive when compared to similar platforms that are out there.

Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Anjana Paul

Anjana Paul is a financial writer with extensive education and experience in the financial industry. She received a Marketing and Management degree from Kansas State University and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Baker University. Anjana also holds a Business Analytics Certificate from the Wharton School. Throughout her career, Anjana has worked in multiple roles within the financial industry. She has worked in banking, finance, student loans, consumer credit cards, and tech. Anjana's experience and education allow her to bring a credible, well-informed perspective to the content she writes at Wealth Pursuits, where her primary areas of focus include investing, credit, and personal finance.