Alternatives To Canva – 10 Top Options For Your Graphic Design Needs

Canva is a famous graphic design platform that lets you create a wide variety of visual images, from presentations to online advertisements. Canva offers both a free and paid plan, both of which provide many templates for their users. 

That being said, if you want to create graphic designs online, there are many alternative platforms to Canva that are worth checking out. Some of these platforms offer better prices, more templates, and more collaboration opportunities. 

Below are the ten best alternatives to Canva that will help you edit photos, improve your marketing strategies, and most importantly, create graphic designs online. The platforms below provide excellent customer support, templates, and marketing tools that will help you make the most impactful visuals possible. 

Alternatives To Canva

Before deciding which graphic design software to use, be sure to identify your goals. For instance, if you’re a business owner, a platform with business marketing tools, like RelayThat, may be the best pick. If, on the other hand, you’re a student who wants to create more visually appealing presentations, a platform suited for individuals, like Snappa, may be your best pick. Whether you’re designing for your website, starting a new t-shirt or print-on-demand business, or need a stellar presentation, you can keep reading below to find out which web-based graphic design software is best for you. 

1. Snappa

Snappa website

If you’re looking for graphic design software, Snappa is the perfect pick. This popular platform lets you create any visual online without needing to install the software. They offer both free and paid plans that start at just $10 each month.

Although Snappa and Canva both make great graphic design software, Snappa is better suited for beginners, while Canva uses more advanced design software. Furthermore, Snappa offers 5,000 templates, whereas Canva provides 8,000. 

While Canva immediately gives its users recommendations for photos and designs, Snappa is a better platform for designers who prefer to start from scratch. 

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2. Stencil 

Stencil Website

Stencil is an online graphic design tool and image builder made for influencers and business owners. They offer both free and paid plans starting at just $9 per month. All of their plans are monthly and give you the option to cancel at any time. Furthermore, all of their images are royalty-free.

If you’re looking for a quicker, easier way to create pleasing visuals, Stencil is the perfect platform for you. Unlike Canva, Stencil is designed for social sharing and lets you share your images within seconds to any social media platform of choice. 

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3. Piktochart

Piktochart website

Piktochart is a web-based infographic app that lets you create a wide variety of pleasing visuals through various templates. If you want to create fascinating designs with a little bit of assistance, this is the perfect pick.

While Canva is an excellent platform for experienced designers, Piktochart is geared toward those who want to create infographics without any previous knowledge or experience. 

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4. Crello

Crello website

Crello is a free graphic design platform that lets its users create pleasing visuals, primarily for advertisements and social media. If you’re an influencer or business owner into marketing, Crello is a platform worth looking into. 

Although Crello only has 30,000 templates, compared to Canva’s 60,000, it’s $9.99 monthly price beats Canva’s $12.95. 

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5. Fotor 

Fotor website

Fotor is an online graphic design platform that lets you create social media posts, headers, advertisements, and more. This visual design tool is perfect for both experienced designers and beginners, providing just the right amount of guidance and helpful templates that will make your design come to life.

Fotor offers both a free and paid plan for just $8.99 each month. Although Canva is more focused on creating designs, Fotor also lets you edit photos and make collages.

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6. Design Pickle

Design Pickle website

Design Pickle is an online graphic design service that gives you access to a professional graphic designer. If you’re looking for a designer to help you design something or design something for you, this is the perfect platform for you.

While Canva is a graphic design software that lets users create designs by themselves, Design Pickle gives you access to a professional graphic designer who can do most or all of the work for you. They offer a 30-day free trial and paid plans that start at $399 per month. 

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7. Pixlr 

Pixlr website

Pixlr is an online photo editor that lets you edit photos in almost any format. Pixlr enables you to edit photos in your browser for free to create high-quality images in minutes. This photo-editing app is free to purchase. 

While Canva lets you create designs from the start, Pixlr lets its users edit photos that have already been taken or created. 

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8. Design Wizard

Design Wizard website

Design Wizard is a graphic design platform that offers free and paid plans at $9.99 each month. If you’re a business owner that wants to create advertisements or online content, this platform has been made for you. Their templates have been specially curated to help you draw in more of your target audience. 

Unlike Canva, Design Wizard does not offer filtering or data visualization. However, they do offer live online training. 

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9. Easil 

Easil website

Easil is an online graphic design tool designed for professional teams and brands. On top of their visual design tools, Easil also offers many branding tools to improve your conversion rate.

Although Easil and Canva are both great platforms for business owners, Easil makes it faster and easier to design with color. 

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10. RelayThat

RelayThat website

If you’re an entrepreneur or a real estate agent, RelayThat has the perfect graphic design and marketing tools for you. With RelayThat, you can create a messaging system, advertisements, website content, and more for your company. RelayThat’s pro plan is $25 per month and can be used by up to 2 users. 

Although Canva and RelayThat are great graphic design tools for entrepreneurs, RelayThat provides more digital marketing and branding tools. Unlike Canva, their most basic plan offers collaboration with up to 2 users.

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Final Thoughts: Alternatives To Canva

The graphic design platforms above will let you connect with professional designers, create infographics, and market your brand the way you want. Although Canva is a great visual design platform to use, the alternatives above may provide better pricing or more straightforward software. Once you decide on the perfect graphic design platform for you, you’ll be able to improve your conversion rate, design picture-perfect visuals, and create compelling presentations. 

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