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How to Make Money On Pinterest

Pinterest is an ever more popular site for people to share ideas and create new content on the cute and creative side. The site is great for fun DIY ideas, and to find inspiration for some truly amazing creative projects. But something that most people don’t think about is that you can also make money from Pinterest as well.

So, how can you make money from Pinterest? Well, there are actually several ways to do so.


First, Create A Following To Make Money On Pinterest

Before we get into any of the ways to make money on Pinterest, the first thing you need to do is create a following for yourself on Pinterest. This is an essential first step because how much money earning potential you have is directly related to how many followers and overall views you have on Pinterest. Your goal should be to create your own personal ‘brand’ on Pinterest that represents quality for your followers. Most people find it easiest to create a brand around a specific type of Pinterest content, for example: DIY home projects or beauty tips.

Once you have built up a large following, then money making options will start to open up for you. It should also be noted that most money-making ventures on Pinterest require a Pinterest Business account, so you should set that up once you want to start making money on Pinterest. You can learn more about Pinterest business accounts on Pinterest’s website.

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Make Money On Pinterest: Brand Sponsorships

Once you have a following, you can start partnering with companies for sponsorship agreements to promote their brand and products to make some money on Pinterest. Typically, a company will want to partner with you if your Pinterest theme aligns with their own company theme. For example, if your Pinterest focuses on outdoor themes, you might be able to partner with REI or Patagonia to promote some of their items. The idea is that the same people following you on Pinterest are people who would be interested in the company’s products.

Brand sponsorships can take a few different forms. First, you can simply create pins for your own board. These pins most likely will say the brand name of your partner company but will be located on your board, not theirs. Typically, companies will want to take this route if their own board don’t have a large following, so they will get more views by creating a pin on your board. Another option is that you can create a shared board which will appear on both your Pinterest account and the company’s account. According to Pinterest, payment for creating and maintaining a shared board is usually a flat fee from partner companies. 

Make Money By Pinning Affiliate Content

Another type of company partnership is for you to post links to companies’ products for sale on external websites. With this format of pin, you will get a commission for every item that is bought using the link from your pin. Once again, you will have the most success here by focusing on products that align to the theme of your Pinterest board.

Create Content For Companies And Brands

A third option for partnering with companies and making money on Pinterest is to create pins for their board only. This work is typically anonymous, since you will hand over the content of your pin to the brand and they will post it on their boards. This can help you get money in one-off instances, but it will not help you to build up your own following to help generate future revenue from Pinterest. Usually, this is a path taken by people who have not yet created a large following on Pinterest but are still looking for ways to start working with companies and making money from Pinterest.

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Make Money On Pinterest: Link To Your Blog, Shop, Or Other Website

Another option for making money on Pinterest is to link out to other online money sources that you already have going. For example, you can have a pin that links to an item you are selling on Etsy or Amazon. You can also link a pin to a personal blog or website where you sell items or get ad revenue from views. Once again, you will typically have more success with this process if your Pinterest board theme aligns with the external sites to which you are linking because the people who are looking at your Pinterest board are more likely to also be interested in your external sites.

In order to promote external sites, you may even want to use Pinterest ads. While you do have to pay for these ads, they can be very effective if used well. For example, promoted ads will be shown prominently on the Pinterest page, giving you a much higher volume of views than most pins will get. This is also a good option for anyone just starting to use Pinterest and who doesn’t have as much of a following yet.

There are several types of ads you can use to promote your external content, depending on your goal. You can learn more about these ad types on Pinterest’s website.

Make Money Using Your Pinterest Board

How Much Money Can You Really Make On Pinterest?

So, there are several ways to make money on Pinterest, but how much money are you really going to make? Well, there is no clear answer on that. Some of the top Pinterest influencers reportedly make up to $250,000 a year from their work. But while that sounds great, it is also rare. However, if you are interested in making some side money from your Pinterest board then you definitely can succeed if you are willing to put in the time and effort. The main thing to remember is that how much money you make is directly correlated to how much effort you put into it. Making money with Pinterest may sounds fun and easy, but it’s a real job for anyone who is serious about it.

Make Money On Pinterest

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