Best Places To Buy Used Cameras – Top 9 Marketplaces

As a photographer, finding new camera equipment or any camera gear can be a tedious task. Often, camera stores don’t have many items to choose from. If they do, their new and used camera gear is often sold at a high price. 

Luckily, buying your photography tools doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Below are the nine best places to buy used cameras and other types of photography gear.


Best Places To Buy Used Cameras

Photography is an art, and the right camera is the paintbrush! Whether you’re searching for a camera, lenses, or other products, these stores and websites are great places to look for your most wanted photography products.

1. B&H

Best Places to Buy Used Cameras-B&H

B&H Photo Video is an electronics and camera store that sells new and used camera equipment. Any customer who wants a new or used camera can expect to save money by shopping at B&H. You’ll find many cameras, photography gear, lenses, and more at this famous camera market. If you want great results from your camera, B&H is a great market to buy from.

B&H is a camera store based in New York City; however, the company also has a website where you can search for great resale rates. Great for both gear experts and photographers who are just beginning, B&H has a large selection of camera gear that you’ll love. 

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2. Adorama

Best Places to Buy Used Cameras-Adorama

Based in New York City, Adorama is a camera market where people sell used camera equipment. Adorama has a fair share of used cameras, photography gear, camera lenses, other used equipment, all at low prices.

Great for both buying and selling, Adorama sells high-quality items that you won’t be able to find at many other places for the same price. Whether you’re looking for cameras and lenses or items in different categories, Adorama is a great one-stop-shop to check out with a large menu of used camera gear to choose from! 

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3. Craigslist

Best Places to Buy Used Cameras-Craigslist

Craigslist is a great place to buy used camera equipment. On Craigslist, local sellers in your area will post photos of the photography equipment they are selling. All items are divided into various categories on Craigslist, making the stuff easy to find. Then, you can read about each camera and communicate with the seller if you have questions about their products.

Whether you’re looking for lighting equipment, computers, or cameras, Craigslist is a great marketplace that has a wide selection. By buying from someone near you, you’ll be able to avoid import fees and unreliable customer service from other larger companies. If you’re a photographer who wants to find friends nearby, shopping on Craigslist is a great way to share your interest in photography with others.

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4. eBay

Best Places to Buy Used Cameras-eBay

If you’re on the hunt for cameras from big-name brands at low prices, eBay is a great place to look. You’ll find cameras’ lenses, drones, and other items all for great prices on the eBay website. Their extensive menu of stuff makes it a great way to find what you’re looking for quickly.

If you want to buy from photographers or take a look at various camera manufacturers, eBay is a great website to browse on. Their high-quality used equipment includes audio equipment, used cameras, and other types of photography gear. 

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5. KEH

Best Places to Buy Used Cameras-KEH

KEH is one of the most popular places to buy used digital and cameras lenses. KEH specializes in pre-owned camera gear, including photo equipment, camera lenses, and items from gear experts. If you want great results from your used gear, KEH is a great place to shop.

With many great reviews and models to choose from, KEH is one of the most reliable places to search for camera equipment. Their most popular items on KEH include DSLR and film cameras sold by photographers and film fanatics. KEH is a trusted site and a large, trustworthy camera market to buy used video and photography gear. 

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6. Samy’s

Best Places to Buy Used Cameras-Samy’s

Like KEH, Samy’s Pre-Owned is a website that sells used cameras from brands like Canon and Nikon. You can find used camera equipment for up to 40% off the retail price on Samy’s. The staff at Samy’s consists of photographers and experts, making it a great place to shop if you want a piece of advice about buying used cameras.

Each item on Samy’s has multiple photos and a detailed description so that you can read about the item before purchasing. They also have a return policy of 30 days so that you can make sure you love your new or used gear!

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7. CameraWorld

Best Places to Buy Used Cameras-CameraWorld

CameraWorld is a company that specializes in new and used camera equipment. Whether you want to purchase lenses or specialized lighting equipment, CameraWorld’s website is sure to help you find the item you need while saving money.

With many models and different types of used equipment to choose from, CameraWorld is an excellent place for buying and selling your camera products. 

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8. Amazon

Best Places to Buy Used Cameras-Amazon

On Amazon, you’ll find a large selection of new and used camera equipment for sale. Similar to eBay, sellers on Amazon can list their used gear and include photos of the item. Whether you want to buy a new lens or used equipment, Amazon is a great place to look.

While shopping on Amazon, you’ll be able to see comments from past buyers to ensure that the item is high-quality. Most of the time, you’ll have a money-back guarantee to ensure that the item you purchase lives up to the claims. 

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9. MPB

Best Places to Buy Used Cameras-MPB

MPB is a website that specializes in stuff related to photography. This includes new and used cameras and lenses. Shopping on MPB is a great way to save money and find your stuff all in one place. Whether you want to buy used items or purchase a new lens, MPB is likely to have what you’re looking for and more!

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Final Thoughts: Buying A Used Camera

The nine places above all make great options to buy used gear, a new camera, or any other photography-related item. Loved by many people, these websites make great alternatives to popular camera stores that tend to be more expensive.

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