Best Time To Buy A Mattress

Have you not been getting the good night’s sleep you desire lately?  Does your back hurt when you wake up in the morning?

These are often symptoms of a worn-out mattress.  According to manufacturer Restonic, the Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every 7-10 years, depending on your desired level of comfort and support. 

While swapping out your mattress is a pretty easy task, its not necessarily very cheap.  Some of them can cost several thousands of dollars depending on their name brand, size, and construction.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still find some good deals.  

Here’s what you need to know about the best time to buy a mattress and how it can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

Best time to buy a mattress

How Much Do Mattresses Typically Cost?

There are several types of mattress products available on the market.  Each style has been designed to accommodate a specific set of sleeping needs.  Depending on which mattress type best fits your needs will influence how much money you should expect to pay out of pocket.

Innerspring Or Hybrid

Innerspring mattresses are a modern upgrade to the traditional “coil” system that was typically used in most classic mattress designs.  Each spring is in its own independent pocket, providing a greater level of comfort.

Hybrids or pillow tops are basically innerspring mattresses with an additional layer of upholstery on the top for added comfort.

Back, side and tummy sleepers will find innerspring and hybrid style mattresses to be the best suited for their needs.  A quality one will cost around $900 on average. However, the prices range between $300 and $2,000.  If you decide to go with a pillow top or other hybrid style, then expect to spend in the upper range.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are quite a bit different from the innerspring design.  Similar to what you might find in your sofa or car seat, it’s a durable sheet of polyurethane.  Because of its high-density composition, memory foam is great for support and provides excellent pressure relief. 

In addition, because they don’t have mechanical parts, memory foam mattresses tend to have longer lifespans than traditional spring mattresses.

Side sleepers will be best suited for memory foam.  They have an average price tag of $1,000 and range anywhere from $250 to as high as $4,000.


A latex mattress is similar to a memory foam style but uses latex foam instead.  They are usually less dense and heat absorbent than memory foam mattresses.  Latex mattresses can be designed to accommodate any variety of sleeper: Side, back, or tummy. 

On average, latex mattresses are the most expensive with the typical product costing around $1,500.  Similar to memory foam, prices range from $300 to as high as $4,000 depending on the quality level you require.

The Best Time To Buy A Mattress At A Brick And Mortar Store

Like all commercial products, there will be certain times throughout the year when it will be cheaper to buy a mattress than others.  If you prefer to shop at traditional brick and mortar stores, then here’s when you should go.

Best Time To Buy A Mattress At Brick And Mortar

March – May

According to Sleep Advisor, May is typically the best time to buy a new mattress.  Why?  Because starting around June, the mattress industry usually rolls out the new products.  Many will offer sales and discounts of up to 60 percent off as they make room for next year’s inventory.

In particular, if you can wait to go shopping over Memorial Day weekend, this is when they will usually be at their lowest points.  You’ll get the benefit of the stores trying to move their inventory combined with the usual retail holiday markdowns.

If you happen to be shopping a little sooner than May for a mattress, then the early spring months can still be as lucrative.  Scott Paladini, CEO and founder of the online mattress company Bear Mattress, says you should be able to score some good deals in March and April too.

Holiday Weekends

If there’s one thing you can expect to find at a brick and mortar store, it’s a sale over just about any holiday weekend.  And mattresses are no exclusion!  

Outside of Memorial Day, you’ll find deals during such times as Presidents Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Black Friday.  For example, in one Black Friday sale, Macy’s advertised queen mattresses for as low as $139.

Shopping Online For A Mattress – A Brick And Mortar Alternative

It’s no mystery that one of the major drawbacks to buying a mattress from a traditional brick and mortar store is that their prices are marked up significantly.  That’s why in recent years, more and more people are turning to online retailers to purchase their next mattress.  On average, shoppers can generally expect to pay about 15 percent less when they purchase online versus buying from brick and mortar retailers.  

But won’t the prices for shipping be outrageous?  Not exactly.  Since most of these retailers specialize in memory foam or latex mattresses, they will usually be rolled up and shipped in a nice compact box.  To compete with the physical retailers, shipping is usually free and as a bonus they offer a free trial period so you can make sure you love your new mattress.

As you might guess, Cyber Monday is a great time to find deals with online retailers.  But another good, often overlooked hot-spot is Amazon Prime Day.  As part of its “birthday” in mid-July, the retail giant throws major sales on just about everything in their catalog – including mattresses. 

Beautiful Mattress

Other Ways To Save Money When Buying A Mattress

Here are a few more good ways to save some money when you’re looking to buy a mattress:

  • Don’t buy the first one.  Just because you lie down on a mattress doesn’t mean you’re committed to it.  Ignore what the salesman is trying to tell you and feel free to shop around.  You might find one at another store that feels even more comfortable than the first.
  • Budget yourself.  Set a pricepoint that you absolutely cannot exceed.  This will help you from overspending or making an impulse purchase.
  • Ask about floor models.  As long as you don’t mind getting the floor model, it could save you as much as 50 percent off the retail price.
  • Look for overstock sales.  Retailers need to make room for those new models, and so they’re going to mark down their inventory resulting in some serious deals for you.
  • Store closings.  Whenever a store is about to close for good, they need to liquidate their inventory, and that means you should be able to find some steep discounts.
  • Consider buying used.  Finally, if you know someone who is buying a new mattress and there’s really nothing wrong with their old one, then they will probably be willing to let you take it off their hands for a steal.  Just don’t assume all used mattresses are a bargain.  Think bed bugs.

Final Thoughts: Best Time To Buy A Mattress

If you’re looking to invest in a new mattress, now you know the best time. Buying a mattress isn’t cheap, but you also don’t have to break the bank if you find the right time and place.

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