GigSalad Review – Can You Earn On This Platform?

GigSalad is the online marketplace for booking entertainers and vendors for events. It’s perfect for people looking to find everything from musicians and clowns to live animals and magicians.

GigSalad Marketplace

If you’re an artist who is looking for a way to land gigs at private venues, creating a free profile on GigSalad might be the way to go.

But what does this website have that other websites don’t? Let’s take a look in this GigSalad review.

What is GigSalad?

GigSalad is an innovative platform that provides event planners with access to a multiplicity of experienced performers.

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Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, wedding celebration, or birthday party, GigSalad allows users to conveniently view and hire local artists in their area.

There are countless talented options to choose from such as musicians and dancers. Each performer has a profile displaying their credentials, quotes, and reviews from past gigs which serves as a helpful guide for customers when making the decision to book an artist.

With GigSalad now operating out of the USA and Canada, the possibilities for booking amazing entertainment have never been bigger or easier!

GigSalad was founded in 2007 by two people who wanted to provide an online search directory.

Over the years, GigSalad has grown into a comprehensive platform that enables artists to market themselves with reviews, profiles, and showreels and offer access to 1-to-1 support (aka a “customer happiness team”).

On the site, event entertainers (or ‘vendors’) are made visible to event organizers so they can easily compare quotes and book talent while also settling dates and paying via the marketplace.

GigSalad even boasts of featuring top performers on their website! With its convenience and expansive database, GigSalad is quickly becoming one of the leading places for people to find what they need when it comes to event entertainment.

How Does GigSalad Work?

If you’re an artist considering the benefits of a GigSalad membership, you might be wondering how, exactly, this innovative platform works.

GigSalad is a comprehensive booking platform that caters to the needs of both performers and event organizers.

The platform works with the goal of creating secure transactions between the customer and the entertainer.

On top of that, it serves as an all-in-one marketplace for event organizers who are looking for entertainers and vice versa. Not only does this give performers a much wider visibility, but it also saves them a lot of time by not having to look at different platforms and agencies.

gigsalad review how it works

Connecting with GigSalad is incredibly convenient and straightforward. You can find GigSalad’s free mobile app in the app store, as well as at

Anyone seeking a performer for their event can easily browse through nearby local talent to get a fast free quote without needing to set up multiple profiles – and the same goes for performers wanting to land jobs, too.

That being said, the current mobile version only allows users to request quotes; performers are unable to access leads. They also cannot update profiles on the app. Hopefully this feature will be added soon, giving performers even more flexibility in how they engage with potential gigs!

GigSalad Requirements

Working on GigSalad as a performer is an exciting opportunity to connect with potential clients and hone your skill set in your chosen field. To qualify, you must be at least 18 years old, and have a professional service that you would like to offer through the platform.

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Once accepted, GigSalad will help manage bookings and payments for the services that you provide. You’ll also have access to marketing tools that can attract even more customers, giving you greater exposure for your work. It’s the perfect way to start making some extra money doing what you love!

As you work events, from corporate events to private parties, you can ask past clients to publish reviews of your work.

A detailed review can work wonders when it comes to boosting your profile and taking you from a performer who gets an infrequent gig here and there to one who gets regular work.

How Much Can You Make With GigSalad?

GigSalad provides a fabulous opportunity for digital entrepreneurs to take their business up a notch. On average, members make an annual income of between $359 and $479 plus a commission of 2.5-8% on each booking they make.

GigSalad Website

Paid members on GigSalad receive an average of 19-27 leads monthly, which they can use to book clients and turn them into paying customers. All that is needed is to follow up quickly and professionally with your leads by creating a great Gig Salad PromoKit that will help you stand out among the other endeavors trying to do the same thing.

Put in the effort, get creative with your advertising outlets, and make GigSalad work for you at a relatively cheap price.

GigSalad Costs

Gig Salad offers convenient payment processing and profiles to give artists the best chance of being seen by potential customers, however, these features come at a cost.

A 2.5% service fee is charged in order to process payments and paid membership is needed to feature higher on searches and get more bookings.

GigSalad offers two main options: there is a subscription model at a single-time, upfront fee or free memberships in which the artist pays per gig booked. Therefore, even if an artist signs up for a free membership, to be active on the site there will be a membership fee equating to the cost of each job booked.

To access the best opportunities GigSalad offers Pro Profiles for $115 per three months, giving performers reduced booking fees and better visibility through verified reviews and bookings. ​

The Pro Profile also comes with added features such as allowing you up to fifteen categories, accepting deposits up to $1000, adding video and audio samples, as well as up to 50 photos of your work.

If more visibility is needed then GigSalad’s Featured Profile is the perfect solution for just $132 in a three month period – this includes higher priority listings in search results along with a five star guarantee badge.

Whether you are new to GigSalad or a long-time user there are solutions to help make your profile stand out to potential clients!

How Does GigSalad Compare to Alternatives?

In a world where the internet is full of options to book gigs as a performer, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Do you go with GigSalad? Or do you try your luck with Gigmasters (aka The Bash)? Maybe Backstage or Starnow?

It all depends on what kind of jobs you’re looking for and how much competition you want to face. Let’s take a look at each option and compare them side-by-side.

Gigmasters (aka The Bash)

Gigmasters (formerly known as ‘The Bash’) has been around for quite some time now and is a great place for experienced performers looking for higher paying gigs.

Companies often hire through here since they usually require more professional acts than what shows up on GigSalad.

However, these gigs tend to be more competitive since there are usually 5-10 people bidding on each job without knowing who they are or what they charge. If you’re looking for more visibility on this platform, you can opt to pay extra for a “featured” profile which will bring more traffic directly to your page during peak hiring season.


If film & theatrical work is your thing then Backstage should definitely be in your repertoire! This site caters specifically towards performers who are interested in pursuing television/film projects or live theater performances such as musicals, plays, improv, etc.

There’s no shortage of casting calls posted every day so if this is something that interests you then give Backstage a chance!


Starnow focuses mainly on modeling and acting jobs – so if either of those two fields interest you, then Starnow may be exactly what you’re looking for!

They offer some unique services such as audition taping as well as castings so that even performers who don’t live near major cities can still apply for certain roles without having to travel too far away from home (which can be very expensive).

Their interface also makes it easy to search through different job postings by geography, skill level or budget making it easier than ever before to find exactly the right gig for you!

Who is GigSalad Best For?

GigSalad is an incredibly helpful tool to have in one’s pocket, regardless of what career stage they are in.

For emerging professionals looking for paid gigs and experience, GigSalad can offer them huge benefits, such as allowing for the building of a profile, verification of experience and skill set, and clarification on logistical needs – all without having to put too much effort into promoting the talent itself.

However, some types work better with GigSalad than others; musicians and other professionals like bartenders tend to get the most out of it, whereas public speakers and professional comedians receive fewer gig offers.

Nevertheless, one of the best parts about using GigSalad is that there is no burden on the user until they get a job. At that point, there are costs associated with taking jobs through GigSalad but until then the services can be fully utilized beforehand at no cost.

How Do You Get Started With GigSalad?

You know how important it is to get the word out about your services. GigSalad is one of the best ways to do just that, and this guide will show you how to make the most of what it has to offer.

gigsalad review how to join

Step 1: Create a PromoKit

The first step in getting booked on GigSalad is creating a PromoKit. This is essentially an online portfolio that allows potential customers to learn more about you and your services.

Your PromoKit should include a brief summary of who you are and what services you offer, as well as photos and videos of past gigs. It’s also a good idea to add pricing information so that customers can get an idea of how much they’ll be paying for your services.

Step 2: Get a Lead

Once your PromoKit is complete, it’s time to start getting leads. One way to do this is by responding directly to customer requests on GigSalad, which will allow them to learn more about your services before deciding whether or not they want to book you for their event.

You can also use keywords related to your services in order to increase visibility when customers search for specific types of events or vendors.

Step 3: Send a Quote

When customers request quotes from vendors (including yourself) on GigSalad, they expect quick responses with detailed information about what they can expect from hiring you for their event. Make sure your quotes are thorough yet concise, and include any additional fees or costs associated with booking your services so there are no surprises later down the line.

Step 4: Book the Gig

When all goes according to plan, customers will be ready and eager to book your services! Make sure all paperwork is filled out properly and promptly so the customer knows exactly what they’re getting into before signing anything binding.

Also, double-check that the event date and location are accurate—nothing ruins an otherwise successful gig faster than showing up at the wrong place at the wrong time!

Step 5: Request a Review

Once everything has gone smoothly and both parties have agreed that it was a successful gig, don’t forget to ask for reviews from happy customers!

Reviews are great not only for giving potential clients an idea of what kind of service they can expect from you but also for boosting visibility on GigSalad itself—after all, if someone sees that others have had positive experiences with hiring you in the past then chances are they’ll be more likely to hire you themselves!

gigsalad review how to start

GigSalad Feedback

When considering whether GigSalad is right for you, it’s a good idea to read reviews – both positive and negative reviews – for a complete picture. Here’s some of the feedback that stood out most to us.

Most users agree that GigSalad is an incredibly easy platform to use, and often provides personal direct enquires. This means you don’t have to compete against other performers or sellers as much, which can make the booking process faster and easier.

You can target certain areas of the country, so if you’re looking to perform or supply products locally, GigSalad offers an easy solution.

What’s more, people who book performances through GigSalad are often really nice and even welcoming – many performers state they’ve made great friendships with those who have booked through this platform!

You can contact the person making the inquiry before submitting your offer; this gives you the opportunity to find out more about the event requirements including budget and audience in advance.

All in all, there are many positive reviews of GigSalad that make it a reliable choice for those looking for professional performance opportunities or product referrals.

That said, there are some who find GigSalad to be of very poor quality. One negative review states that not only does GigSalad provide poor quality leads on gigs, but also wrote, “I urge you not to use this site. They are all take and no give. Awful. Just awful.”

Yet others state, “For me, they are the best source of income and they are worth all the money I put into the membership.”

Ultimately, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of GigSalad before deciding if it’s right for you (and before signing up for a paid membership – free members can get a good enough idea of how the platform works to decide if it’s worth a paid subscription later on).

Final Thoughts: GigSalad Review

While GigSalad isn’t necessarily perfect from the performer’s perspective—you may have to do some legwork in order to find good gigs—it can definitely help performers build their reputations and increase their income if used correctly.

With its easy-to-use interface and wide array of potential customers, GigSalad offers performers of all types an opportunity to find work quickly and easily while gaining valuable exposure along the way!

So go ahead; give it a try! Who knows—you just might find some great new gigs waiting right there on your computer screen!

FAQ: GigSalad

Is GigSalad Pro worth it?

With GigSalad Pro, you can enjoy extra promotion that reaches out to potential customers as well as improved customer service and additional business resources. It’s not just about increasing your profile; having access to quality support services can make all the difference when it comes to having successful gigs and delivering amazing experiences for customers.

Is GigSalad real?

Absolutely! For over 10 years, GigSalad-enlisted performers have provided professional entertainment services for countless special events ranging from weddings to birthdays.

Which is better GigSalad or Gigmasters?

If you’re planning a party or special event and need to find entertainment or if you’re a performer looking for work, both GigSalad and GigMasters are good options for finding the perfect act. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which service works best for your needs.

How do you get paid on GigSalad?

After booking a gig through GigSalad, getting paid is easy! On most gigs, the customer pays GigSalad upon booking and then you, as the provider, receive your payment 30 days after the event. This is done via direct deposit, PayPal, or check.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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