Insurify Review – Can This Site Get You The Best Deal?

To save money on insurance, you have to get insurance quotes from many insurance companies. No one likes to go insurance shopping because it can be time consuming and confusing process. Online insurance marketplaces make it easier for users to compare multiple quotes from several insurance companies.

One such comparison site is Insurify. It is a one-stop-shop that allows you to compare, buy, and manage your insurance from the comfort of your home. But how does its insurance comparison tool compare to other multiple insurance companies?

We’ll find out the answer to that question and more in this Insurify review. Ready? Let’s get started!

What is Insurify?

The insurtech company called Insurify started in 2013 from an MIT $100k Pitch competition. Its online insurance marketplace launched in 2016.

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Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, car insurance is the primary source of its business. The company has branched out to also provide life and homeowner’s insurance to cater to more insurance needs.

The company’s founder and CEO, Snejina Zacharia stated in an interview with S&P Global Market Intelligence that “Since 2008, our numbers were showing that online insurance shopping has grown over 300%. So the numbers have been in our favor over the last decade. Since the pandemic, people are more worried about going to a face-to-face event, so they’re opting more for options to get their policies online or find a partner or an agent that might be able to provide that service with only a phone call or video call.”

According to Insurify’s website, the company has saved its customers an average of $489 a year on car insurance.

What does Insurify Offer?

Insurify offers a platform that provides consumers with the ability to compare rates on auto, home, life, or renters insurance. Insurify partners include Farmers, Travelers, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, AAA, USAA, Geico, and Esurance.

Customized comparisons with Car Insurance Companies

Insurify allows you to quickly compare auto insurance quotes from multiple car insurance companies. This allows you to look at insurance prices from several companies at once to find the one that fits your needs and budget.

insurify compare car insurance quotes

For example, let’s say that you’re interested in buying a new car. You need to get car insurance, and you’re not sure that your current auto insurance provider is giving you the best deal.

Insurify will allow you to review car insurance quotes based on the coverage levels of your state to find personalized quotes. Review and compare the insurance policy at quotes to decide which insurance company will save you the most money without sacrificing your insurance coverage needs.

Insurance Provider Coverage

The coverage options that you can find on Insurify’s platform include basic and supplemental protection. Its basic coverage options include:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Comprehensive
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist
  • Personal injury protection

Customers can also find supplemental coverage protection, including:

  • High-risk policies
  • SR-22 filing
  • Non-owner
  • Classic car insurance
  • Low-mileage
  • Usage-based insurance

Life and Home Insurance

Insurify auto insurance is not the only type of insurance product that you can find on its platform. There is also home and life insurance.

insurify home insurance quotes comparison

Its auto insurance business is far more developed, however.

By answering several questions, you can get accurate quotes for your home. Travelers and Hippos are among the few companies that Insurify currently works with on home coverage.

You can also compare life insurance quotes. Insurify works with some of the top life insurance companies and has significantly grown over the last several years.

Quick Process to Search

You can get insurance rates using Insurify’s insurance comparison tool in less than 5 minutes. Fill out Insurify’s questionnaire to get the ball rolling.

The questionnaire will only take about 2 minutes to complete, and it’s straightforward. Once you’re done, it is just a few more minutes to your auto insurance quotes.

Bundle your Car Insurance

Car insurance is the main insurance product that Insurify offers. But they have expanded to home insurance and life insurance. By bundling your car insurance with other policies offered by one insurance provider, you receive a  discount.

Insurify will show allow you to compare quotes that are both bundled and not.

Buy Online or with an Agent

There are multiple ways that you can buy your auto insurance, including online, by phone, or chat. The options that are available depend on the insurance company.

For example, some auto insurance providers will give you a call.

The insurance rates may not be provided by some of the search results. You might have to click to get a quote which usually sends you to the provider’s website.

How does Insurify Work?

Insurify works similarly to other comparison sites. Go to Insurify’s website to start the process by filling out an online application.

You need to provide your zip code to get started. The application will ask for basic and personal information.

insurify how it works

For example, if you are want to compare quotes for auto insurance, you’ll have to provide the make and model of your vehicle. Insurify’s artificial intelligence will match your answers to different companies in its network.

Based on your zip code, Insurify will find the right providers and policies that meet state regulations.

It will provide a list of insurance carriers that meet your coverage needs. Since Insurify factors in any discounts, your results already have competitive rates.

Once you’ve done your insurance review of each insurance agency, you can call an agent or buy the policy online. If you have any questions, Insurify also has customer service agents available to help.

After buying a policy through Insurify, you will work directly with the insurance agency moving forward. Insurify is simply the middleman between customers and insurance companies.

You will work with the insurance company to manage your policy, file claims, and make changes to your coverage.

How to receive a Quote

Insurify auto insurance works by using its A.I. to calculate quotes. Here are some of the factors that it uses to formulate its quotes:

  • Location – Your zip code is factored into your quote based on risk factors including crime, frequency of accidents, and potential natural disasters.
  • Age and Gender – Crash data shows that male drivers are at higher risk than their female counterparts. Inexperienced, younger drivers are also at greater risk.
  • Home – If you bundle your car with a home insurance plan, you save money through discounts.
  • Driving record  – Accidents, speeding tickets, and DUIs will increase your rates
  • Type of automobile – Cars with a higher crash rating and have less expensive, more accessible replacement parts will cost less to insure
  • Marital status – Car insurance for single drivers is more expensive than it is if you’re married

Does Insurify have Fees?

There is no cost or hidden fees to use Insurify to match you with insurance products through other companies. It’s completely free to use.

Insurify gets paid by the companies that it partners with. They receive compensation when customers buy insurance from their selected company.

Insurify Competitors

Insurify’s not the only online comparison site that’s out there. Each marketplace has its own network of providers and pros/cons list.

Here are a few others that you might consider using below.

insurify alternative

Like Insurify, you can start the process of receiving insurance quotes online or by calling a licensed agent. There is no fee to use its service, but your personal data can be shared with providers in the area.

That means you could receive unwanted calls or emails from providers. Its website is very easy to use, and you can receive quotes in a few minutes.


Policygenius Review.

As with Insurify, Policygenius allows you to compare insurance rates online, easily and quickly. Policygenius was founded in 2014 and is known as an “independent insurance broker.” It offers users quotes and options for a variety of insurance needs.

Policygenius’ insurance coverage options include homeowners, renters, life insurance, pet, identity theft, long-term care, travel, auto, jewelry, health, vision, short-term disability, and long-term disability insurance.

The Zebra

insurify alternative the zebra

The Zebra allows you to compare over 100  companies to find products like car, home, car + home, car +renters, renters, pet, life, commercial auto, and small business insurance.

It has a simple-to-use website that allows you to get quotes online or by calling an agent. It works with providers in all 50 states. The Zebra promises not to send unwanted spam or phone calls to users.

Insurify Pros and Cons

Pro: Get Fast and Personalized Quotes

Start saving money with Insurify without having to spend a ton of time doing research. Insurify has a streamlined and quick process to match your needs with the top insurers.

In about five minutes, you’ll get a quote from each company that’s tailored to you.

Pro: No Cost to use

Insurify offers a free tool to find and buy insurance to consumers. Companies like State Farm pay Insurify when they sell an auto insurance plan to a user.

Pro: Shop for Insurance your Way

Insurify allows you to handle the process from gathering quotes to buying a plan online in most cases. Some companies may have other options like talking to a rep or a virtual insurance agent.

Pro: Available in all 50 States

Insurify works with providers in all U.S. states to provide consumers with insurance options no matter where they reside.

insurify top rated companies

Pro: No Junk Mail

Your contact information is not shared with third parties, so you don’t have to worry about receiving unwanted spam. Insurify claims that they will also not send you these types of messages.

Pro: Solid Ratings

The Better Business Bureau has an average score of 4.26 out of 5 for Insurify. The customer reviews indicate that the process of comparing several companies is easy.

There are only 19 Insurify reviews, however, so you may take this with a grain of salt. No customer complaints have been recorded on the BBB website.

Con: May Need to do more Research

Insurify doesn’t work with every provider, so you may have to make a few phone calls or get a few more online quotes before making a final decision.

Con: Email and Phone number needed to view quotes

You need to provide your contact details to receive quotes, which can be a turn-off for some. Insurify claims not to sell your information, so at least you don’t have to worry about getting spam calls from another company.

FAQ: Insurify Review

Does Insurify have good customer service?

Since Insurify doesn’t actually sell their own insurance, there is really no reason you would need to talk to them after purchasing a plan. You can talk to an agent by calling 866-405-5518 if you need help comparing rates.

What kinds of products does Insurify offer?

The company offers car, home, and life products through its partnerships. Insurify has the most relationships with auto providers, with significantly fewer options for home and life.

It might be necessary to use other resources if you’re wanting to get the best possible deal out there.

What is the cost of using Insurify?

Customers save an average of $489 per year on auto insurance using Insurify. There is no cost or fees to use its comparison website to receive quotes. It’s a great tool to use whether you’re looking to add a new car/home or want to do an insurance review to see if you could save.

The company keeps your information safe and doesn’t sell it to others, making Insurify a no-brainer to use.

Is Insurify easy to use?

Insurify’s platform is very straightforward to use. Its website is very easy to navigate and allows users to submit their applications and get quotes in minutes.

Bottom Line: Should You use Insurify?

Insurify is a trusted company that has positive customer feedback and makes it easy for everyone to use its comparison tool. When shopping for insurance, the best way to save money is by looking at multiple rates from different companies, and Insurify ‘s platform allows you to do just that.

Overall Rating: 4.33 out of 5

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