How To Improve Writing Skills – Perfect Your Grammar, Comprehension, And Editing

It is actually possible to become a better writer. Maybe you are a student and are dismayed by the quality of your writing.  Or maybe you are a staff writer for an outfit such as the New York Times and have been harangued by your editor concerning the state of your writing. Whatever be the case, you can actually improve your writing skills. You must, however, understand that you can’t stop at wishful thinking. Language is a tricky thing and even established writers sometimes struggle with their craft. Thus, if you want to become a better writer, you must understand that there is a great deal you have to do.

Firstly, to make sure your craft shines, you have to eliminate all of the bad writing practices you are used to. Then, you need to learn the skills other people employ to be good. There is no one way to become proficient in the writing business, but we’ve gathered up a combination of tips and strategies that can ultimately help lead you to your goal.

So, if you want to learn how to improve writing skills, hunker down and read through the suggestions in this guide.


Benefits You Obtain When You Improve Your Writing

Are there any reasons you should improve your writing skills? Certainly! Making money writing online has never been more popular and whether you’re looking to make writing a full-time job like a ghostwriter or an ebook publisher or you simply dabble into it once in a while, there are unique benefits you gain when you put in the hard work to make your writing great. Some of the main benefits of improving your writing are below.


One thing you can count on is that if you work hard at getting better with your writing, eventually, you’ll get there. If you keep at it long enough, you might even become an expert. You would gain repute and become the go-to person for any written content. This certainly should be exciting as the writing field is one ripe for the picking. You will be sought to deliver content in the form of blog posts or engage in business writing. For every blog post or business writing that you complete, you get rewarded handsomely for it. You may even go as far as becoming an author,  serving as a mentor to younger writers, or even taking writing on as your main job. However, the starting point is learning to write well.

Stronger Vocabulary

Another area where you remarkably improve when you pay attention to your writing is your vocabulary. Your word choice will be above that of an average speaker. Beyond helping you author a book, an improved vocabulary is useful in a plethora of situations. For instance, you will have no qualms holding your own when it comes to making interesting conversations. Your grip on the English language would also serve as a confidence booster whenever you walk into any room. Thus, besides writing well, you also improve your style of speaking.

Improve vocabulary

Good Writing Involves Good Thinking

The writing process involves a lot of thinking. In fact, writing well actually requires you to think well. The two work hand in gloves, so you will find that your best writing actually comes when you give a lot of thought to what you are doing. What this means then is that writing helps improve your cognitive abilities. Following this analogy, then, writing well means that you get to process things better, too. This may not seem like a big deal on the surface, but it actually is. In fact, if you’ve ever read a book where the author’s thoughts were all over the place, you would certainly come to appreciate the importance of improving your writing skill.

Good Writing is Reflected in the Quality of Your Work

Writers take a lot of pride in the content they put out. Ideally, nothing makes the job more rewarding for a writer than being told that their writing is amazing. Unfortunately, many writers want to skip the efforts required to produce amazing works to jump to gaining the accolades involved. That is not how it works. More so, you can even eliminate the dreaded writer’s block by working on your writing. It’d be easier to get into the flow of your writing once you are always taking a go at improving.

Trusted Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

Even if playing with language is your passion, you cannot become proficient overnight. Excellence comes with taking crucial steps to improve your writing skills. You may think you are doing quite fine. Maybe one reader or two have told you that there no need to learn how to write, so you do not feel the need to better your craft.

Ways to improve writing

Firstly, you must understand that writers and not readers are the best source of writing advice in many cases. Secondly, it is usually great to learn the necessary writing tips before you start writing. However, even if you currently write professionally or otherwise, your writing skills definitely can get better if you want to improve. Below is a list of tips and tricks validated by expert writers. If you carefully follow the suggestion in this list, you’ll become an excellent writer in no time.

Learn the Basics

We’ll go out a limb here and start our suggestions with the notion that you are a newbie to writing. In that case, learning the basics of writing is the first step to take. The best writers in the field did not start out excellent. They put in the hard work and started with the basics. You should do the same. When it is time to write, start with learning the parts of speech, adjectives, making coherent sentences, clauses, etc. You should follow this pattern whether you are doing creative writing or making social media posts. When you are conscientious with following the appropriate punctuation and grammar rules, you feel the spillover effect everywhere else. In time, you find yourself writing better than you imagined. You may want to take a writing course, although that is not strictly necessary. Also, editing sites like Grammarly offer basic writing tutorials for newbies that can be beneficial.


You simply cannot improve your skills if you do not read. Writing and reading are like two sides of the same coin. The best writers are usually those who spend more time with their books. It is unarguable that reading improves your writing skills remarkably. What and how should you read? The idea is to read wide. So, read books whose content you love, and also read books with unfamiliar content. However, you should also consider focusing on materials that deal with the writing skills you want to develop. Thus, if you are looking to work on the sentence structure of your writing, a book in that niche would be perfect. Generally, the idea is to make sure that you are consistently reading. 


Learn to Edit

A big part of writing is editing. Editing is basically the process of eliminating errors to make your writing stellar. In editing, you deal with filler words and everyday cliches that may not be immediately obvious. The ability to properly edit their writing is what usually distinguishes good writers from great writers. However, it takes someone who does a lot of writing to become adept at identifying and rectifying errors. Hence, whatever you do, keep writing. Also, you can employ the help of editing apps. Grammarly is one of the best when it comes to that. Grammarly does a lot, from flagging weak sentences to pointing out passive constructions and punctuation errors; this editing tool is the real deal. What is more, the more you use the app, the better your writing becomes. 


Just like reading, practice is indispensable when it comes to writing. Consistency is one of the strongest traits you need to entrench your writing style. Taking an online course or reading books is super, but if you do not implement what you learn, your efforts will be futile. Thus, get as much practice as you can. You may want to consider going into freelance writing. You will be churning out paid content and getting some practice in the long run. In fact, this is a veritable means to improve your copyediting skills. You could also consider being an author. Writing books can be exerting, but that is certainly the kind of practice you need to be excellent. 

Get a Good Grip on the English Language

Although the English language appears simple, it does take a lot of work to master it. However, especially if you want to make it as a renowned author, you need to be proficient in English. Thus, put in the work needed to be the best. Learn the different ways words can be used. Always keep a dictionary handy so that you can check up words and their meanings. The more expansive your vocabulary is, the better for you. Grammarly will also be helpful here. Following and implementing all the suggestions Grammarly gives will definitely help you brush up your writing skills. 

Get a Writing Partner

The chances are that there are people around you looking to improve their writing skills. It is impossible that there will be no one who wants to perfect their skills. Thus, look for, and connect with such a person. Being active in writing groups on social media is one of the ways of connecting with like-minded writers. If you read a great post on any website, you may want to reach out and make friends with any of such writers. If you are into fiction writing, you could bond with a writer over a short story. A writing buddy can be an indispensable guide, especially in the times when you get stomped. They can also help you edit your content, point out grammar errors, and generally share tips on improving.

Writing Partner

Conclusion: Improving Writing Skills

Improving your writing skills is not an endeavor that you’ll engage in once in a while. It is a continuous process, so you have to seek ways to improve every day. Be conscious of this fact whether you are writing a blog post or a short story. As highlighted above, as long as you keep up putting in the work necessary, your writing skills will definitely improve over time.

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