Alternatives To Mint App – Top 10 Other Personal Finance Options

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Mint is one of the most popular personal finance applications out there. This free money management tool can be used to create a budget, track your finances, or reach your financial goals. With Mint, you can keep track of all of your financial accounts in one place. 

Although Mint is a great personal finance application, there are many alternatives out there that are worth looking into. Mint is not an ad-free application and does not let you analyze your investments or create a retirement plan. Furthermore, Mint does not allow you to import a wide variety of files and does not offer many customization tools. 

Below are the ten best alternatives to the Mint app that will help you set financial goals and manage your money like never before.

Alternatives To Mint App

Figuring out what each app has to offer is crucial when choosing which one to use. For instance, if your main focus is saving more money, You Need a Budget may be the best fit for you. However, if you want to calculate your net worth and create an investment strategy, an app like Personal Capital may be the best pick. Keep reading below to learn which personal finance app is best for you. 


YNAB website

You Need a Budget is a personal finance app and budgeting software that helps you gain total control over your money. If you want to track your spending habits and save more, YNAB is the perfect app for you. 

While Mint is excellent for tracking your financial habits, YNAB is more focused on helping you set a budget and save more money. However, unlike Mint, YNAB does not send you weekly financial summaries or alerts. 

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 2. Personal Capital 

Personal Capital website

Personal Capital is a mobile finance and wealth management app that lets you get an overall view of your financial habits. If you want to see all of your financial accounts in one place, Personal Capital is the app for you. 

Compared to Mint, Personal Capital is the winner when it comes to analyzing your investments. Unlike Mint, Personal Capital is ad-free and has a 401(k) fee analyzer that will help you lower your fees. 

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3. CountAbout

CountAbout website

CountAbout is a popular personal finance software platform that automatically syncs all of your financial accounts. This web-based app helps you budget, keep track of your spending habits, and create a money management plan that works for you. Unlike Mint, CountAbout is a great app to help you monitor your investments. 

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4. Tiller Money 

Tiller Money website

Tiller Money is a personal finance platform for Google Sheets that helps you manage your money and stay on track with your finances. If you like to view your spending habits in a spreadsheet, Tiller Money is the perfect app for you. 

Unlike Mint, Tiller Money charges a monthly fee for ad-free software. If you want an app with more customization, Tiller Money is the clear winner. 

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5. PocketSmith

pocketsmith website

PocketSmith is smart budgeting and personal finance software that lets you connect all of your bank accounts and view your spending habits in one place. PocketSmith offers both free and paid plans that help you create budgets, project your income, and more. 

Unlike Mint, PocketSmith offers retirement planning tools and lets you import a wide variety of files. 

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6. Wally

Wally website

Wally is a personal finance application that lets you set a budget and gain insights into your spending habits. With Wally, you can get real-time updates and create a financial calendar that helps you project income. 

Unlike Mint, Wally does not require that you link your accounts to track your funds. That being said, Wally’s software is more complicated and may be harder to use if you’re not familiar with personal finance technology. 

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7. Banktivity

Banktivity website

If you want personal finance software suitable for iOS and Mac, Banktivity is the perfect fit for you. Banktivity focuses on money management by helping you pave your path to financial milestones.

Unlike Mint, Banktivity lets you edit your transaction history, sync images & files, and assign tax codes. If you want a personal finance app that offers a wide variety of customization tools, Banktivity is worth looking into. 

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8. Quicken

Quicken website

Quicken is a personal finance application that lets you track your spending habits, set budgets, and get closer to reaching your financial goals. Quicken only offers paid plans starting at $35.99 each month. 

Although Quicken is more expensive than Mint, Quicken makes it easier to synchronize your bank accounts and credit cards. Quicken also offers better customer service and lets you import files. 

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9. PocketGuard

Pocketguard website

PocketGuard is a free personal finance app that lets you organize your expenses and stay on top of your bills. If you’re looking for a free Mint alternative that enables you to track your finances, PocketGuard is the best option.

PocketGuard, available for iOS and Android, lets you connect all of your accounts in one place and gives you the option to receive timely alerts. Compared to Mint, PocketGuard is more secure and safer to use. 

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10. Moneydance

Moneydance website

Moneydance is a personal finance application that helps you manage your money and set categorized budgets. This personal finance manager is perfect for those who want to track their spending habits and save more.

Compared to Mint, Moneydance offers a broader selection of formats and is a cross-platform application. However, Moneydance is $49, making it much more expensive than Mint’s free starting price.

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Alternatives To Mint App: Final Thoughts

The personal finance applications above are great alternatives to the Mint app. These applications may offer more customization tools, more budgeting tools, and more ways to import files or images. Once you choose a personal finance application that’s right for you, you’ll be able to reach your financial goals faster, set a budget, and track your spending habits. 

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