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Weekend Side Jobs – Top 7 Choices To Start Earning

Most people dedicate their weekend hours to resting. That is wonderful. After working long hours the entire week, it only makes sense to take some time off to relax on the weekend. However, in the face of the ever-mounting bills the average person has to deal with, it makes sense also to consider making money during the weekends.

This review looks at the best weekend jobs you can attempt. Many exist, including the regular ones such as freelance writing or becoming a Search Engine Optimization expert. As a Search Engine evaluator, you could comfortably choose to work only on the weekends.

So, what are the best weekend side jobs? That’s what we’re here to discuss! Let’s dive right in so you can find the right choice for your weekend work needs.

What to Know when Choosing a Weekend Job

Before we dive right in, here are a few things to know when choosing the best weekend jobs. Firstly, you’d be mortgaging your time in a bid to make some extra income. The weekend is usually the only free time a lot of people have. Thus, even taking up a part-time job eats into that.

This has some side effects for you. Firstly, your relationships could suffer as you search for the best weekend side jobs. In addition, if you spend your weekends working, you may have no time to spend with family and friends. Similarly, your health could take a hit. Finally, investing your weekends into a side hustle could leave little room for relaxation. Hence, you could end up breaking down.

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Finally, it is possible to make some extra money from the weekend jobs. However, what you make may not be so much. This is especially when you consider that you’ll have virtually no time to yourself. In essence, if you do not have a pressing need to earn money from a weekend side hustle, you may want to forego it. Not everyone will be able to hold down or make money from their weekend jobs.

Best Weekend Side Jobs

Side hustles and side jobs have become popular, bringing with that trend many options for weekend work. Below are the best weekend jobs to explore to start earning some extra income during your free time.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the easiest weekend jobs you can take up to make extra money. You can do it in your free time, with no overhead cost at all.

Weekend Side Jobs - Freelance writing

Freelance writers make money by providing written content. This could be in various forms, blog posts, articles, short stories. The multiple opportunities available means that to find freelance writing jobs will not be an uphill task.

There are various ways to get freelance writing gigs. You could sign up for a freelance writing site. Some of the popular ones include Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork. You could also decide to run a blog yourself and make extra money. Ideally, you begin to make money when your blog becomes popular. You could then sell ad spaces on your site. You could also be an affiliate marketer. Your post may contain affiliate links, leading readers to specific sites where you get paid for each clicked link.

Bear in mind that while freelance writing is one of the best weekend jobs to take up, a lot depends on your expertise. You stand to make more money online as a writer if people consider you an expert. Thus, always work on improving your skills. However, in all, freelance writing is an excellent side hustle you can take up to occupy your weekends.

Local Tour Guide

A tour guide has the perfect weekend job. They earn a lot of money, sometimes a few hundred dollars, simply by showing tourists and visitors the exciting places in their cities. More so, they do not need to have some formal training. In most cases, you will do well as long as you are pretty familiar with your city. You could become so good at being a tour guide that it could become the source of your full-time income. This is because many freelance tour guides make more than the median pay in many states in the United States.

You can work with a tour company or decide to go solo. The latter option ensures that all the extra cash you make from this weekend work goes straight into your pockets. You also will not have to worry about customers. Social media gives you access to dozens of prospective clients all over the world.

Delivery Driver

Ride-hailing services are exceedingly popular these days. This explains why companies like Uber or Lyft are raking in money. Driving for the companies is one of the part-time jobs most folks engage in to make extra cash. If you are interested in using your vehicle to make some money but would instead not carry passengers, you can choose to be a delivery driver.

Most people get to deliver food. However, you can be a delivery person for all manner of products. Moreover, a lot of online business owners rely on delivery companies to get their products to clients. Hence, you will hardly run out of options to make money.

Becoming a delivery person is a good weekend job option to take up for several reasons. Firstly, it affords you extra spending money without demanding so much from you. Your hours can be pretty flexible. You can work whenever you want to. Also, it is one of the local jobs that pay well. You will not have to go outside of your primary location to make your dreams of bringing in extra cash a reality. When you sign up for delivery services or delivery apps like Doordash, you can rest assured of a constant stream of income.

Virtual Assistant

The current landscape has forced a lot of companies online. Hence, most business owners, executives, and company heads all run their activities online. This, however, has opened up many part-time weekend jobs for virtual assistants. A virtual assistant carries out all the functions of a regular assistant. Thus, they would have to book appointments, manage schedules, and carry out tasks assigned by their bosses, including managing their personal finance. The only difference is that a virtual assistant’s job is primarily online. This is also what makes it the ideal weekend side job.

You could work with a virtual assistant company. They will pair you with individuals who require your services. Ideally, the company will take a cut of your pay. However, this should not be a deal-breaker as most companies pay virtual assistants above the minimum wage. In addition, you will need to have specific qualifications, including excellent customer service skills. If you have excellent organizational skills, becoming a virtual assistant is one of the side gigs you may consider taking up.

House Sitting

In simple terms, house sitters are paid for living in a house. If you are working as a house sitter, you will live in a person’s house while they are away. You may have to water the person’s plants, take in their mail, and generally care for their apartments.

This is one of the best weekend side jobs because it gives you a lot of flexibility. You can hold down a day job while also working as a house sitter. Even while house sitting, you could also carry out personal tasks, even to the point of getting your own side hustle started.

Some of the sites you can sign up on to become a house sitter include MindMyHouse and You may have to undergo some background checks when you sign up on these sites. This is because most homeowners feel uncomfortable allowing random strangers into their homes. This also explains why approved house sitters are in high demand. However, if you can pass the tests, you will be good to go.

Weekend Side Jobs - House sitting

Graphic Designer

Another weekend job you can explore to earn money on the side is graphic designing. However, graphic designing is a little specialized. This means that many people take it up more as a full-time career.  Additionally, it would require you to get some training in graphic design. Hence, even though this is a weekend job that could have you making good money in no time, there are also the initial costs to consider.

Graphic artists meet the visual needs of clients. They produce different content, including creating web pages, logos, presentation sheets, advertisements, and reports for potential clients.

To be your boss and make money from graphic designing, you need to offer your services as a freelancer. Of course, some designers work with companies expected to produce content in a paid position capacity. However, most decide to go solo, locate clients of their own accord and make money on the side. As mentioned, this is one of the best side hustle ideas to explore for the weekends.

Pet Sitting

If you are a pet lover, you can find ways to monetize your skills. Platforms like, Wag, and Rover pair pet sitters with owners who want their services. Your exact job description depends on the pet you take care of. In most cases, dog walking is the job available for an average pet sitter. However, even if you do not want to walk dogs and prefer some other animal, say, a cat, that option is still available. There are no shortages of pet sitting jobs.

These sites allow you to choose hour work hours. Hence, you can pet sit on your own time. You can make some extra cash as a pet sitter. However, what you’ll make could be anything from a few dollars to several thousand. If you intend to take it on as a weekend job, you probably won’t be making a lot of money.

How To Pick the Best Weekend Side Job

As you can see, getting a weekend side job is not as difficult as many people make it appear. If you searched well enough, you could find weekend jobs listed on local Facebook groups you probably belong to or use a job search site like Jobscan or Snagajob. However, how do you select the best weekend jobs? We have three suggestions for you.

How To Decide on the Best Weekend Job - Consider Pay

Consider Pay

A weekend part-time job ought to help you make some extra cash. If not, you might as well continue with your regular job. Thus, consider how much you could be making from any chosen weekend job.


Good weekend jobs are very flexible. They allow you to create your own schedule and your own hours. Thus, consider how much wiggle room the weekend side job gives you. You should also consider your availability. If your main job requires you to work on the weekends,  holding down a weekend job might be impossible.

The Learning Curve

Further, consider how steep the job’s learning curve is. Generally, it is advisable to focus on weekend jobs that you have some experience in. However, if you don’t, consider how easily it takes to learn the intricacies of the weekend job. You could consider taking an online course. This could fill you in on what you need to be great at any job. There are weekend jobs that you would need a hands-on level of supervision. For instance, retail positions in thrift stores require that you learn how to run the business before setting out.

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