Roadie Review – Is This Delivery App A Good Side Hustle?

If you’re looking for a side-hustle to make some extra cash, you might have heard about Roadie. You may have heard that Roadie is a little different than other delivery apps. After all, what you can deliver doesn’t stop at just food, and how far you can deliver isn’t limited to your local area. So now you want to know the 411 on Roadie. How does it work? What are the pros and cons? Are there better delivery apps? Is it worth it? 

Keep reading because this Roadie review has got all of the information that you need to know!

How Does Roadie Work?

Roadie is an American same-day delivery service that was founded in 2014. The way that Roadie works is simple. They provide same-day delivery to people by connecting them with drivers that are already on their way towards that destination. As a Roadie driver, you’ll be delivering anything from surfboards to lost baggage to cupcakes. 

To be a Roadie driver, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a social security
  • Pass a background check
  • Have a car
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have automobile insurance that meets your state’s guidelines
  • Maintain a 4-star rating minimum to keep your spot as a Roadie driver.

To sign up, you can do so by downloading the app or applying on the Roadie website. After you sign up, you will need to complete a tutorial that will teach you how to be a Roadie driver.

Roadie Driver Map

The Pros Of Being A Roadie Driver

Now that you know how Roadie works, you’ll want to know the pros of becoming a Roadie driver before deciding to become one. Read on for more details.

It’s Easy

One of the major pros of being a Roadie driver is that it’s easy. All you have to do is pick up the orders, take a photo of the order at the pickup location, and deliver them. There isn’t a lot of skill required, so the barriers to entry are low, which means it’s a viable side-hustle for many people. 

It’s Convenient

As a Roadie driver, you get to choose to do deliveries that are already on your route somewhere. For instance, if you are going from Southern California to the Bay Area and can make some extra cash along the way there, why not?  You might be going slightly out of your way, but not so much that the pay isn’t worth it. Even locally, if you are already going somewhere, you might as well make a delivery while you’re at it.

The Pay

Depending on the gig and the area that you are in, the pay can be good for local deliveries. Once again, though, it depends on where you are located. Expect to make anywhere from $8 to $60 for a local gig and $650 for long-distance ones with oversized items. If you want to make the best money, it’s essential to be picky with what gig you take. Make sure that you are getting paid at least minimum wage plus the cost of gas. 

The Roadie App

The Roadie app is different from other apps. Although you will get notified when new deliveries are available, you can see what deliveries are available at any given time on the map. You get to click on the gig, and it will provide you with more details about what the delivery will entail. The best part is that you get to see how much you will get paid upfront as well as how many miles you would need to drive. Other delivery apps won’t tell you how much you’ll get paid until after the delivery is completed. Being able to see the pay upfront gives you more control over what gigs you consider taking. 

Roadie App

Long-Distance Roadie Delivery Gigs

Another thing that makes Roadie delivery stand out is that you can do long-distance gigs. While other delivery apps typically only allow you to deliver food locally, with Roadie, you can deliver all over the United States. Some people have used Roadie to fund road trips and vacations they were taking by making deliveries along their route! 

Roadie Delivery

The Cons Of Being A Roadie Driver

Now that you know the pros, you also have to know the cons to make an informed decision about becoming a Roadie driver. 

Can’t Drop Off Deliveries

One con of the app is that you can’t drop off deliveries. The customer has to be there to sign for the package. If the customer isn’t there, you’ll have to return the package to where it came from without compensation for the second trip back. That doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it can be a huge hassle. It also ends up feeling like you didn’t get compensated enough for your time. 

Alcohol Liability

Unlike other delivery apps, Roadie doesn’t have a way to scan IDs for alcohol. Therefore, when you do alcohol delivery runs, there is a liability issue. If you give alcohol to a minor, the liability will fall on you. While you can check someone’s driver’s license, there is no way for you to know, definitively, whether or not it’s fake. The Roadie app would be better if it had a way to scan people’s IDs in these situations. 

Limited Local Gigs

Depending on where you are, there may be limited local gigs. If you are trying to do most of your driving locally, you might be better off going with an app that has more gigs. Roadie is best for those who do a lot of driving, including to far distances where they can make a pit delivery stop. Once again, it does depend on your location.

Long Wait Time for Gigs

Unlike other apps, you can’t just accept a gig and go. Instead, you have to wait until Roadie approves it for you. Sometimes it can take a while before you get approved, which can be inconvenient in itself. Additionally, it isn’t even a guarantee that you’ll get the delivery. Sometimes Roadie will let you know that they chose someone better for the delivery, limiting how many gigs you can do.

Car Expenses

Since you will be driving a lot, you’ll have the expenses inherent in any delivery or ridesharing app. Those expenses include car maintenance, wear and tear on the car, mileage on the vehicle, and gas. For some, these upfront expenses make doing the deliveries not worth it. However, it’s important to note that you can write these expenses off on your taxes.

Is Roadie Worth It?

While you probably won’t be making an extra $500 a month, Roadie is a legitimate way to make some extra side cash. But, to be clear, it isn’t suitable for those who want a side-hustle to bring them consistent money. As stated previously, sometimes the local gigs are very limited, which means it would be hard to make a ton of money each day. 

For those who want to make some cash along a road trip, or for those who travel a lot via car, it could be worth it. Even if you don’t travel a lot, it doesn’t hurt to attempt to do a local delivery here and there as long as the pay is in the range that you want it to be. 

However, if you want an app where you can make more money more consistently, there are other apps. 

What Apps Are Better Than Roadie?

While Roadie has its place in the delivery space and is unique in that you can do long-distance gigs, there are better apps for getting more consistent gigs locally. These apps don’t require you to wait to get approved for an offer, either. All you have to do is accept the order and go. The following are some of the top apps for getting paid to drive:

With that said, you can always drive for multiple apps and find a way to make the most of them. While you might take the occasional Roadie gig here and there, you can also be working one of the other five apps mentioned when you don’t have a Roadie gig to do. This gives you the greatest chance possible at making the most amount of money. 

The Bottom Line: Being A Roadie Driver

While Roadie is a unique delivery app on the market, there is still potential to make money doing local and long-distance gigs. As long as you do a gig on your way to somewhere, it will make it even more worthwhile. However, if you want to be side-hustling with the ability to make the most amount of money, it’s a good idea to deliver or drive for multiple apps. Now, start making some money!

Overall Rating: 4.13 out of 5

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