How To Save Money On Amazon – 12 Tips For Top Savings

Amazon is the go-to online shop for a lot of individuals. Part of the attraction includes the offers you can find on the platform. Everything from electronics to clothing items to food can be found on Amazon.

Frequent Amazon shoppers are, however, always on the lookout for ways to save money on their Amazon purchases. If this is your situation, you will be glad to know that you are in the right place.

Wondering how to save money on Amazon? This article outlines some of the best tips and tricks you can employ to cut down on how much you spend while shopping on this platform. Some of the suggestions are pretty obvious, like becoming an Amazon Prime member and taking advantage of all the benefits that come with that. However, others are subtle, but yield the same results nonetheless. Ready to save money on your next Amazon purchase? Let’s dive in and find out how you can save on Amazon now!

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How to Save Money on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to sell and shop, especially if you can get a great deal and save some of your hard earned money. This is no hoax; you can actually save money while shopping on Amazon. Below are some of our best tips and tricks that you can use to save big.

Become an Amazon Prime Member

If you can afford to, you should totally pay for an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime members enjoy a lot of benefits that regulars do not enjoy. For instance, they have exclusive access to some discounted items, get one free book every month, free two-day shipping, and a Prime rewards credit card. Essentially, when you pay for an Amazon Prime subscription, you are setting yourself up to enjoy most of the benefits that will end up saving money for you. Additionally, you can share your prime benefits with your family members, even if they are non-Prime members.

As mentioned earlier, you will have to pay for the privilege of accessing these benefits. At the moment of writing this article, a subscription for Prime membership is pegged at $119. How do you know if the deal is worth it, though? Basically, you should only consider paying for a Prime subscription if you place at least one order a month on Amazon. So, if you are not a frequent Amazon shopper, then there is no need to pay some extra money for benefits you will most likely not use and there are also some alternatives to Prime out there.

Beyond the Amazon Prime membership, you may also want to save up to purchase items on Prime day. Prime day refers to two days set aside to celebrate Amazon’s anniversary. During this period, there is usually a massive discount on items across different categories. You can time your purchases to coincide with the days.

Prime membership is also open to college students. For this, you will have to open a Prime Student account. The Amazon Prime student account entitles you to a  free six-month trial after which you get to pay half of the usual Prime price.

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Use Amazon Coupons

A lot of people are not aware that Amazon coupons exist. This is surprising because this is one similarity Amazon shares with other retailers. You can choose this route to get discounts on several purchases, ranging from household items, groceries to the point that you could even get free books out of the deal. To find the coupons, navigate to the ‘Special Offers’ section of any product you want. Click on ‘Clip Coupon’, and the discount will be added when you are about to check out. This is a pretty reliable way to save money on Amazon because some coupons sometimes slash as much as 30% off the items’ price.

Track the Best Prices

One other suggestion to save money on Amazon is by tracking the prices of items and buying at the best price possible. Amazon prices fluctuate from time to time, so knowing the best time to buy is very important. You can use sites that track the prices of goods on Amazon. One of the best is Camelcamelcamel. All you have to do is set the tracker to the price that you prefer. Once the price gets to what you set it to, the tracker will send you an email, and you can then take it up from there. It is one of the best ways to save money on Amazon because it literally saves you the stress of keeping up with the prices of goods as they drop.

Another trick that is not so well known is having Amazon notify you about the lowest price of any product you are considering. You have to put all of the products, including everyday items, in your cart. You can then click on ‘Save for later’. Amazon will inform you if there are discounts or generally when the price of the items drops.

Bundle Items To Get Free Shipping

You can also get free shipping by bundling your items. If your order gets to at least $25, you become eligible for free shipping, saving you shipping costs. However, this only is possible if you bundle eligible items. Eligible items are goods that are supposed to get free standard shipping. When you have successfully combined these items together and get to the required threshold, you will be good to go.

Getting free shipping this way could even mean that you get to skip Prime altogether, saving the money you would have paid on that. This trick may not work for you if you are set on getting some specific items that are not eligible for free shipping and are not ready to compromise. Also, this move may not work if you are making a one-off purchase. For instance, if you are making drugstore purchases.

Get Credit When You Choose No Rush Shipping

Another shipping-related way you can save money on Amazon, apart from taking advantage of bundling products offering free shipping, is by opting for slower shipping times. Amazon rewards Prime members who opt for slow shipping instead of the standard shipping times. When you choose this route, you first get a discount; then you also get some Amazon credit which will then be added to your future purchases. In this process, it does not matter what your pricing history is; Amazon just considers the current transaction and rewards you for them.

Look for the Best Deals of the Day

This is perhaps the easiest way to save money on Amazon. Amazon offers daily deals with deep discounts on them. The thing with this is that you can never predict when Amazon deals come up. Also, exclusive deals like a daily deal last for just one day. Thus, if you are keen to notice when they crop up, you could be saving yourself quite a lot of money.

Amazon Daily Deals

To locate these exclusive discounts, navigate to the top of the product detail page. You will find ‘today’s deals’ highlighted at the very top. You can also simply just an Echo device to get to know when the best deals are available. You can use the voice option to ask, “Alexa, what are today’s deals?” The result will show you all you need to know.

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Use Amazon Gift Cards

Save your actual money and use Amazon gift cards to make purchases on Amazon. This is one of the reliable tips to save money while doing your shopping on Amazon. There are several ways you can make this work for you. The first is through buying a discounted gift card. You can search for those who sell those types of cards online. In addition, you could also get free Amazon gift cards. Some online gaming platforms reward users with an Amazon gift card when they win any session. If you are a gaming enthusiast, this should then be right up your alley. Turn your passion to profit by gathering Amazon gift cards and shopping with them.

Check Out Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse refers to where you can get pre-owned or open box items. Because these items have previously been used or are returned by previous purchasers, they get offered for much less than you would normally get from any online retailer. Generally, many folks cannot use previously used items. Thus, if you do not have any issues with that, then buying items from the Amazon warehouse should be great for you. Some of the products you can buy here include videogames, digital appliances, mobile phones, and their accessories, kindle books, amongst others.

Consider the Amazon Trade-in Program

The Amazon Trade-in Program is the way the Amazon warehouse gets stocked. Here, you trade in your old stuff to get some money or other incentive such as a gift card. The items you can trade-in here include the items previously listed that you can find on the Amazon Warehouse. These include electronic devices, games, phones, and so on. You may not get so much when you use the Trade-in program. However, it is better than nothing. Instead of just discarding the items, you can get some benefits from them.

Check Out Amazon Outlet

Imagine Amazon outlet to be a shop making clearance sales. The Amazon outlet refers to one portion of Amazon where you will find overstocked products. These items are then sold at low prices, sometimes for a fraction of what they are actually worth. Do note that you may not find all the products you want there.

Keep an Eye on Lightning Deals

Amazon lightning deals are similar to daily deals. They allow you to purchase items for lower than you would get them for on a regular day. There is no pattern to the price drops. An item could have as much as 50% of its price slashed off, while some others could have 10% or 20% taken off of their regular price. Lightning deals are open for a significantly shorter period than a day.

Amazon Lightning Deals

A lightning deal is typically open for just a few hours and then the window closes. However, if you can make the relevant purchase within this window, you will find that a variety of items, laundry supplies included, are available for sometimes just a pittance.

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Try Using Amazon Family

Amazon Family allows you to make purchases at discounted rates for your children. Products here include baby items, children’s clothes, books, and other accessories. To take advantage of the perks of early access, you could even create an account for your baby before they are born. This way, you get to stock up before the baby arrives. You then get to continue even after birthing your child. If privacy is a dealbreaker for you, you may want to pass on this suggestion. This is because while signing up, you may have to input some personal details. Asides from that, every Amazon household should take advantage of this offer.

Conclusion: Saving Money on Amazon

Everyone can benefit from saving some money on Amazon. It does not matter whether you are a frequent Amazon shopper or not. This article has listed some of the steps you can take. If you are diligent and disciplined, you will be smiling to the bank after each Amazon transaction you make.

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