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It is the rare couple that takes the time to sort through money management concerns before or even during marriage. This is because conversations relating to money, spending habits, and the likes are increasingly difficult to have. One reason for this is that partners often see each other as a team; thus, questioning the other’s money choices would seem like a mark of distrust. However, failing to have the money conversation, especially when issues begin to arise, can be quite inimical. From the start, being on the same page with your significant other as it relates to your finances saves you a lot of hassles down the road.

Beyond having a one-off conversation, you need to constantly be in sync at all times regarding your personal finances. One way to do this is through creating and sticking to a budget together. These days, no one makes a budget using a pen and paper. There are budget apps created specifically for that purpose.  A budget app is a software that helps you to keep track of your money. It gives you reports and analyses of your income and expenses, helping you stay prudent with your income. A cursory search online will reveal to you the best budgeting apps to consider. You must realize that since you are a team, individualized budgeting apps may not help you achieve your budgeting goals. Hence, you ought to be looking for a budget app for couples.

The best budgeting apps for couples have the same features as other best money management apps generally have. However, a key area of difference is that couples budgeting apps integrate features that allow more than one person to access and use them. This gives you the flexibility to create a budgeting system that works for you while also managing your finances properly.

This article discusses some of the best budgeting apps for couples worth considering. You may want to check out the review of others before actually settling on any. Dig in!

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Why You Need Budgeting App

A budget app is one of the indispensable finance tools every person needs. It is useful for determining and saving up capital if you start a business, putting away some money for retirement, and even growing your investment accounts. Do these same benefits apply to couples budgeting apps? Before we head over to the best budget app for couples, consider some reasons to use a budgeting app with your partner.

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To Keep Your Bank Accounts in Check

Joint budgeting apps give you a means to keep an eye on the bank accounts of others. However, the difference is that the ‘other’ will be your partner in this case. It becomes even more expedient if you operate joint bank accounts. As earlier stated, money management issues are at the top of the challenges couples face. Even if your partner is not financially savvy, you can help them by using a budget app. They will learn how to account for every income and expenditure, and you will be able to monitor the bank accounts. Budget apps for couples provide features that grant you both access and control over your money.

To Reach Your Savings Goals

It might be impossible to reach your savings goals if you do not have a budget – and by extension, a budget app. If you and your significant other are working to have some specific funds in your retirement accounts, or maybe even to raise capital for a business, a budget app is your best bet. Partners who jointly commit to using a budget app are more likely to meet their money goals than otherwise.


One of the biggest things you learn with a budgeting app is prudence. For instance, if your app uses the envelope budget system, you immediately get alerted when the funds designated for a particular project get exhausted. That way, you can prevent yourself and your spouse from exceeding your limits. Similarly, regardless of how disciplined you are, you may be unable to keep your itchy fingers away from your credit cards or even pay off your student loans if you don’t use a budgeting app. Of course, it would take some time to get the hang of it, but eventually, you will. Once you commit to using a budgeting app, you will be astounded at the results.

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Best Budgeting Apps for Couples

Now that we’ve examined some of the reasons why you need a budget app, the next item on our table of contents is an examination of the best budgeting apps to consider. The slew of choices below will give you the flexibility to go with any that catches your fancy. Here goes:


Honeydue App

Honeydue is one free budget app that gives you excellent value. It helps couples keep their spending and expenses in sight at all times. Thus, you and your partner can monitor how much comes into your accounts and how much leaves. You also become aware of all financial transactions on your account or that of your partner. Honeydue offers a chat option where you and your partner can discuss anything related to your accounts, including your net worth.

This app is hugely popular and is a favorite for fans of budgeting apps. User experience is top-notch as users often give good reviews about the functionalities of this budget app.

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Mvelopes App

Envelopes have acted as budgeting tools even before the emergence of budgeting apps. Thus, the Mvelopes app engages an envelope approach to budgeting, mimicking the process used by most couples before they had access to an app. What the envelope budgeting system means is that Mvelopes provides virtual envelopes where you put money for different categories of expenses. Whenever an envelope gets empty, it means that you’ve exhausted the money designated for that expense for the month.

Mvelopes is one of the best budget apps for couples who prefer real-time budgeting information. You get immediate and unrestricted access and information to make quick financial decisions. This app works just well for people who have a sentimental attachment to envelopes.

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Personal Capital

Personal Capital App

Personal Capital is the best app for couples who are financially savvy. The app goes beyond helping couples keep track of their spending. It has advanced features that connect you with your IRAs and thus help you keep track of your retirement savings. Furthermore, it helps track other financial information such as your mortgage data, loans, and overdraft costs. The idea is that this gives you a bird’s eye view of your finances. With Personal Capital, you can pull up your financial statement to know your standing at every point. One great perk is that you can get almost all of Personal Capital’s features free of charge.

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Better Haves

Better Haves App

This is also another budgeting app that makes use of the envelope system. Using this system, you get an envelope for every type of spending. When you carry out any transactions relating to the specific envelope, the app draws the money from it. Hence, when you run out of money in an envelope, you will be forced to stop spending. This is quite great because it forces you to be prudent and spend within your means. More so, you are aware of all transactions and can tell what your account balances are at every point. You can also jointly monitor each other’s finances and have the ‘talk’ if the need for it arises.

One drawback to this app is that it is only available for iPhone users.

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You Need A Budget App (YNAB)

You Need A Budget App

YNAB (You Need a Budget) app is one of the best budget apps for couples. It is probably the most popular of all the apps on our list, with users going as far as swearing by it. This most likely is because of the unique features you find on the YNAB app. For instance, instead of creating a generic budget, the app allows you to craft yours based on every income you get within a period.

Specifically, what makes it such a great app for couples is its flexibility. It works on a number of devices: hence, you can integrate your accounts across several devices. You can also sync bank accounts simultaneously, updating every money that comes in without having to alter your budget manually. Its tracking features keep you on your toes, ensuring that you hit your savings goals without fail.

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Mint App

Mint is one of the best budgeting apps for managing your finances. It is also one of the oldest, hence, it must be getting something right to have sustained that longevity. Mint comes fitted with some custom features that allow you to track your cash flow, manage your transactions and expenses, and generally stay on top of your spending. It works exceptionally with various banks and brokerages so that compatibility with your financial institution should not be a challenge. You can connect the app to your debit cards and further link them to a budget. That way, the app sends you an alert any time you overshoot your budget. This is one way to keep your spending in check. Mint is the best budgeting app for couples who do not even realize they need a budget. Read our complete Mint review to learn more!

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PocketGuard App

PocketGuard is one other excellent budgeting app that makes its way onto our list. Just like the others, you can link this app to all your accounts and connect it further to your budget. That way, you become instantly aware when your expenses exceed your budget for any period. Your partner also becomes aware of this and can call you to order. One of the perks of this budgeting app is that it is easy to set up. Its user-friendliness is way out of the roof. Similarly, apart from flagging expenses, the app can also help you find alternatives that can save your spending. For instance, it can locate the recurring expenses on your budget and offer you alternatives that will save you some money.  PocketGuard gives you a route to stay on the same financial page with your partner.

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Conclusion: Budgeting Apps For Couples

You may not know it, but issues relating to money and your finances could severely impact your relationship. When your partner carries out transactions without any inhibitions, it could trigger anger and resentment, eventually culminating in bigger issues. However, you can get ahead of this by finding a means to make sure you and your partner are on the same footing when it comes to your finances. One way to monitor your significant other without appearing to monitor them is through using one of the joint budgeting apps for couples. The best budgeting apps give room for flexibility while providing firsthand information regarding the state of your finances. In this article, we’ve looked at some of the best budget apps to consider. With prudence and diligence, your money problems might just become a thing of the past.

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