FlexJobs Review – Can It help You Find Remote Work Opportunities?

The one thing that’s been made clear to everyone is that remote work is here to stay. Google, Facebook, Sony, and Shopify are just a handful of the major companies committed to a remote work infrastructure for the foreseeable future. 

While not every employer is on board, there’s never been more opportunities than now to land a job that allows you the freedom to skip the commute and work in your pajamas. 

FlexJobs started way back in 2007 when remote work was truly in its infancy. Founder Sara Sutton, known as the queen of remote work, was tired of the same struggles of trying to find the right telecommuting position you may be enduring right now. 

She created the telecommuting focused-job board that now links applicants with over 25,000 jobs from 5,000+ companies. 

But you do have to pay for it. Jobseeker pricing starts at $14.95/month. Is it worth it? And is FlexJobs a good place to invest your time and energy when there are so many other free job sites out there? Discover everything you need to know in this ultimate FlexJobs review. 

What Is FlexJobs? 

FlexJobs is a web-based jobs board that links together companies of all sizes to applicants looking for remote and flexible work. 

Unlike, Upwork, and Fiverr, FlexJobs is not focused on freelance work (though it does list some of these positions too) but connecting to jobseekers to more formal part-time and full-time roles. Many of the roles include salary and benefits or minimum hourly guarantees per week. 

Remember, these freelancing platforms charge commissions based on the work you do. For example, Upwork charges a fee of 20-10-5% on all work. With FlexJobs, you only pay the monthly fee for accessing the listings. 

You might be wondering why FlexJobs even charges when you can use platforms like Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn for free as a job seeker. FlexJobs charges both job seekers and companies a few to help ensure all jobs are legitimate and not fake or misleading postings. 

Their goal is to help you find the right fit, and they even guarantee satisfaction. If you’re unsatisfied with FlexJobs for any reason, you can cancel your subscription and request a refund. 

Setting Up A FlexJobs Account

Unfortunately, FlexJobs does not offer a free membership or trial. But they do offer a 1-week plan for just $6.95. They also routinely have promotions and discounts. 

FlexJobs Getting Started

Signing up is easy. After choosing the subscription you want and selecting/paying for a plan, you can then set up your profile or start accessing the job boards. 

If you’re still not sure whether you want to pay for FlexJobs, you can also preview the job listings at any time. You won’t get contact and company information, but you will get enough of a sense of what FlexJobs can do for the positions you’re interested in. 

FlexJobs Browse Jobs

FlexJobs Pricing

FlexJobs basically has one plan with pricing varying for the duration you choose. The longer the plan, the larger a discount you can unlock. 

FlexJobs Pricing

With every subscription you’ll have access to these features: 

  • Unlimited access to the jobs board
  • Free skills testing help you market yourself to prospective employers
  • Expert tips, resources, and job offers received by email
  • Easy profile setup to help employers find you
  • Email alerts when new jobs are posted
  • Personalized portfolios where you can upload your resume and related materials 

Members have access to other perks like discounted career coaching sessions with experts, savings on productivity apps and services, and members-only webinars, virtual job fairs, and more. 

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Who Should Use FlexJobs? 

It’s easy to get the impression that FlexJobs is perfect for the digital nomad who may be in Barbados one day and Germany the next. This is not necessarily true. Since many of the jobs posted there are more formal than freelancing gigs, there are often expectations that you be available for certain hours of the day. 

That’s not to say you couldn’t make it work, but it’s something to pay attention to. Overall, FlexJobs is ideally suited for people looking to work for home or have a little more flexibility than being tied to an office, making it perfect for people like: 

  • Those looking for something more reliable than freelance work
  • Skilled professionals who want to leave the office behind 
  • Stay-at-home parents 
  • Individuals suffering from mobility or chronic health issues
  • People looking to transition from full-time roles towards a part-time

Is FlexJobs Worth It? 

Yes? No? Maybe! This is the one question everybody who comes to FlexJobs asks themselves. Let’s be honest, you can find all/most of those perks on other jobs boards out there that don’t cost a cent for job applicants. 

Of course, the FlexJobs site is peppered with testimonials like these: 

FlexJobs Testimonials

Unsurprisingly, you can find plenty of other not-so-great reviews online too. 

Canceling FlexJobs

Who’s right? Both. This is the difficulty of evaluating not just FlexJobs, but any jobs board, freelancing site, or any similar platform. 

There are so many factors that can determine your success there from the job field and credentialing requirements to how you style your resume and just luck. 

On that note, a common complaint among frustrated users is credentialing requirements. Many have found that employers are too focused on degrees and less on in-field experience. 

Take the example of Steve, a former engineer turned full-time writer. While he has been published in both American and English magazines and has a modestly successful blog, he couldn’t find any writing work on the platform because he felt employers were biased against his background. 

FlexJobs Personal Review

This, of course, isn’t the fault of FlexJobs. But it is something to think about if you decide to invest in a longer-term subscription. 

Ultimately, however, $14.95/month really isn’t much if it helps you land that perfect remote positioning you’ve been looking for. 


  • Verified jobs 
  • Affordable subscription fee
  • Leading companies list jobs there
  • Variety of other features come with membership
  • Member savings 
  • Ad-free
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Focused on quality remote positions


  • Have to pay a subscription fee
  • Many jobs can be found on free job board listings
  • Rarely will see salaries though it does show hourly pay
  • Employers here tends to be biased towards those with specific credentials for jobs
  • Paying is not a higher guarantee of landing a job 

FlexJobs Alternatives

The best perk of using FlexJobs is that it vets all the positions, so you know you’re applying for something real and not some scam. 

With that said, it’s easier than ever for most of us to determine if something is legitimate or not, nowadays. In addition, most free job boards are doing a better job of ensuring the posting there is legit. 

FlexJobs is very much in a league of its own. There are few premium services at this price point. You can either spend much more or pair up with a recruiter who may charge you or your future employer a hefty sum. 

Or you can go with one of the free options out there. Regardless of what you choose, you should definitely take advantage of using LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Job Search

In the last few years, LinkedIn has really stepped up its efforts in the job arena. Not only is it free, but it also includes job alerts, flexible search criteria, and Easy Apply with your LinkedIn profile. 

Moreover, you can better use your network and see if you have connections who currently work somewhere or attended your same schools. 

You can also upgrade to a premium subscription for $30/month to get bonus features like featured applicants, an inside look at other applicants to see how you measure up, and earnings potential data. 

The only downside with LinkedIn is that competition can be pretty heavy. You’ll see positions that may have tens or even hundreds of applicants since there’s such a massive talent pool. However, with the right timing, you might just find the perfect fit. 

LinkedIn Jobs

Tips To Make FlexJobs (or any job board) Work For You

Whether you opt for a FlexJobs subscription, use standard LinkedIn or Indeed, or go old school with Craigslist or the newspaper, here are some tips to make your hunt more successful. 

  • Treat your job search like a full-time job. You can’t wait for their employers to come to you. Now that everybody wants to work from home, there may be more remote jobs, but there’s also remote competition. Get up early and start applying. 
  • Don’t Get Discouraged. Some people apply for 100+ jobs before hearing anything. Don’t take anything personally and keep hammering away at it. 
  • Tailor your resume. There are so many roles with overlapping responsibilities and requirements. As you apply to each one, tailor your resume accordingly. It’s best to just have a few different versions of your resume. For example, if you’re an SEO consultant, you can have a resume customized for different client types across niches.  
  • Find other ways to connect. If you’re reaching out through any sort of job portal, your resume might be tossed in a massive pile. Leverage connections as much as possible to find your way to the inside track. 
  • Skip the cover letter. The cover letter has been dying a slow death. These days, few recruiters and fewer HR managers are reading them than ever. Spend time polishing up your resume and portfolio instead. 
Sign Up For FlexJobs Now Create your FlexJobs account now and find your next career opportunity! GET STARTED

FlexJobs: The Bottom Line 

These days, you have more choices than ever to find jobs. Unlike other platforms, FlexJobs particularly focuses on remote positions, making it a better fit for those trying to telecommute. 

While you do have to pay to use it, it still is affordable and comes with a decent selection of higher-quality jobs. If you’ve been playing the Monster, Indeed, or LinkedIn game and haven’t had much luck than giving FlexJobs a shot—it just might pay off!  

Overall Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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