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How Much Does DoorDash Pay? – The Real Answer

The search for ease is inherently a human thing. This is the reason we go out of our way to look for comfort. This, and the quest to make some money, can explain the rationale behind DoorDash. DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service in the United States. Although it started in the United States, it has spread to other countries and has become widely popular.

DoorDash impacts three categories of people. The first is the customers. They order food from restaurants around them and have the food delivered by DoorDash. These include executives whose jobs restrict how much time they have. Then, of course, there are other people who, for one reason or the other, are unable to cook.

The second category includes restaurants. In this category are those without a lot of sitting space or those that have a large distance separating them from a lot of their customers or potential customers. 

The drivers, called dashers, are the ones who actually do the delivery. They stand as a go-between between the customers and the restaurants. In their s category, you could find students struggling to pay off student loans or individuals looking to augment their salaries with their driver earnings. Dashers get paid by the hour. Thus, the answer to the question of how much they make exactly can be deduced from that. Furthermore, they can also make some more money from any customer tip they receive. 

Wondering exactly how much does DoorDash pay? This article seeks to address that question and any others a DoorDash dasher or potential dasher may have. The information here will reveal all you need to know about how to start, how to make money, and general tips regarding what a service fee is, etc. The bottom line is that you will be a much-enlightened dasher when you get to the end of this article. So, let’s dig in!

DoorDash App Store

DoorDash Getting Started

At this point in this article, we will be examining how both dashers and users can use the platform. 

In the first group are the users who want to get restaurant meals using DoorDash. They first have to register on the website, set up an account, and then begin making orders. Each user can either search for a specific restaurant on the site or just order food from the ones affiliated with DoorDash already. Some of the factors that could affect a user’s preference for a restaurant include the customer rating of previous users, general customer service, the attitude of employees, and the cost of the restaurant (weighed against the earnings and earning goals of the user.)

Creating A Dasher Account
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As a dasher, you will also have to register on the website. After you create the account, you will need to undergo a verification process. After this, you will then have to input details about the car you intend to use to carry out the orders and jobs that come in. Then you will fill in the details about your insurance and your social security number.

You will be required to provide your home address, so an activation kit will be sent to you. The activation kit contains a hot bag, a company credit card, a red card, and a manual. At this point, you are eligible to start receiving and completing orders. Do note that there are limits to the orders you can take if you haven’t activated the red card.

Furthermore, bear in mind that you have to download the app, preferably from the company’s website, to get started with the registration process. As you must have observed, the set-up process is straightforward and without any hassles. The company makes it easy both for DoorDash drivers and users to get on the platform.

You can do the calculation yourself to know the delivery fee and how much of it will come to you. As a DoorDash driver, you get a percentage of all the jobs you carry out. This pay model is beneficial to DoorDash drivers because they can regulate what orders they take and how much money they make. Thus, as a dasher, do take advantage of every opportunity that comes up to make deliveries.

How Much Does DoorDash Pay?

A dasher is technically not an employee of the company. They act more in a contractor role than as an employee. Even though there is some sort of salary, the driver earnings are not fixed. The DoorDash pay any dasher receives depends on certain factors such as the distance covered by the dasher during delivery or a set of deliveries, the delivery fee charged on the transactions, and how generous the people are with giving the dasher a customer tip. This means that there is no need to discuss salary information in the strict sense of the word. That said, the average DoorDash driver gets as much as $10 to $25 per hour. This amount that DoorDash pays can increase, for instance, during promotions, etc. It is thus important for the DoorDash driver to recognize these periods and get more jobs then.


How are DoorDash Drivers Paid? 

Apart from looking at how much DoorDash drivers make, it might be important to look at how the sums are calculated. Understandably, there is no fixed amount of money that a driver makes within a stipulated period. Thus, it is important to look at all the individual sums that then make up the pay a driver takes home.

DoorDash Drivers Pay

Base Pay

As you must be able to tell, base pay is the minimum amount a driver gets for completing one job. Typically, it is somewhere between $2 to $10. However, the driver earnings here can also be affected. Thus, considerations such as the distance and the desirability of any order might factor in.


DoorDash drivers also make money through the promotions offered by DoorDash. A typical user will be able to make some extra money during the Peak Window. Peak Pay window refers to the specific period when orders are at the highest. Getting a lot of jobs this period translates to a higher income for the driver. You may also be glad to know that the company runs competitions and “challenges”. The idea here is to discover the earning goals of a dasher in any given week and to try as much as possible to help them achieve that. In this way, the company impacts how much the dasher gets within a specific period.


Tips constitute a huge part of the DoorDash pay of any driver. DoorDash drivers can receive tips of any amount from the users and customers. This forms a part of their gross earnings and will be part of the information revealed in a breakdown of the dasher’s earnings for any given period. More so, the base pay a driver receives will not be impacted by how much they made from tips. Basically, the tips the customer receives are between them and the customer. (This is also why the gross earnings of the dasher are not affected in any way). Customers can tip at two points during the delivery process. The first is when they are checking out after making their orders. The next is soon after the dasher delivers the food.

Tips to Earn More on DoorDash

The truth is that all DoorDash drivers do not earn the same pay. As explained earlier, the amount a driver makes per hour can be affected by several factors. Some of them, such as whether the driver gets tips, will depend on the customers.

DoorDash Delivery Driver

However, users could implement steps to make sure that they make some more money than the average DoorDash pay they receive. These include:

Complete as Many Orders as Possible

DoorDash pays a great deal of attention to the orders the drivers complete. This is because the delivery fee paid by each customer who orders food from a restaurant contributes to how much earnings the driver makes at the end of the day. Furthermore, is the number of completed orders a crucial factor that informs how your rating will go during appraisals. Thus, make sure that you complete as many deliveries as you can. Being quick and efficient is part of the job. 

Choose the Best Times

Dashers are strictly not employees of the company. Hence, they get to pick the times that are most convenient to do any delivery job. The average DoorDash delivery could take anything from an hour to two. However, there are peak periods when most orders come in, and the driver makes a lot of money. It is left for each driver to determine when this period is and be available during those periods.

Have Your Phone Always Available

The job of a dasher depends a lot on how accessible they are. People get to make orders online and have the deliveries made to them. The employees (i.e., the dashers) also become aware of any orders when notified on their mobile devices. This means that for one to be successful at the job and take advantage of promotions, offers, and any customer tip, it is important that they be very adept at using their mobile devices. Furthermore, having a phone at all times can also be useful for security purposes. People make orders from everywhere. Thus, the average DoorDash driver could find that they have to make deliveries at potentially unsafe parts of the city. Having a phone on you in such cases might be a way to stay safe if any security threat were to surface.

Be Efficient

One of the benefits dashers enjoy is that they get to meet customers without fulfilling the orders themselves. Thus, they could earn customer tips simply for showing up and delivering the food ordered. However, a lot depends on how efficient the driver is. The delivery drivers who make the most money are conscientious, hardworking, and consider the little things while doing their jobs. For instance, you could earn customer tips for something as simple as getting all of the information the customer requires correctly. People appreciate thoughtfulness, so making sure that there is an extra straw in the user’s order, for instance, could endear you to the customer.

Conclusion: Making Money With DoorDash

In this article, we looked at some of the ways of becoming a DoorDash “employee”. We also answered the question of how much DoorDash pays, assuring you that whatever your earning goals are, working with DoorDash will help you along with that.

DoorDash Delivery App

In summary, all of the salary information you will need to begin working for the company is available here. Some of the benefits you get with DoorDash are that you will not have to worry about enormous business expenses. Also, you will be able to come under the self-employment umbrella to access any self-employment tax benefit available.


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