Best Mobile Hotspot Plans – 10 Top Companies

We all know that we’re living in a wireless world. Gone are the days of wired connections – now everything is connected wirelessly. With improvements to 4G LTE networks, more people than ever before are using their phones as hotspots for internet access on laptops or tablets. 

But which plan should you choose? In this guide, we’ll tell you about the best mobile hotspot plans so you can stay connected on the go. 

Mobile Hotspots For Internet

What is a Hot Spot?

If you’re reading this article and wondering, “that all sounds great – but what is a hot spot, exactly?” don’t worry. You’re not alone in your confusion!

Hot spots are relatively new inventions that allow people to access the Internet by using Wi-Fi or a wireless local area network (WLAN) with a router that is connected to an Internet service provider.

You may be able to use a smartphone as a hotspot but this can kill your battery life and reduce the amount of data you have available for other applications. Instead, many users choose to instead purchase mobile hotspot devices. 

Mobile - Hotspot

Who Needs a Hot Spot?

In short? Probably everyone.

It’s no secret that 4G LTE networks are better than ever and new 5G networks are lighting up all around the world. Surfing the web in public can now be even faster than using your home Wi-Fi connection!

Most smartphones have a hotspot mode, as we mentioned, but buying a Wi-Fi hotspot or cellular modem might be better if you have lots of devices that need to share web access.

Mobile hotspots aren’t just for smartphones or laptops, either. They can support all kinds of devices, including tablets, cameras, and any other devices that are Wi-Fi enabled. 

These can generally host multiple devices at once and won’t drain your phone’s battery life, since they operate independently. They can be hooked up to great antennas and can even be paired with separate service plans – which is what we’ll get into in this article.

Hot spots offer a strong, fast, and secure online connection no matter where you go, making them perfect for workers who are always on the go or for frequent travelers. They’re just like mobile phones without the ability to make calls, taking an LTE connection, and converting into a Wi-Fi signal that your phone or other devices know how to use.

Not all mobile hotspot plans are made alike, so it’s important that you consider some of the best options to save you time and money, as detailed below. 

Best Mobile Hotspot Plans

1. T-Mobile

Best-Mobile-Hotspot-Plans - T-Mobile

The company’s third-largest carrier, T-Mobile also offers one of the best mobile hotspot devices. The least expensive option you can pursue is $10 per month for 2GB of data. Though admittedly not a ton of data, it’s an affordable option if you don’t plan on using your hotspot often or for streaming. 

You can also pay $40 per month for 30 GB or $50 a month for 100GB, so there are truly options for everyone with T-Mobile. If you already have a smartphone on a T-Mobile One account, you’ll get unlimited 3G hotspot speeds – so that may be motivation to switch to T-Mobile as a carrier if you are currently using another provider. 

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2. AT&T

Best Mobile Hotspot Plans - AT&T

AT&T is the country’s second-largest carrier and offers a DataConnect mobile hotspot plan which will give you 35GB for $85 a month or 15GB for $60 a month. You can also opt for a wireless internet package which will also include voice talk.

This company even offers prepaid mobile hotspot plans that start at $25 for 3GB of data over a period of 30 days. 

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3. Verizon 

Best Mobile Hotspot Plans - Verizon

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably already aware of the fact that Verizon is the nation’s largest wireless carrier. However, what you might not know is that this company sells four different stand-alone mobile hotspot device.s

With no other devices and just the mobile hotspot in your cart, you’ll pay for around $80 to $90 per month. 

You can also pay a flat rate for hotspot plans, with an unlimited plan costing around $20 per month when tacked onto an additional line. With this plan, you’ll get unlimited data and 720p streaming along with unlimited Ultra Wideband 5G access. 

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4. Metro by T-Mobile

Best Mobile Hotspot Plans - Metro by T-Mobile

We already mentioned everything T-Mobile has to offer in terms of its mobile hotspot plans, but Metro by T-Mobile is a subsidiary project that deserves its own mention. This plan has a mobile hotspot that, if purchased, comes with a mobile hotspot plan with a whopping 10 GB of data for just $30 per month.

You can upgrade to 30 GB of data for $40 per month or even 100GB of data for $50 a month, too. 

It’s worth mentioning that the Metro hotspot device itself is one of the most affordable options out there, too. The unit is just $2999 and has a batter life of more than five hours. Plus, it can connect up to 15 devices all at the same time!

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5. Cricket Wireless 

Best Mobile Hotspot Plans - Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless has a Turbo Hotspot 2 device that is one of the best in the country – and it comes with three plans for users to choose from.

Pay just $35 per month and you’ll get 20GB of high-speed data. Plus, you can use the device abroad in Canada and Mexico for no additional charges, provided that those uses do not exceed more than half of your total.

For $50, you can double up the data allotment to 40GB or you can spend $90 per month for 100GB. 

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6. NetZero 

Best Mobile Hotspot Plans - NetZero

NetZero is a prepaid carrier that, at the time of writing this article, sells one mobile hotspot device. When you buy the device, you’ll be entitled to 200MB of free high-speed data every month. That’s not much, but if you pay just $17.95 per month more, you can get 1GB of data or for $79,96 per month, you can get 8GB. 

Its paid plans, as you can see, are not as competitive as those offered by other carriers. However, this NetZero plan remains one of the best options on this list because it’s the only company that offers a free plan with the purchase of a mobile hotspot device. 

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7. Net10 Wireless 

Best Mobile Hotspot Plans - Net10 Wireless

This prepaid wireless service has an affordable mobile hotspot device. It also has affordable mobile hotspot data plans. These start at just $10 for 1GB of data or you can go all the way up to 10GB of data for $50.

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8. Straight Talk Wireless 

Best Mobile Hotspot Plans - Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk has a variety of mobile hotspot plans. These tend to start around $15 for 1GB per month and go all the way up to 7GB of data for two months.

Again, not the most affordable nor the most extensive mobile hotspot plans – however, the benefit of going with Straight Talk Wireless is that this is one of the few companies that will allow you to spread out your data usage over two months instead of just one. 

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9. Karma 

Best Mobile Hotspot Plans - Karma

If you haven’t yet heard of Karma, that’s because it’s not like the other names on this list that offer wireless plans and actual cell phones – this company offers only mobile hotspot services and nothing else. No smartphones, no tablets – nothing. Just hotspots!

You can buy either a Karma Black or a Karma Go along with the newest Karma Voyage hotspot (the previous two devices are soon to be discontinued, though you can still often buy off-market options). 

Karma offers 1 GB of data for just $9.99 or you can pay $49.95 for 5GB or $99.90 for 10GB. Again, not the most extensive in terms of how much data you will be able to access – but the beauty of Karma is that all of your unused data has unlimited rollover. It’s a great option if your data needs are unpredictable or minimal. 

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10. US Cellular 

Best Mobile Hotspot Plans - US Cellular

US Cellular might not be the largest carrier among the other options on this list, and it offers a single mobile hotspot option for sale. 

However, it’s one of the best.

Purchase it and you’ll be able to choose from several mobile plans that start at $10 a month with 1 GB of data and go all the way up to $40 per month with 10GB of data. You can also invest in an unlimited data plan that costs $90 a month.

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Who Has the Best Unlimited Hotspot Plan?

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, we are more connected than ever. With a single device, you can connect to the web, make calls, and send texts. You may not even need your laptop anymore! 

But if you’re like many people and want to be able to work from any wifi hotspot in town – or perhaps enjoy traveling with friends or family who might have an occasional need for internet access – then unlimited hotspot plans are essential.

As today’s society becomes increasingly connected, it is important for us to have access to the internet when we are on the go. That being said, finding a reliable and affordable hotspot plan can be more difficult than you might think.

There are a lot of options for unlimited hotspot plans out there. The best one will vary depending on your needs. If you need to go internationally, then you’ll want an international plan like T-Mobile’s. 

What if you’re looking for the cheapest option? That would be Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile’s $25 plan which includes 2GB of data plus 10GB from their partner network providers.

Mobile Hotspot Plans: FAQ

Can a mobile hotspot replace home internet?

A mobile hotspot is a good option for someone with very minimal home internet use. If you only use the internet at home to check your email, shop, or browse, then this might be a good option for you. However, if you rely on heavy amounts of Internet use for daily work or gaming, then you may want to skip the mobile hotspot and buy an actual Wi-Fi plan. 

Hot Spot offer a strong, fast, and secure online connection

Are there any unlimited mobile hotspot plans?

There are – in many cases, you will need to use a cell phone plan for unlimited data. Many data-only hotspot plans limit the amount of actual data you can use. Check with your current provider for the best options you have available to you now but don’t be afraid to shop around!

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