Alternatives To PR Newswire – Top 8 Options For Press Release Distribution

PR Newswire is a press release distribution company based in New York City. If your company wants to send out a press release on the web and reach a larger audience, using a press release distribution service is the right way to go. That being said, there are many press release distribution services out there to choose from. 

Before settling on PR Newswire, it’s essential to look into alternative platforms and see how they match up. Below are eight alternatives to PR Newswire that offer press release distribution services and more. Whether you’re a small business that wants more coverage or a large company that wants to target influencers, the platforms below will help you reach those goals. 

Alternatives To PR Newswire

Before choosing a press release distribution service, it’s essential to figure out how long their registration process is, what type of updates they provide you, and how much they cost. For instance, if you’re looking for a service with no extra fees, Agility PR Solutions is a platform worth looking into. Keep reading below to learn more about the other alternatives to PR Newswire that can help you get your name out there. 

1. PRWeb

PrWeb website

PRWeb is an online service that promises to expand your digital footprint and increase your online presence. If you’re a business that wants to influence potential customers on various online platforms, PRWeb can help you draw more buyers.

Whether you want to raise awareness for an important cause or drive more customers to your website, PRWeb will help you reach those goals. While PRWeb is focused on press release distribution, PR Newswire offers a wider variety of services related to digital marketing. 

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2. Business Wire 

Busines wire website

If you want to distribute a press release, Business Wire is worth looking into. With Business Wire, you can expand your press release to financial markets, news media, various websites, and more.

If you place your press release on Business Wire, you have the potential to reach 92,000 subscribers. By placing your press release on PR Newswire, however, you only have the potential to reach 39,000 subscribers.

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3. NewsBox

Newsbox Platform website

NewsBox is an online platform that connects brands to more people. If you want to share professional updates and brand updates with more people, NewsBox may be the platform for you. 

With NewsBox, you can keep potential customers and fans of your company updated periodically. Once you place your company’s news in the hands of Newswire, you have the potential to reach other like-minded professionals that are intrigued by your ideas. 

If you want to expand your press release, PR Newswire is an excellent platform to consider. If you wish to update your audience about company updates and recent news, NewsBox is a great platform to use. 

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4. Meltwater

Meltwater website

Meltwater is a comprehensive marketing solution that helps you expand your company through online news, social media, and more. Whether you want to improve your social influencer campaigns or expand a press release, Meltwater’s vast array of services can help you. 

Although Meltwater and PR Newswire both make great social media management software, Meltwater is perfect for media firms and new brands looking to get a feel for what their customers want. PR Newswire, on the other hand, is best suited for small to large businesses who want to get more attention. 

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5. eReleases

erReleases website

If you’re a journalist who wants press release distribution, eReleases has the perfect services for you. This web-only platform offers press release services for a membership fee. Even though their fees are higher than those at PR Newswire, they have no extra charges, and PR Newswire will even stream your press release to a variety of well-known websites. 

Once eReleases sends out your press release, they’ll provide you with periodic, measurable results and proof of distribution. eReleases distributes press releases in three different ways: 

  • Emailing subscribed journalists 
  • Posting on websites 
  • Distributing on a major newswire of press releases 
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6. Agility PR Solutions 

Agility PR Solutions website

Agility PR Solutions is a company that provides services for public relations and marketing professionals. This media monitoring and analysis software allows you to connect with journalists, get more coverage, and measure your success throughout the entire process.

Whether you want to expand your audience with their flat-fee newswire service or pitch your story to journalists, Agility PR Solutions has the right services for you. While Agility PR Solutions is geared toward media monitoring and influencer targeting, PR Newswire is more focused on press release distribution. 

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7. Pressbox

Pressbox website

If you’re looking for press release distribution or a professional writer to create your press release, Pressbox’s services are worth looking into. Pressbox provides free press release services that help you distribute your press release and get more coverage.

While PR Newswire offers press release distribution services, Pressbox offers more free options and is also focused on helping you create the press release with one of their writers. 

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8. Marketwired

Marketwired website

Marketwired (now GlobeNewswire PR) is a famous press release distribution service that gives you the potential to reach over 1,200,000 people. Their experts in news distribution promise to help you gain contacts across the globe and target the right influencers. Although PR Newswire and Marketwired are great platforms, Marketwired tends to take a longer time to accept your registration request. 

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Final Conclusions: Alternatives To PR Newswire

Ultimately, the eight platforms above make great alternatives to PR Newswire if you’re looking for press release distribution services. Whether you’re starting a small consulting business or you’re involved with a giant corporation, by looking into the platforms above, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your budget and business needs. 

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