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Best Places To Sell Gift Cards – 7 Top Picks To Get The Most Money

Whether you want to dispose of an unwanted gift card, sell it for cash, or exchange it for another gift card, many online platforms will let you get the most from the card. Selling a gift card online lets you view multiple offers, get paid quickly, and keep track of all of your transactions. 

Many platforms will send you an offer for your card quickly, send you payment within one week of the transaction, and let you take various offers. Below are the seven best places to sell gift cards that will allow you to exchange your gift card for cash or another card.

Before choosing a place to sell your gift card, it’s essential to make sure the platform you’re using accepts the company of your card, gives you a reasonable offer, and pays you the way that you want to get paid. So, what are the best places to sell gift cards? Read on to find out!

Best Places To Sell Gift Cards

If you have some old, unused gift cards lying around, why not sell them! Below are our picks for the best places to sell gift cards so you can get money in your pocket. 

1. Cardpool


Cardpool is one of the largest online gift card exchanges that lets you buy discounted gift cards or sell your own. If you’d like to sell your gift card to someone online or exchange it for a different card, Cardpool is the platform for you. They accept electronic gift cards from a wide variety of popular brands. 

To sell or exchange your gift card through Cardpool, enter your gift card balance and other information about the card. Then, select your payout option to get a quote right away. Lastly, you’ll be able to get up to 88% cashback!

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2. Raise

Raise Website

Raise is one of the most popular online platforms that lets you exchange your gift card for cash. Raise enables you to list your card for free. Even better, you set the selling price. Once someone buys your card, you’ll be able to get paid via Direct Deposit, PayPal, or a check. 

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3. Gift Me

Gift Me Website

Gift Me lets you sell and buy discounted gift cards from over 300 merchants. Once you place your listing on their dashboard, you’ll be able to keep track of your inventory, sales, and funds all through your account. 

Through the Gift Me app, you’ll be able to get paid directly through Direct Deposit once someone purchases your gift card. They also have customer service that’s available 24/7 right in the palm of your hand. 

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4. Gift Card Spread 

Gift Card Spread website

Gift Card Spread lets you buy, sell, or exchange your gift card. To start selling, make an offer for your unwanted gift card. They’ll then get back to you within 24 hours to let you know if they’ve accepted your request. If they disapprove of your offer, they will reply with a counter-offer. 

Once you have a deal, you’ll be able to set up your account and payment details. Then, you can electronically enter your gift card details or ship it straight to their Chicago location. Once they receive your card or card information, they’ll pay you as soon as possible. 

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5. Coinstar Exchange

Coinstar Exchange Website

If you want to exchange your gift card for cash, Coinstar Exchange is the way to go. Coinstar Exchange accepts gift cards with a $20 balance or more. Once you enter your information, you’ll be able to make an offer, which is typically 60-85% of the remaining balance. Once Coinstar Exchange accepts your bid, you can instantly get money back for your gift card! 

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6. Gift Card Granny 

Gift Card Granny website

Gift Card Granny lets you sell your gift card quickly through their website. Enter your card information and view multiple offers for your card. Once you see the offers, you’ll also see which forms of payment they plan on using to pay you. Gift Card Granny is the best pick if you want to sell a gift card from a popular brand. 

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7. CardCash

CardCash Website

CardKangaroo lets you sell your unwanted gift card for cash. You can get up to 92% cashback or trade-in your card for another. To get started, enter your card’s brand, the amount, and view multiple offers. 

You can trade-in your card for cash or another gift card, allowing you to get up to 9% more than if you were to exchange it for pure cash.

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Final Thoughts: Selling Your Gift Cards

The platforms above allow you to choose the best offer for your card. Whether you want to exchange your card for another or get cashback, the platforms above make it easier than ever to get paid quickly and get the most for your card. By using the platforms above, you’ll be able to get rid of your gift card and get more cashback.

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