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Prism App Review – Can It Help You Manage Your Finances Like A Boss?

We live in the golden age of personal finance. You might not even remember what it was like for your parents to pay bills. They had to send in physical checks, call customer service numbers, and hope nothing intercepted their payments. And to prevent overdrafts, they had to balance their checkbooks with math skills that would put a statistician to shame. 

These days, there are many free and low-cost apps out there that take the hard work out of this equation. You may have even heard of some of the most popular options like Personal Capital, Mint, and YNAB.

The Prism App is a little less popular, which is a shame because it’s a great app and a worthy alternative to any of these options. So, what is Prism? And how will it help you get your personal finances on track? 

Discover everything you need to know in this complete Prism App review.  

What Is Prism? 

Prism is a personal finance app that helps you get on top of your expenses. Unlike Mint, it has a simpler and more streamlined interface. It focuses mostly only on income and expenses so you can get an exact picture of your current financial obligations. 

With Prism, you can also automate bill pay from within the app, so you never have to worry about missing a deadline again. 

Prism App Store

The only potential downside for some is that Prism is mobile-only. There is no option to use it on a desktop. So, if that’s you, you’ll want to look to one of Prism’s alternatives instead. 

How Do You Use The Prism App? 

The first thing you’ll need to do is download Prism from either the Apple or Google App Store depending on the type of phone you use. 

Next, you add your zip code, and Prism will automatically pull a list of the most common billers in your area including utilities, water, internet and 51,000+ other options. 

Prism Getting Started

From here, enter how often you get paid and then link your billers by logging into your account with them. You can set up reminders before bills are due and link a payment method. 

It’s that easy. Then you can customize your experience accordingly or set Prism to run on autopilot. 

Is Prism Safe?

Yes, Prism is very safe. All Prism transactions are encrypted with bank-level security. The way it works is through an API (Application Programming Interface) that securely logs into your accounts and takes care of transactions on your behalf. 

Since its founding, Prism has processed 1 billion + transactions. 

Prism App Link Billers

Eligibility To Use Prism 

To use Prism, you must be at least 18. To sign up, you’ll have to provide your email, phone number and a personal ID number. 

Prism is only as effective as the accounts you link with it. So, try not to leave any out. 

How Much Does The Prism App Cost? 

Prism is 100% free to use. There is no Prism premium plan, add-ons, or other costs. 

So, How Does Prism Make Money Then? 

Prism makes money in two different ways. First, some billers will pay them a commission as Prism helps them get their money quicker and cheaper than other ways such as using a credit card which usually comes with a merchant charge of 2-3%. 

Prism also displays relevant ads on occasion; however, they do not sell your data.  

Prism App Features

The main thing that Prism does is help you track and pay your bills more easily. But it also comes with a variety of other features including: 

  • Account Aggregation – Prism pulls together all your income, account balances, and expenses so you can get a complete picture of your financial health. 
  • Bill Calendar – Know exactly when your bills will happen 
  • Account Sync – Prism automatically syncs your account each day 
  • Change your bill payment source and date – pay from a different account and change your dates 
  • Payment cancellation – if for any reason you have to cancel a payment, you can cancel one up to ten minutes after it’s been sent 
Prism App Billers

Who Should Use Prism? 

If you are a personal finance nerd, then Prism will probably not be meaty enough for you. It’s really out there for those who have a hard time keeping on top of their expenses and need something more straightforward. This makes it a great fit for college students and younger millennials and Gen Z just starting on their path to building better financial health. 

Is The Prism App Worth It? 

There’s a lot to love about Prism. It’s simple, very easy to use and makes automating your bill payments a breeze. And it’s 100% free. If you find Mint to be too bloated with information you don’t really need and YNAB to be a bit of a waste of money, then you’ll definitely want to check it out. 

Of course, nothing is stopping you from using it with other options to give you the best of all worlds!


  • Free 
  • Easy to use 
  • Quick setup 
  • Automated bill paying
  • Bill scheduling
  • Supports 51,000+ billers 
  • Aggregates all your accounts in one place 
  • Secure 
  • Always adding new billers


  • No budgeting tools 
  • Mobile-only 

Prism App Alternatives 

We’ve already name-dropped several of them. It depends on what type of person you are. Here is a quick breakdown of the most popular Prism alternatives. 

Prism vs. Mint

Prism App Alternatives - Mint

Both Prism and Mint are free. They both help you track finances, pay bills and get a sense of your financial health. However, Mint offers a large range of services. They also have a budgeting, credit score monitoring, and long-term income and spending trends. 

Mint is overall one of the best personal finance apps out there. The only reason you’d go for Prism instead of it is if you prefer a more streamlined and simple experience. If you want to learn more, check out our complete Mint review here.

Prism vs. YNAB 

YNAB (You Need a Budget) is a millennial favorite. It’s a serious budgeting app that helps people save thousands every year. People have used it to pay off debt, save your goals and really build their financial health. It costs $84/year, but their huge and loyal fanbase say it’s totally worth it. Once you’re ready to graduate from Prism, it’s worth looking into. 

Prism vs. Personal Capital 

Personal Capital comes in two flavors. The free version helps you better manage finances and track your investments. Once you have saved up enough to invest, you can upgrade to their wealth management tier. The free version also comes with a lot of insights on investing, so it’s definitely worth looking into if you’re ready to head down that path. 

Prism App Review: The Bottom Line

If you want a quick, easy, and free way to get on top of your finances, it’s hard to beat Prism. It may not be the most feature-rich option out there, but it’s just what you need to never pay a bill late again. So, if you’re just starting on your long-term wealth building journey, be sure not to miss it! 

Prism App Review
  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Value
  • Financial Literacy


Looking to get your finances in order? The Prism App is a personal finance mobile app that aims to help you be on top of your expenses. With Prism you can set up a bill calendar to see upcoming due payments, auto-pay your bills directly through the app, and have access to all of your accounts in one spot. Does this personal finance tool have what you need? Find out in our thorough review of the Prism App.


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