Alternatives To Jira – 12 Other Recommended Project Management Choices

Jira is a project management software platform designed to help teams of various sizes manage their work and collaborate remotely. Jira is not only a bug and issue tracker but a work management tool. If you want your team to release great software, Jira can help you do so for just $7 each month. 

Although Jira is great for software development teams and on a budget, it ceases to offer document management tools, discussion boards, and easy-to-use software for beginners. Additionally, Jira is a web-based application that is not primarily used as a mobile app, making it less versatile than its competitors. 

So, below are the 12 best alternative platforms to Jira that may offer better pricing options, more collaborative opportunities, and easier to use software.

Best Alternatives To Jira

Once you take a look at the platforms below, you’ll be able to choose one that’s the best fit for you and your team. There are tons of project management tools out there and platforms are no different. So, whether you want to improve remote communication or budget management, the platforms below will help you reach those goals. 

1. Basecamp

Basecamp website

If you’re looking for software that helps you work remotely, Basecamp is an excellent option for you. Basecamp is a project management and international communication tool created specially for professionals and teams that work remotely. 

Compared to Jira’s $7.00 per month price, Basecamp is priced at $99. That being said, their technology isn’t as complicated as Jira and is easier to navigate if you’re a beginner. Unlike Jira, you can manage documents and discussion boards with Basecamp. 

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2. Trello


Trello is an organization and list-making application that helps teams get more done. Whether you want to work remotely or create more collaboration opportunities, Trello can help you and your team reach those goals. 

Although Trello and Jira make excellent project management tools, they have their differences. While Jira’s basic version is $7 per month for each user, Trello offers a free standard version. Furthermore, if you’re looking for software that helps you master task management, Trello is the better option for you. 

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3. Assembla

Assembla website

Assembla is a project management software platform made specially for development teams. If you’re an enterprise software development team, Assembla is the best pick for you. 

Although Assembla and Jira both offer great collaborative tools for teams, Assembla is the only platform that provides notifications, time-tracking, and scrum tools. While Jira requires lots of add-ons to get features like these, Assembla comes with them. Assembla’s pricing ranges from $12 each month to $960 each month for multiple users. 

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4. ClickUp

ClickUp website

ClickUp is the all-in-one workplace app that lets you manage tasks, create documents, chat with others, and more. Unlike Jira, ClickUp offers both a free version and one that is only $5 per month. ClickUp is also better for beginners who aren’t familiar with complicated software.

Unlike Jira, ClickUp lets you: 

  • Manage your calendar 
  • Sync your contacts
  • Start discussion boards 
  • Create & manage documents 
  • Edit in real-time 
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5. Asana

Asana website

No matter what type of team you’re on, Asana is a platform worth looking into. While Jira is explicitly made for software developers, Asana is perfect for any professional team. Unlike Jira, Asana is made to be used across multiple groups that belong to one company.

Asana is a great collaboration tool that lets you communicate with others across teams and manage products. However, if you’re looking for a platform that enables you to add more features and check real-time reports, Jira may be a better pick than Asana. 

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6. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner website

LiquidPlanner is an online project management software made for fast-moving teams who want to collaborate and stay on top of projects. For $45 each month, LiquidPlanner lets you track time, collaborate, upload documents, and more. 

Unlike Jira, LiquidPlanner offers client portals, budget management tools, customizable templates, and expense tracking. If you’re looking for project management software that provides money management tools, LiquidPlanner is the best pick for you. 

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7. Target Process

Targetprocess website

Target Process is a work management tool made for enterprises that want to manage projects and organize documents throughout their team. With Target Process, you can connect portfolios, projects, and groups. 

This agile project management software is perfect for medium to larger companies. Although Jira is ideal for software developers, Target Process works for a more extensive array of industries. If you’re looking for technology that isn’t over-complicated, Target Process is a great option. 

Unlike Jira, Target Process’s simple technology lets you manage your budget, view client portals, and track expenses. If you’re looking for project management software that brings together time and money management, Target Process is the perfect pick. 

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8. Workzone

Workzone website

Workzone offers management solutions for professional teams that don’t want to deal with complex technology. This unique project management software lets you see which projects are on task, see which ones fall behind, and view what each member is working on. 

For $20 each month, Workzone lets you manage a large number of projects across multiple users. Unlike Jira, Workzone enables you to view client portals and track expenses. 

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9. Backlog

Backlog website

Backlog is an all-in-one project management tool that’s designed for a wide array of companies. For $35 each month, Backlog lets you make projects editable to all, create boards to track progress, and share files with others in your workspace. Backlog’s technology is less complicated than Jira’s and offers more collaborative opportunities. 

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10. VersionOne

VersionOne website

VersionOne is an all-in-one project management tool that offers planning and tracking tools. This end-to-end agile platform lets you track your tasks and manage multiple projects all at once. You can also integrate other programs with VersionOne, such as Microsoft Project or Cruise Control.

If you’re a larger company, VersionOne is an excellent fit for you. While Jira is more focused on issue tracking, VersionOne is primarily used for agile project management. 

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11. Wrike

Wrike website

Wrike is a work management platform made to help you and your team work more effectively. With Wrike, you can collaborate remotely and view real-time updates from your team. Whether you want to view individual tasks or holistic goals, Wrike can help you do so. 

For $9.80 each month, Wrike lets you manage your budget, view client portals, manage ideas, and track expenses, all of which Jira does not offer. 

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12. QuickBase

QuickBase website

QuickBase is a platform made specially for enterprises that want to speed up productivity and innovation. This application development platform brings businesses and IT teams together to solve technological issues. 

For $500 each month, QuickBase provides easy-to-use software that offers cost-to-completion tracking, customizable templates, and idea management, all of which Jira does not provide. This platform also offers in-person training that’s hard to find anywhere else. 

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Final Thoughts: Jira Alternatives For Your Business

The 12 Jira alternatives above provide a wide array of tools that will help you and your team stay on top of tasks from anywhere. Once you choose a project management platform to use, you’ll be able to improve productivity in your workplace, whether the members of your team are working in-pers or at home. More importantly, you’ll be able to stay on top of projects and your budget.

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