Easy Franchise Opportunities to Get Started

Franchising is one of the most popular ways for people to start their own business. It’s a great way to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. You get your own company, but still, have the support of the parent company whose business plan has already been proven to work well.

But there are many kinds of franchises, from restaurants to cleaning companies to tutoring services. So, with so many options, which one should you choose? Well, many people are looking for ‘easy’ franchise opportunities. ‘Easy’ can mean a lot of different things, but in general, there are a few characteristics at which most people would look: low time commitment, easy to learn, and franchises that keep you happy. Below are our top franchises in each of these categories.

Low Time Commitment: IceBorn Water

Ice Cubes Easy Franchise Opportunities

IceBorn Water is a brand owned by Ice House America that operates a system of water and ice vending machines through its network of franchisees. These vending machines are much larger than the usual soda vending machines – they are usually placed in retail parking lots due to their sizes – so they can process significant amounts of products before needing to be refilled. The machines also operate 24/7, further increasing the amount of product they can dispense. 

All this means that IceBorn Water vending machines do not require much of a time commitment from franchisees. The company estimates that machines require a few hours of maintenance each week. So, for anyone looking for a franchise that doesn’t require much time, this is a great opportunity. Just keep in mind that low time commitments usually also mean lower income than higher-commitment franchises like restaurants. 

If you would like to learn more about franchising with IceBorn, you can fill out a form on their website.


2019 # of Franchises173Total Set-Up Costs$113,000 – $245,500
Required Liquid Assets$25,000 – $75,000Franchise Fee$7,000
Required Net Worth$50,000 – $200,000Ongoing Fees7%

Easy to Learn: Dream Vacations

Dream Vacations Franchise

Dream Vacations (part of the CruiseOne company) is a travel agency that helps customers plan their vacations across the world. Franchisees act as agents to help their customers find out what options are available for their vacations, and to book these vacations for the lowest price possible. Franchisees can help book airfare, hotels, resort packages, guided tours, and special events. Dream Vacations even encourages its agents to go on these experiences themselves (at discounted prices through the company) so that they can better understand the experience and help their customers. Finally, Dream Vacations can be surprisingly affordable to start: for experienced industry professionals with $100k+ in past commissionable sales the franchise fee is only $495. For people totally new to the vacation booking business, the franchise fee is still only $9,800 in franchise fees.

While all these points are great, what really makes Dream Vacations an ‘easy’ opportunity is that it’s not hard to learn. Pretty much everyone knows how to book a vacation in general, and the internet has only made it easier. So, you can get started in this franchise with very little training, and over time learn to be more efficient and get clients better and better deals.

Check out Dream Vacation’s FAQs page if this sounds like a good fit for you.


2019 # of Franchises1,432Total Set-Up CostsVaries with franchise level
Required Liquid AssetsN/AFranchise Fee$495 – $9,800
Required Net WorthN/AOngoing Fees1.5% – 3%

Highest Franchisee Satisfaction: Kona Ice

Kona Ice Franchise

For the last franchise on our list, we have found the one most likely to keep you happy as a franchisee. Kona Ice is a gourmet (their words) shaved ice company with food trucks all around the country. Kona Ice has been ranked #1 for Franchisee Satisfaction by Franchise Business Review from 2016 – 2020. It has also been ranked as a top franchise for Innovation, Veterans, Women, and Low Costs. So, how have they earned this impressive record?

First, the company offers very strong corporate support to its franchisees. They have a staff of over 30 people and promise to have new franchises up and running in no more than 60 days. Kona Ice also has a fixed royalty fee each year, allowing more successful franchisees to keep more of the money they earn. The company is also heavily involved in the community, having given over $42 million to charities since their founding. Lastly, and maybe most importantly….it has to be fun to run a shaved ice truck. You get to be the hero at every 4th of July outdoor BBQ.

If you would like to own your very own gourmet shaved ice truck and join the #1 franchise for franchisee satisfaction, you can learn more at


2019 # of Franchises1,373Total Set-Up Costs~$140,000
Required Liquid Assets$20,000Franchise Fee$15,000
Required Net Worth$20,000Ongoing Fees$3,000 – $4,000 / year

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed the list of the easiest franchises to own. Before investing in any franchise, make sure you have a good understanding of how franchises work. You may also want to explore some other opportunities, such as low-cost franchises (under $10k or under $50k).

If you have a passion for a specific type of business, such as pizza franchises or burger franchises, you may find it worthwhile to invest in your passion.

Best of luck on your franchising journey!


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