Alternatives To Scrivener – 8 BEST Options That May Offer More

Scrivener is a word processing program and outline tool designed for authors. With Scrivener, you can organize documents, write notes, and create outlines. For a one time fee of $49, you’ll have access to format your book, edit documents, and import your work from other applications. 

Although Scrivener is a reliable writing platform, many are turned off by its $49 fee and lack of customization tools. Furthermore, Scrivener is best suited for screenwriters and authors, making students and more casual writers turn to other writing platforms instead.

So, what other choices are out there? We’ve done all the research and gathered up the best alternatives to Scrivener so you can find the right choice that fits your needs.

Alternatives To Scrivener

Below are the eight best alternatives to Scrivener that offer lower prices and may offer more customization tools. Keep reading to figure out which writing software is the best fit for you. 

1. FocusWriter


FocusWriter is a free writing app designed to help you put your thoughts on paper without any distractions. FocusWriter lets you create many types of files, set alarms, plan out your goals, and more. 

Although FocusWriter and Scrivener both provide distraction-free writing environments, FocusWriter’s platform is much more customizable. Scrivener also offers a wide selection of themes and templates to choose from so that you can make your screen super simple or add a touch of design. 

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2. Manuskript


Manuskript is an open-source tool for writers that lets you organize your thoughts, get rid of distractions, and plan out your stories. If you like to create outlines before you start writing, Manuskript is the perfect platform for you. 

This free writing tool is perfect for fiction writers and those that like to spend time developing characters. However, if you want a platform that automatically backs up your work, Manuskript may not be your best pick. 

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3. Text Editor

Text Editor

Text Editor is a word processor and text editor for Mac. If you want a platform that helps you edit and format documents, TextEditor is worth looking into. This all-in-one app lets you create new forms and edit files from anywhere on your computer. Unlike Scrivener, TextEditor is free.

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4. FreeWriter


FreeWriter is a writing software platform that offers a free basic plan with no registration required. FreeWriter provides productivity tools, novel-writing facilities, and assistance with book publishing. If you’re a fiction author, FreeWriter is the tool that will help you create your story, develop your characters, and publish the book. 

Unlike Scrivener, FreeWriter is free and is primarily suited for fiction authors. 

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5. Pages

Pages website

Pages is a popular word processor platform that lets you create and design documents. Available on most Apple devices, Pages enables you to collaborate with others in real-time and work together from anywhere. 

While Scrivener is perfect for those who want to write and publish their work, Pages is best suited for those who work in education, marketing, or advertising. Pages also provides more tools to help you control the layout of your work. 

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6. OmmWriter


If you want a tool that helps you get more work done and write without distractions, OmmWriter is the perfect platform for you. OmmWriter creates a distraction-free writing environment designed to help you concentrate and be more productive. With background noises, audio tracks, and keyboard noises, you’ll be able to create the perfect environment for you. 

Unlike Scrivener, OmmWriter does not provide many tools to help you format or publish your work. Instead, OmmWriter is suited for a wide range of writers that want to remain productive and distraction-free.

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7. Bear

Bear Website

Bear is the perfect writing app for you if you like to organize your documents and create written works in customizable templates. For just $1.49 per month, you can sync the app across all of your devices and create beautiful documents. 

If you’re writing a long-form book, Bear may not be the best platform for you. However, if you have various documents that you’d like to organize or edit from time to time, Bear is the perfect application.

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8. WriteMonkey


If you want full-screen, distraction-free writing, WriteMonkey is the perfect software for you. With WriteMonkey, you can create beautiful documents on a large, blank screen and turn off all other distractions. 

Unlike Scrivener, WriteMonkey offers a wide array of customization tools so that you can design your perfect distraction-free writing platform. You can also bookmark documents, set time limits to your writing, and more. 

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Final Thoughts: Alternatives To Scrivener

The eight writing platforms above will help you write in a distraction-free environment, outline your written works, and collaborate with others. Whether you’re looking for a secure remote work platform, a solid place to start writing the book you want to self publish, or a writing app to help you with your school essays, the platforms above are all solid alternatives to Scrivener and have all the tools you need.

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