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How To Save Money On Internet – Get Online Without Spending Big

You may be paying way too much to your Internet Service Provider without even knowing it. Providers understand the primacy of the internet in the modern-day. Hence, they set plans and tariffs arbitrarily (in some cases.) Also, there is a huge monopoly of the internet space. Companies like Verizon claim to provide the best services and hence set the tone for the market. In all, the bulk then rests with the customer, who gets to pay enormous amounts for internet service.

Regardless of your internet service provider’s antics, it is still possible to fashion out ways to save money while using the internet. Whether you’re looking to save money on minimum wage, in a low-income threshold, or just simply want to save, you can make sure that the price of your monthly internet bill is something you can handle.

This article discusses actionable tips and plans that you can put into place to start saving. Basically, if you follow them religiously, you should cut your expenses down well. Read on to find out how to save money on internet!

Why You Need Cheaper Internet

Before we go into the substance of the article, it is important to understand the imperative for seeking cheaper internet. Why should the idea of saving money on internet interest you?

Cheap internet

Prudent Savings

Any route you can take to save money generally is always welcome. If cutting costs on your internet bill is one way to achieve this, then, by all means, embrace it. Given the economic realities of the present day, any funds you can squirrel away might come in handy. When you keep saving money this way, it would eventually come up to a tidy sum in the future. You can channel this to your savings and achieve your goals a lot faster. Furthermore, you would have some spare cash to put towards other endeavors. For instance, you can set aside the funds for emergencies. You may also decide to go on a vacation alone or with your significant other. Finally, with increased savings, your credit score benefits tremendously. The point here is, you can never go wrong with increasing your savings.

Exorbitant Internet Cost

The average internet bill, including products and services offered by some service providers, continue to climb by the day. Cable companies are not left out of the mix.  It seems as though to sustain internet connection, the average customer needs to pay through their teeth as price hikes continue to rise steadily. Sadly, the level of services offered by these providers has not improved, not minding the price of their services. Thus, if you can find any means to reduce your bill, you would be doing yourself a favor.

Freeing Up Time For Other Endeavors

One necessary fallout of reducing the cost of internet is free time. You must understand that several factors cause the problem of high cost of internet. This includes having a  separate home internet plan and a mobile plan, costs of gadgets like a router, and the extra pay you have to make for high-speed connection. However, all of these would be insignificant if people did not spend a long time on the internet. Social media has become the hive of a lot of people and, in fact, has been linked to several challenges, including addictions. Thus, ostensibly, when you reduce your internet cost, you would have to reduce the use and reliance you make on it. This could then free up time that you would channel into other areas of your life.

Furthermore, you will have ancillary benefits with this move. For instance, the problem of social media anxiety and depression, which is rife, will be far gone.

How To Get Better Internet Service For Less

Here we discuss creative ways of getting more for less. You do not have to go broke to have amazing internet service. The tips below show you all you need to know.

Cheap Internet Connection

Use A Mobile Hotspot

As an internet service customer, one way to save money on your internet bill is by using a mobile hotspot. This might be necessary if you are in the low income bracket and do not need a speed internet. For instance, if you use your home phone to answer calls and send an email every now and then, you may not need an internet plan. Instead, you can switch to your mobile plan. Create a mobile hotspot with your mobile device and connect to it whenever you need to use the internet.

Mobile Hotspot

Consider An Unknown Internet Service Provider

People looking for the best ways to save money often overlook this crucial point. Small providers may not have the fame or reach of some of the big wigs but could nonetheless offer excellent service. Also, since some of them are relatively new, they would treat you excellently as a customer while also striving to compete favorably with the industry’s best. One other perk: your internet bill would not be as exorbitant as you currently have it. Thus, take the time to discover these new internet providers. Since they are relatively unknown, you would have to actively seek them out. Social media might be a great place to start.

Reduce Your Internet Speed

People often get frightened of slow internet speed. Hence, they do all within their power to ensure that their internet connection is as fast as possible. However, they do not realize that the high speed comes at a cost: increased tariff. Hence, one of the ways to save money on internet is to lower your speed. When you reduce your internet speed, you will be reducing the service’s cost. This is especially helpful for those who earn a low income or those whose home internet does not necessarily have to be super fast.

To check how fast your internet speed is, you could easily refer to this Mbps guide. It shows you how much you use and how much you need. When you have that figured out, you can then go along with internet service providers within your range. There is no need to worry that your internet access will be cut off when your speed is low. In fact, except your work is mostly online, a low-cost internet option should be your mainstay.

While at it, you may even want to go a step further to check out how much you could save per month by lowering your data usage.

Bundle Your Internet Service

Bundling refers to combining your internet service with maybe your cable TV service. Generally, everyone knows that this is beneficial and can actually drastically reduce your monthly bill. When you bundle your internet with your TV, you save money, ranging from $15 to around $40, depending on the provider you choose. Providers like Cox, Spectrum, Xfinity, etc., offer perks for bundling services.

However, before you do this, make sure that you are actually getting a good bargain. It will hardly make sense if your individual services’ cost is lower when you pay for them singly. Also, consider any additional streaming or TV service. If they offer services that are no different from what you get as part of your bundle offer, then you should kiss them goodbye.

Negotiate Your Internet Bill

Another of the ways to save money on internet per month is by negotiating your bill. Folks do not often know this, but it is easy to get out of any deal with your ISP, regardless of the length you signed up for.  Perhaps, you signed the contract expected your home internet to consume a large amount of data. If it turns out that you’re mistaken, instead of having to deal with really high internet costs, you can negotiate the bill.

When negotiating your bill, make sure that you aren’t afraid. After all, you are the one paying for the internet service. Find out what the other ISPs are charging in your area. Be ready to move to any that offer low-cost internet if worse comes to worst. After you have fortified yourself mentally regarding these options, you can speak with your internet provider’s customer service rep.

When speaking with them, be clear about what you can afford to pay per month for the internet service. Do not be bullied or coerced to continue with a plan that is unfavorable to you. Stick to your goals and be ready to cancel your service if you have to.

Buy A Modem And Router

Another important way of reducing your internet service cost is to buy your own modem and router. Some ISPs allow you to use their modem and router for a monthly fee, especially as an incentive to new customers. While this may appear generous, rental costs can inflate your internet bills. It is important to get one of yours. It might be costlier than what you would pay renting them monthly.  However, you will be eliminating the monthly bill you receive in the long run. No doubt, using a modem and router might be reasonably necessary. For instance, you can use them to take advantage of internet offers with no data caps. However, the point here is to make sure that you aren’t renting the services but actually buying yours.

Also, do not accept any offer that gives you just a router without a modem. That will be a clear rip-off.

Buy A Modem And Router

Cancel Your Cell Phone Data Plan

One of the ways to save money and reduce your internet bill is by canceling your cell phone data plans. On the surface, this might seem counter-intuitive. After all, the average person has to be online several hours a day. However, you must bear in mind that some cell phone offers may not be really in your favor. Consider, for instance, the unlimited data plan offers by some companies like Verizon. In truth, you may not even use the internet enough to warrant accepting such an offer. If you are watchful, you may have even noticed that you do not exhaust the plan per month. Thus, it is necessary to track how much data you spend in any given month and then find a data plan that works for you.

Following from the above, the first step is to track how much data you actually use. When you use the internet, your phone saves how much data you spend on every session. Devices like iPhones and iPads have the process automated. Thus, you can discover how much you spend by looking at your phone’s settings. You can use a data manager to discover such details for other device types. When you do, consider it against how much you can actually pay, then find an offer that works for you.

Final Thoughts: Saving Money On Internet

Saving money on internet is something everyone should strive to do. Providers go out of their ways these days to milk subscribers of funds. This explains the idea of termination fees, which ought not to be, seeing as the user merely leaves a provider and should not have to pay for severing the contract. The ideas discussed in this article show you the routes to take to reduce your internet bill to the barest minimum. You may have to make certain lifestyle changes. But, with time, you will get used to it.


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