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How To Save Money On Clothes – Look Good, Save Big

Americans spend a lot of money on new clothes! It has been said that buying clothes for special occasions, basic pieces, and clothes we never wear costs us an average of $1,700 per year.

We’ve all heard the saying, “the road to bankruptcy is paved with good deals”. We’ve also heard that in order to spend less we have to shop less. But who wants to do that? Noone, that’s who! So if that’s why you need to learn how to save money on clothes, you’re in the right spot! We’ve gathered the best tips and tricks so you can look good while spending a lot less.

Saving money on clothes

Save Money On Clothes By Selling What You Don’t Wear

If you don’t wear it, take it to your local consignment store. When a consignment store sells your used clothing you get extra cash in your bank account and the customer gets to buy something new at a good deal. It’s similar to a clothing swap, and even though you won’t get the full amount for your clothes (consignment shops take some of the money – sometimes at deep discounts), you will be able to get rid of extra clothing in your closet.

You may even find out that this is a great way for you to save money on buying clothes! While you’re at the consignment shop you may decide to do some clothes shopping of your own. A great way to spend less on new clothes is to buy something at these discount stores. You want to make sure that you’re not buying more than you plan to make in the long run, however. Otherwise, you’re not saving money.

Save Money On Clothes By Shopping At Thrift Stores

True thrift stores are ones that are selling gently used second-hand clothes. Be careful of vintage clothing stores. These tend to be found at outlet malls and not only are their clothes marked up for being trendy, they may even be more than retail price! Some thrift stores will even sell a gift card for their establishment. What a great gift for someone who is always looking for a way to save!

Thrift Store for clothes

Find Online Coupons To Save

Whether you shop online, in discount stores, or at a malls outlet – make sure you have a coupon. These stores know that people are looking for ways to save money and still look good! Every time you shop you should find a way to utilize some kind of discount. Some stores help you save money by allowing you to enter your email address in exchange for a discount. They usually give you links to a coupon code and you agree to get regular correspondence from them.

Online Clothe Coupons

Save Money On Clothes By Taking Care Of What You Have!

Take care of your clothes so they will last longer! If the label says that dry cleaning delicate items are best, make sure you do that or at least hand wash the items. Everyday machine-washable clothes will often last longer if you will dry-clean them.

Shop In The Kid’s Section To Save Money

A great tip for ways to save when shopping for clothes for a woman is to hit the kid’s section. A petite woman can easily wear kid’s clothes – including shoes. For example, a youth extra-large is the same as an adult small in a t shirt. It’s also a great tip to buy winter clothes in the kid’s sections in addition to t-shirts and shoes. Next time you need a warm, heavy winter sweater, the kid’s section should have a universal style that is fit for an adult.

Rent Clothing That You’ll Only Wear Once

Other ways to save on your wardrobe is to not buy something that you know you’ll never wear again. A good example is a tuxedo. Tuxedo rentals are about $80-$100 on average.

This also goes for kid’s Halloween costumes. If your 10-year old wants to be a pirate this year and you pop for the most expensive costume with accessories, then you can be sure he or she will not want to wear the same costume next year (providing it would even fit a growing child!) Costume rentals are a much better choice.

Clothing Rental

Tips For Cleaning Out Your Closet

It can be hard to let clothing go. But keeping pieces you no longer need is costly. The first step is to dedicate some time to go through items in your closet and don’t forget to factor in the time needed for driving clothes to charity drop-off locations if you choose to donate. (You can write this donation off on your taxes.)

If the thought of doing all this at once is enough to make you bail on the idea, then plan to sort through shoes one day, followed by tops and outerwear the following day.

You want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the item still fit?
  • Will I ever wear this again?
  • Is it damaged? (check this for consigning clothes as well because a good store will be picky about what they will accept)
  • Is this currently in style?
  • Does it reflect my style?
  • If I were shopping would I buy this?

If you answer “no” to any of the above questions, it’s time to (hopefully sell), donate, swap, or get rid of the item. This should go without saying – but when the goal is to save money on clothes, do not run out and immediately purchase replacements for these items!

Selling On A Third-Party Website To Save Money

When your clothes are still in style and only gently used, selling through a third-party website is a way to make some money. Social marketplaces are popular and they include more than just eBay these days. Poshmark, Tradesy, The Real Real, ThredUp, and Facebook Marketplace are all great choices for selling your clothes online.


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