Best Project Management Tools – The 7 Top Choices You Can Use

Whether you’re a project manager or a team member with specific tasks, you need a way to collaborate.  Long gone are the days of needing to physically work side by side with your colleagues to get work done.  Nowadays, if you want to give your project every advantage it can take, then you need a project management platform that everyone can use.

Project management software is a workspace where all aspects of the project can be as dynamic as the project itself.  Every task and assignment can be detailed down and sequenced as much as needed.  Whether the project is big or small, you and your team will benefit from having the flexibility and tools you need with everything centralized in one core package.  

To help you achieve this, we’ve gathered the best project management tools you can use to help make your next venture a success.

Best Project Management Tools

Having the right project management tools can make a big difference in how projects are run, no matter what job or industry you are in. Whether you’re starting a consulting business, involved in the wedding planning industry, or are a team member for a project at work, project management tools are key to making sure your team can work together and your project gets completed. Below are the 7 best project management tools you should know about.

1- Basecamp


Basecamp is one of the most well-known project management collaboration platforms around.  The program allows you to break up the project into smaller work packages and then easily assign people to each one.  Within each package, team members can chat, share documents, assign specific tasks or create to-do lists, and do whatever they need to get the job done.

Rather than spread these assignments across a variety of other apps, everything can be done right from inside Basecamp.  There are also functions where you can check in on your team members, see how the team is progressing towards their next milestone, and what tasks are still open (using their exclusive Hill Charts).

Price: $99 per month for business accounts.  It allows you to work with unlimited clients and team members on unlimited projects with 500 GB of storage.

2- Asana


Asana is a highly customizable platform for managing project teams.  In the default view, you can create tasks, assign team members, due dates, and even priorities.  This helps to let all members know who’s doing what and what else needs to be done.  

Each assignment is given its own boards where discussions can take place, files can be shared, and emails can be condensed.  Those tasks can easily be turned into a timeline that can help reveal any bottlenecks or roadblocks in your path.  Asana can also help to automate your workflow by assigning rules so that the most critical items get the right attention.

Price: $24.99 per month for business accounts.  It comes with the ability to work with unlimited tasks, project, and file storage.

3- ClickUp


ClickUp is a program that bundles everything you need in project management altogether in one place.  You can easily create to-do lists, create project phases, assign team members, share docs, and chat.  

All of the tasks and user information can be pulled into a variety of different views such as by task, milestones, and calendar.  As the project manager, you can also pull metrics about your project such as how long certain tasks took to complete.  

If you use Loom for video capture tutorials, ClickUp also has a built-in function that will allow you to do this and share it with the team.  This can be really helpful if you want to make a short how-to demonstration or share a technical issue you’re experiencing.

Price: $5 per month per user when purchased annually.  Otherwise, it’s $9 per month per user.  Each user gets unlimited storage, views, integration, and dashboards.

4- Trello


Trello takes a very intuitive approach to project management.  Instead of creating fancy (and sometimes complicated) Gantt charts, Trello lets you organize everything by “cards”.  These cards are just simple tasks where you can fill in as much or as little information as you want, and then move them from “To Do” to “Doing” to “Done” as needed.

Everyone on the team who has the Trello app installed will always be up to date on the progress as each participant updates their tasks.  You can even lean on their built-in “Butler” to automate tedious jobs like setting up reminders for appointments, due dates, and certain tasks.

Price: $20.83 per month per user for the first 100 users.  It comes with unlimited boards, cards, lists, and allows for 250 MB per file attachment.

5- Workzone


Workzone is a comprehensive package that brings together every detail of your project.  You can see the whole picture in the project dashboard, as a Gantt chart, or as a to-do list organized by date.

It offers a familiar style folder network for sharing files, email alerts, and discussion.  Images and PDF files can be marked up with comments and revisions.  You can even set and request approvals for work packages.  

Price: $34 per month per user for the Professional package.  Workzone gives you unlimited projects, templates, workspaces, training, and support.

6- Monday

Monday is a workspace platform that brings together teams from all around the world.  They’re widely recognized as having all the essential tools and functionality that remote team members need to collaborate as if they were working side by side.  In fact, they brag about having some pretty big clients such as Hulu, eBay, and Costco to name a few.

The project starts with a customizable table where you start laying out your tasks and milestones.  You can then start assigning responsibilities, display them as a Gantt chart, and pull metrics about the progress of the project.  Monday is also compatible with 50 other integrations and apps, including those your company develops itself.

Price: $79 per month when purchased annually for the Pro package.  It comes with unlimited boards and viewers, 100 GB of file storage, and a one-year activity log.

7- Teamwork


Teamwork is a workspace tool that helps in-house and remote teams improve collaboration, visibility, and accountability.  Their client list includes familiar names such as Disney, Spotify, Netflix, HP, and many others.

As you build your project and assign the tasks, you can effortlessly move tasks, assign responsibilities, and collaborate for complete transparency.  You can easily show high-level reports or zoom in to each task for as much in detail as required.  KPIs and metrics are all available at the click of a button.

Price: $15 per month per user.  Work on up to 600 projects and use up to 50 project templates.

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