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Best Alternatives To Quicken – 12 Money Management Platforms

Quicken is a personal finance & money management platform that lets you track your spending and set new financial goals. This subscription-based software is suitable for both Windows and Mac and has helped many users manage their businesses, track their spending, and create a reasonable budget. 

That being said, Quicken doesn’t calculate your net worth or track your credit score. Although Quicken is suitable for Windows and Mac, it’s not available for use via Apple Watch. But, there are so many money management apps and finance platform options out there, so how do you know which are legit? That’s why we’ve done all the research.

Below are the 12 best alternatives to Quicken that will help you manage your finances, set a budget, and reach your financial goals. 

Best Alternatives To Quicken

Many of the platforms below let you compare your finances with anonymous peers, talk with financial experts, and track your spending.

Before choosing an alternative to Quicken, it’s essential to identify your financial goals. If you’re looking to create a monthly budget, platforms that are primarily used for budgeting may be best for you. If you want to run a small business and keep track of monthly spending, apps suitable for multiple users might be your best bet. 

1. Mint


Mint is a free personal finance app that lets you keep track of your finances all in one place. With Mint, you can sync all of your financial accounts to the app, allowing you to track your spending and organize your financial habits. 

Once you sync your financial accounts with Mint, the app will separate them into various categories, making it easier than ever to keep track of your spending. Unlike Quicken, Mint lets you track your credit score, calculates your net worth, and is available for use via Apple Watch. 

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2. Personal Capital 

Personal Capital

If you want to see all of your financial accounts in one place, Personal Capital may be the perfect platform for you. With Personal Capital, you can set up a budget, plan for retirement, analyze your holdings, and more. Unlike Quicken, Personal Capital calculates your net worth and offers investment tracking services.

Personal Capital offers free and paid tools that will let you track and manage your money. Whether you want to talk to a financial advisor about your money goals or make an investment plan, Personal Capital will let you do so. 

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3. MoneyPatrol 


If you want to monitor your finances or set a new budget, MoneyPatrol is the platform for you. MoneyPatrol lets you sync your financial accounts so that you can watch all of your spending habits in one place.

For $59.99 per year, the MoneyPatrol app is perfect for keeping track of your finances on the go. You can securely reach your financial data from any device, analyze your spending trends, and even add descriptions to each transaction. 

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4. Empower 


The Empower app is a versatile personal finance app that offers:

  • Cash advances
  • Interest checking 
  • Automatic savings 
  • Spend tracking 
  • Personalized saving tips 

If you want to keep track of your purchases, create a strict budget plan, or save more money, Empower is the app to do so. Empower lets you keep track of your spending and sends you alerts that help you stay on track. 

Unlike Quicken, Empower sends you alerts 24/7 to ensure you’re staying on top of your financial plan. If you’re an impulse shopper or a bad budgeter, this is the perfect alternative to Quicken for you. 

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5. PocketSmith


PocketSmith is a desktop and mobile app that helps you be more productive with your money. This personal finance software lets you create a personalized spending plan that’s best suited for your financial needs.

With PocketSmith, you can view your historical reporting and create a detailed financial plan for your future. PocketSmith offers both free and paid plans that will help you track your spending and make better financial decisions. 

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6. Status 


Status is an app that lets you view all of your finances in one place and compare your spending habits to anonymous peers. With Status, you can create a financial plan and get advice from other users.

With Status, you can avoid overspending and undersaving. You can also create specific financial plans, such as buying a house or having a wedding. Unlike Quicken, Status lets you track your net worth, project your cash flow, and track your credit score.

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7. Wally 


Wally may be the app for you if you want to save more money and reach your financial goals with some extra help. With Wally, you can track your spending habits and set a budget for each economic category. 

Wally will give you insight into your spending and update all of your finances through their alerts. With their integrated financial calendar and the ability to integrate your financial documents, Wally is a great app to create a personalized budget plan that best suits your needs. 

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8. GoodBudget 


If you want to stay on top of a budget plan, GoodBudget is the perfect app for you. With GoodBudget, you can create an envelope system that keeps track of your spending habits and upcoming expenses. 

With GoodBudget, you can create a budget that reflects your core values and future financial goals—viewing a budget with a “why” will motivate you to save more and spend money where it matters. 

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9. Banktivity 


If you’re looking for reliable personal finance software that’s suitable for both your computer and iOS, Banktivity is the platform for you. Banktivity lets you monitor your spending and plan for the future, all in one place.

Banktivity’s software lets you set financial goals for the future, view statement summaries, and gives you tips on how to plan proactively. Whether you want to save more, create a budget, or hit new financial goals, Banktivity will help you do so. Unlike Quicken, Banktivity lets you print checks with your signature already on them and lets you unlock documents through Touch ID. 

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10. YNAB


You Need a Budget is personal budgeting platform that’s suitable for iOS, Windows, and Mac. YNAB lets you share your budgeting plan with others, track your goals, and view reports that help you keep track of your progress. 

If you want extra help creating a budget that motivates you to reach your financial goals, YNAB is the perfect financial software for you. YNAB also offers online workshops that will help you learn more about how to spend smartly. 

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11. QuickBooks Online 

QuickBooks Online

Like Quicken, QuickBooks Online is an accounting software package that lets you track your spending and get essential insights on your spending habits. Starting at $12.50 per month, QuickBooks maximize tax deductions, run reports, manage your cash flow, pay bills, track inventory, and much more. 

This versatile accounting software offers four different plans that are sure to fit your financial needs. QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software used by small businesses. Since 3 out of 4 of their plans let you integrate multiple users into the software, this platform is excellent for small businesses, professional teams, and families. 

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12. EveryDollar 


If you want to create a monthly budget and hold yourself accountable, EveryDollar is the perfect app for you. EveryDollar is a budgeting app that lets you create monthly budgets in less than ten minutes.

Not only is it free to sign up with EveryDollar, but you can hit your monthly income goals, plan your expenses, and budget from anywhere.

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Should You Use An Alternative To Quicken?

The 12 platforms above all make great alternatives to Quicken. By using these platforms, you’ll be able to set a budget, track your spending habits, and develop new financial goals. Whether you want to save up for a big event or make more money each month, the platforms above will help you reach those goals. 

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