Mary Kay Review – A Comprehensive Review Of This MLM Company

Mary Kay is one of the largest multi-level marketing companies in the world, and it has been around for quite some time.  It has become a household name over the years and its Mary Kay pink Cadillacs have become icons in the health and beauty industry.  Overall, Mary Kay is a very well-trusted company and has avoided any major scandals during its long existence.

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Mary Kay Company Overview

History of Mary Kay

Mary Kay got its start in 1963 when a lady named Mary Kay Ash opened a 500 square-foot store in Dallas, Texas.  At the time, Ash had only 9 products, but she had big dreams.  The products were from a skincare line that she had used for years previously, but she felt they were not marketed very well.

Mary Kay Ash Owner of Mary Kay

Mary Kay Ash had spent 25 years in the direct selling industry before starting her own venture.  She had committed her life savings of $5,000 to starting her own company. However, a month before she was set to launch, her husband passed away.  Not knowing what to do, Mary Kay’s 20 year-old son quit his job to help launch the new company.

The company was quickly successful as women fell in love with the quality of the products.  Within a year, Mary Kay has 857 distributors, or independent beauty consultants, as they are known.  Within three years, the company had reached $1 million in sales.

In 1968, the iconic pink Cadillac was born when Mary Kay convinced a local dealership to paint the car to match her lip and eye color palette.  The company continued to grow and expanded into a worldwide brand. Today, the company boasts over $3 billion in sales and has over 3 million independent beauty consultants.  It is considered the sixth-largest direct selling company in the world.

Company Investigations

A direct selling company as large as Mary Kay has surely seen its share of pyramid scheme accusations.  Mary Kay has been the target of multiple lawsuits regarding its employment practices and business structure.  The company has generally been successful in defending these lawsuits.  

One such lawsuit alleged that the plaintiff was improperly terminated from her position as director when she failed to make her sales targets.  Mary Kay ended up winning the lawsuit on appeal because the court found that workplace rights did not extend to independent contractors.

A more recent class action lawsuit from 2015 alleges that the company misclassifies employees as independent contractors and forces them to buy products to remain employed.  The allegations go on to say that Mary Kay forced some contractors to purchase and wear uniforms, and that the company mandated certain marketing practices.  As of early 2020, this lawsuit is still ongoing.

Mary Kay has also been the plaintiff in some lawsuits, mostly to protect its name and business practices.  The company has gone after a handful of companies and internet websites that sell its products at heavily discounted rates by buying them from discontinued consultants.  Mary Kay has been successful in most of these actions.

Current Company Structure

Today Mary Kay has approximately 3.5 million beauty consultants all across the globe and a full time workforce of roughly 5,000 employees.  They have manufacturing facilities in Texas and China. Their annual sales are in the range of $3 billion.

While Mary Kay was a publicly traded company for a number of years, they returned to being a privately held company in 1985.  Mary Kay Ash’s son Richard Rogers still serves as Chairman of the company, while the CEO is David Holl. Holl has served as CEO since 2006.

Mary Kay Products

Since the beginning, Mary Kay has focused on skincare and beauty products, and that is still where their focus is today.  The bulk of their products fall within their skincare line. They offer many different products in that line including moisturizers, night creams, serums, and many others.

Mary Kay Skin Care

Outside of skincare, makeup is the next most popular Mary Kay product.  They offer an array of lipsticks, eyeliners, eye shadows, and other types of makeup.  Lastly, they also have collections of fragrances and men’s products.

Mary Kay Make-Up
Mary Kay Fragrance

Mary Kay Company Marketing Practices

Mary Kay has taken some heat in recent years for their lack of transparency in marketing to potential new consultants.  As a privately held company, they are not required to release certain financial information, and many people believe they are intentionally withholding information to convince people to sign up.  The accusations are that the company grossly over promises the amount of income that a consultant can expect.

As for marketing their actual Mary Kay products, the company has suggested marketing practices that they encourage their consultants to use.  The main one of these is hosting parties where the consultant can demonstrate the products by doing makeup, facials, or other treatments for the party guests.  Once the guest sees the quality and results of the products, they will be very likely to buy. This approach generally works well, though some consumers say they feel compelled to buy from friends or family when they attend a party.

Making Money With Mary Kay

While the health and beauty industry is a huge market, is the market for Mary Kay already saturated since there are 3.5 million consultants out there?  Is it really possible to make a good income selling their products? The answer is much of the same song in the MLM space. There are a handful of consultants who are making very good money, but most make little to no income from the company.

Mary Kay does not release earnings information for its U.S. consultants, so it is difficult to get exact numbers on earnings.  However, you can see the general trends from the numbers they publish for their Canadian sales force.  In 2018, only about 5% of their 29,500 consultants earned commissions in excess of $100.  Those are pretty dismal income numbers, considering that does not take into account any expenses incurred in operating their business.

How to Enroll

Enrollment as an independent beauty consultant is straightforward.  Simply connect with an existing consultant to get started. You are required to sign their consultant agreement and purchase a start kit which costs $100.  There are no annual renewal fees after your initial enrollment, but certain minimum purchases are required to remain commission eligible.

Mary Kay Boss Enrollment

Mary Kay Compensation Plan

Compensation on your personal sales of products is very basic.  You buy the products at wholesale prices, which are 50% off the retail price. You then keep the difference between your purchase price and selling price.  If you sell for full retail, then you essentially earn a 50% commission on each product.

As you recruit new consultants, you can move into higher tiers such as Sales Director or evening National Sales Director.  At these tiers, you earn commission and bonuses based on the sales of your team as well. If your team’s sales are high enough, you can qualify for the pink Cadillac award or similar monthly cash incentive.  Once you reach these levels, you must maintain those sales each month in order to continue receiving the awards.

Sales and Marketing Techniques

One of the biggest techniques used by Mary Kay consultants is hosting beauty parties and similar events.  They get people to come to the party and use the products so that they will want to buy afterwards. Founder Mary Kay Ash made it clear that she did not like pushy salespeople, and she encouraged consultants to apply the Golden Rule to all their customer interactions.  The company still gives this advice today.

Mary Kay Compared to Other MLM’s

In terms of brand and name recognition, Mary Kay is definitely a leader in the industry.  It is a household name, and people are generally very fond of their products. Many of their customers are very loyal and have used their products for years.

However, in terms of income potential, Mary Kay is low on the list.  The market is flooded with consultants, and very few of them make any income at all.  Even considering this fact, the longevity of the company speaks to the quality of their products and their brand loyalty.

Mary Kay MLM FAQ

How do you get a Mary Kay Car?

Traditionally, to earn the use of a Mary Kay Career Car, a consultant needs to build their own independent sales team. Once they become an Independent Sales Director, they are eligible to earn the use of a Career Car when their team meets production goals.

The specifics can vary, but traditionally, the team needs to achieve a minimum of $18,000 wholesale purchase volume within a specified time period (usually a quarter). To put this into perspective, Mary Kay consultants purchase products from Mary Kay at a wholesale price and then sell them at the suggested retail price, which is typically double the wholesale cost. So, that $18,000 in wholesale purchases would be around $36,000 in retail sales.

There are different levels to the car program as well. Higher sales volumes can qualify for more expensive cars. For example, higher level directors could qualify for a pink Cadillac, which would require significantly higher sales.

This is a simplified explanation, and there are many more rules and stipulations to consider. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, reach out to Mary Kay directly.

Can you sell Mary Kay products without having parties?

While hosting parties is a traditional way for Mary Kay consultants to sell products, it’s not the only way to be successful. Here are several strategies you can use to sell Mary Kay products without having to throw parties:

  1. Online Sales: Utilize your personal Mary Kay website to sell products directly to customers. Share the link with your personal network, and use social media to broaden your reach. Make sure your website is professional, attractive, and easy to navigate.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or even LinkedIn to showcase products and share your Mary Kay story. You can create engaging content like tutorials, product spotlights, or testimonials to capture attention.
  3. Personal Networking: Talk about your business to everyone you meet. Share samples and business cards. Even if someone isn’t interested in buying right away, they might think of you in the future or pass your information along to someone else.
  4. Email Marketing: Collect emails from interested people (always with their permission), and send them regular newsletters or promotional emails. Make sure to provide value in your emails, not just sales pitches.
  5. One-on-One Consultations: Offer individual skincare and makeup consultations. These can be more intimate and personalized than larger parties, and you can do them in-person or virtually.
  6. Community Events: Set up a booth at local events or markets, if allowed. You can sell products, offer samples, and gain exposure for your business.
  7. Corporate Sales: Approach businesses about offering Mary Kay products as part of their corporate gifts or rewards.
  8. Fundraisers: Team up with local organizations or charities for a fundraiser. They promote your products to their network, and a portion of the proceeds goes towards their cause.

Remember, each of these methods requires dedication, perseverance, and excellent customer service skills. It’s also important to adhere to Mary Kay’s policies and guidelines when selling their products.

How do you become a Mary Kay distributor?

Becoming a Mary Kay distributor, also known as an Independent Beauty Consultant, involves several steps.

  1. Contact a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant or Sales Director: If you don’t already know a Mary Kay consultant, you can find one near you through the Mary Kay website. They can answer any questions you might have and guide you through the process of becoming a consultant.
  2. Sign an Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement: This document outlines the terms of your business relationship with Mary Kay.
  3. Purchase a Starter Kit: The Mary Kay Starter Kit provides you with literature, samples, and other materials to help you start selling products. As of 2021, the cost of the Starter Kit in the U.S. was $100, but prices might vary depending on your location.
  4. Attend Training: Mary Kay offers both online and in-person training sessions to help you learn more about the products and effective sales techniques. While not mandatory, these trainings can be extremely useful.
  5. Begin Selling: Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’re officially a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant! You can begin selling products to customers. As a consultant, you purchase products at a wholesale price and sell them at a suggested retail price, earning the difference as profit.
  6. Build a Team: If you’re interested in growing your business further, you can recruit others to become Independent Beauty Consultants under your guidance. This makes you an Independent Sales Director, which can lead to additional bonuses and benefits, such as the opportunity to earn the use of a Mary Kay Career Car.

Remember, as an Independent Beauty Consultant, you are essentially running your own small business. It takes time, dedication, and hard work to be successful.

Can you send back unsold Mary Kay products?

Mary Kay Inc. offers a 90% buyback policy for one year on products you purchased for resale but were unable to sell. This means that if you decide to terminate your Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement, Mary Kay will repurchase at 90% of your original net cost any original and unused products, provided these were purchased within one year prior to return.

The product should be in resalable condition, meaning it is unopened, unused, and the packaging is not damaged. Any seasonal, discontinued, or promotional products may not be eligible for repurchase.

Shipping costs for the return are paid by the consultant. In addition, any bonuses or commissions you earned on the products being returned may be deducted from the repurchase amount.

These policies can change, so please check the current terms and conditions with Mary Kay Inc. or a currently active Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant for the most accurate information.

Conclusions For Mary Kay

Mary Kay is a well-respected company that has been around for almost 60 years.  Their products are very well-liked by consumers, and their sales have held relatively steady for the past several years.  As a consumer, Mary Kay is a great company with great products. However, as someone looking to make a good income, this is probably not the best business opportunity.

Overall Rating: 3.84 out of 5

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