Best Franchises Under $50K

You may be at a crossroads in your life. It started with a recurring voice, a whisper that only you could hear, telling you to try something new. Over time, this whisper has grown and now it feels like a calling.

You are meant to do something else, something fun, something totally different than the work you have done up to this point.

There are so many options when thinking about choosing a different career path. Some people choose to go back to school and learn a new trade. Some people choose to start their own business. Others want to own their own business but don’t want to build it from scratch, making franchising an option.

A franchise is a business model that has been proven to work, based on a specific concept, procedures, and branded products. When you purchase a franchise, you are purchasing all these plus intellectual properties, rights to sell the products and services, and expertise from the founders that can help you succeed.

Franchise businesses come with some huge benefits. You don’t need to have prior experience in the industry to be successful. Choosing models that are popular allows you to skip a lot of the marketing expenses because there is already a fan base.

You are given support from the beginning, the risk of failure is much less, and there are franchise models available for every budget, from just a few thousand dollars to over a million dollars.

The biggest advantage is that you get to be your own boss.

If you are getting fired up at the thought of owning a franchise, let me offer some insight into franchises standing out from the rest of the crowd, and all under $50,000. I’ve done my research and have separated franchises by category and provided you with all the basics to help you decide if they are businesses you want to pursue.

Best Franchises - Intro

Let’s get started with the pet industry because who doesn’t love pets?

Best Pet Franchise Opportunities Under $50K

Pet owners are spending billions of dollars annually to give their pets treats, meals, and sleeping experience. They buy spa and grooming services, chew toys and even pay for training, exercise and socialization for pets.

Below are examples of successful pet franchises that cost less than $50,000 initial investment.

Fetch! Pet Care

Puppies, cats and small pets are the focus for Fetch! Pet Care. From providing taxi services for pets to grooming, pet walking, boarding, and pet sitting.

Fetch! Pet Care was founded in 2002 and just two years later, they were franchising. Here are the basics:

What You Pay: $28K, with options for financing. Veterans get 50% discount

Best Franchises - Fetch Invest

What You Get:  Everything you need to get started

Purchasing co-ops, Newsletter, Online Support, Grand Opening, Proprietary Software, Intranet Platform, Marketing Support, Co-op Advertising, Ad Templates, Social media, SEO, Website development, Email marketing, Loyalty program/app, On-The-Job Training: 36.5 hours, Classroom Training: 56 hours, and Training manual & video.

Best Franchises - Fetch Process

Maximum Start Up Time:  14 weeks, sooner based on how quickly you move through application

Total Franchises: 100+

Best Franchises - Fetch Reviews

Pet Supplies Plus

Entrepreneur magazine has ranked Pet Supplies Plus as a top pet franchise for five years in a row. That may be because they serve all pets, from hedgehogs to birds to reptiles, rabbits, dogs and cats. They have been around for 30 years and have got the franchise model down to a science. Their franchisees are successful.

Best Franchises - Pet Supplies Plus Help

They provide you with a territory map on their site to help you choose areas set for growth. And if you still aren’t sure if this is a great fit for you, they offer an online quiz to find out.

Best Franchises - Pet Supplies Plus Quiz
Best Franchises - Pet Supplies Plus Map

What You Pay: $49,900 initial investment; 20% discount for veterans

What You Get: A lot of help from corporate on the front end and ongoing

[(IMAGE: psp help- franchise)]

Maximum Start-up Time: Varies, expect several months

Total Franchises:  400+

Best Food Franchises Under $50K

Food franchises are everywhere. Some are extremely expensive because they are extremely popular. But there are up and coming franchises that are making their owners huge profits. Two of the quickest growing, low-cost, and easy to operate franchises. They offer big returns. And best of all, they are two of the best franchises for giving back to the communities in which they operate.

Kona Ice

Kona Ice is the bomb of the shaved ice industry.

In 2007 the first Kona Ice truck hit the streets in Kentucky. Since then it has grown to over 1,000 franchises in a variety of forms, from kiosks to food trucks. I’ve personally seen them at festivals and yes, I bought multiple shaved ice varieties. They were all worth it.

Best Franchises - Kona Gives

What You Pay:  $20,000

Best Franchises - Kona Costs

What You Get: All expenses paid trip to Kona Kollege where you learn everything you need to know to     be successful and make profits. You get corporate support forever. Online training platforms. Downloadable APPS. Marketing help and coaching.

Maximum Start-up Time:  2 months

Best Franchises - Kona Process

Number Franchises: 1,100

Best Franchises - Kona Reviews

Healthy You Vending

When you think of food franchises, you probably think food truck, food courts and restaurants. I want you to think a little outside the box for this one. Think, vending machines.

Best Franchises - Healthy You Vending About

No, not the potato chips, candy bars and other really bad food choices. People don’t want this stuff anymore. They want healthier options and with Healthy You Vending, you can deliver.

Best Franchises - Healthy You Vending Food

Vending machines are lucrative businesses helping franchisees see big profits, for little work. They claim they are a franchise without the fees.

Best Franchises - Healthy You Vending No Fees

These machines are smart. They connect with smart phone technologies for payments like Google Wallet and Apple Pay, as well as credit and debit cards. They also allow you to monitor them remotely and send you notifications when products are low or there is an error with machine. That’s cool.

Best Franchises - Healthy You Vending Smart
Best Franchises - Healthy You Vending Machine

What You Pay: $30,000

What You Get:  They offer free lifetime training and coaching to help you choose the right products, target the right locations for your machines, and an online support center.

Maximum Start-up Time: Varies, can be within a couple months

Number Franchises: 1700 +

Work from Home Franchises

I love this category. And I love that there are franchises you can buy for less than $50,000 that allow you to make money while sitting on your sofa.

ClaimTek Systems

The medical industry is growing every year, with more job opportunities than there are employees. One of the fastest growing areas is in medical billing, like ClaimTek Systems. It takes very little training to become a medical biller and you can choose to buy a franchise over working inside a medical facility.

Medical billing can bring in a lot of money working part-time, and significantly more if you choose to work full-time.

Best Franchises - ClaimTek Income

It puts you more in control of your career.

Best Franchises - About ClaimTek

What You Pay: $21,995

Best Franchises - ClaimTek Base Program

What You Get:  A lot of support, training, and assistance in every step.

Best Franchises - ClaimTek Training

Eazi-Apps Mobile Business

If you have ever dreamed of creating online apps and tools but you don’t have the IT background you think you need, you are going to love this piece of news: you can create apps with no experience using Eazi-Apps.

Best Franchises - Eazi App What You Get

This is a mobile business that does not require coding skills. They have a business-in-a-box product. They offer e-learning, platform building, and walk you through building your first app. 

Best Franchises - Eazi Support

Your app can offer your not one, not two, but three income streams. Yes, that’s three ways to make money.

Best Franchises - Eazi Income

Ready to apply? They have a seven-step process that are simple and allows you to speak with representatives from the company who can answer any questions you have.

Best Franchises - Eazi Steps

What You Pay:  $10,276

What You Get: Eazi-Apps trains you to become an App builder for mobile users. An easy side hustle where the more apps you build, the more money you make.

Maximum Start-up Time: Within a couple of months, you establish learning time

Number Franchises: 300+

More Franchise Categories

I want to leave you with more. More franchise categories. More franchises for sale under $50,000. More ways to make money. So, keep reading. I put together a chart with some creative finds.

Franchise CategoryFranchise NameFranchise Cost


Dream Vacations Travel Agency

$3 – $21K

Fun Fieldz- Mobile Sports Events

$30- $50K


Amazing Athletes Ed. Program


Baby Boot Camp – Pre Natal and Post-Partum fitness

$6 – $13K

Hi_Five Sports for Youth


Jazzercise Group Fitness

$2- $17K


The Party Supplies Store


Red Wing Shoes

Cleaning and MaintenanceMosquito Joe$50K

Garage Experts



Club Z in Home Tutoring


Nutty Scientists Kids Program


Now the fun part, choosing a franchise. Seek the one that uses your talents, that you will find enjoyable, and that can give you the most for your money. If you want even more options, check out some of our other franchise guides:

With thousands of options, the right franchise business is out there. Take your time, visit franchises in person when you can, do the research and most likely, the franchise will find you.

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