Steady App Review – Can It Help You Find The Right Job?

The first few months and, sometimes, years after graduating from college or other tertiary institutions can be a chaotic, challenging, and confusing period for many graduates and job seekers.

In these months, you’re trying to score a new job while finding avenues to make money to keep up with bills at the same time. Managing your resources in this period may not be entirely the easiest task, and without care, you might squander what you have.

The founders of the Steady app, Adam Roseman, Michael Loeb, Eric Aroesty, understood this challenge and built this app to ensure life doesn’t come at you fast as you search for jobs by linking you with income boosters to keep your finances Steady.

This Steady App review will tell you all you need to know about this app, including whether or not it’s worth the download!

About Steady App

Steady App is a job-centric platform that helps you find jobs, boost your income and meet your financial goals as you work towards getting full-time jobs.

Sometimes you may already be working a steady job but need some extra income to help you meet your other needs. You need an income booster with a pay rate that’s sufficient enough to increase your earnings significantly. Well, the Steady app is the perfect service provider for side hustles.

Steady app about

On the Steady App website, you’ll find its slogan reads “Building A Better Financial Future For The Global Workforce.” This is what the app is committed to doing by opening up people to the gig economy and providing legitimate jobs for job seekers to make some extra money.

The best thing about Steady App is that you can choose to go for a part-time job or a home job and work on your own schedule. Furthermore, users get financial advice to help you manage the extra money you earn wisely to help you crush your financial goals, improve your credit score, boost your monthly income, and so much more.

How to Use Steady App

If you’re still wondering, “how does Steady App work?” here’s a breakdown of how to use the app for both iOS and Android devices.

Once you visit the website, either on mobile or PC, you would promptly be asked to download the mobile app. You can find it on the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices. This, however, does not stop you from searching for jobs on the desktop version.

To sign up for Steady is not a tedious process; you only need to input a valid email address and some basic information to get started. Here you don’t need to include your credit card details.

Steady App How To Use

Once you sign up, you can decide to connect your bank accounts to the app to have an overview of your income with income-tracking tools so you know how much progress you have made.

Adding information about your bank account gives you instant bonuses. While this step is not entirely necessary, it helps Steady make an accurate estimate of how much extra income you need to make.

To begin searching gigs on Steady, you’ll have to answer a series of questions that help the app determine your best sources of income. Some of them include:

  • Are you looking to improve your credit score
  • Would you like to save money on car insurance?
  • Do you find it easy to save money towards reaching your financial goals?

After answering these, you’ll get a list of traditional jobs that can help you get money quickly.

Finding Jobs on Steady App

To find a side hustle on the Steady App, you need to scale through 9 quick questions which the app will ask you. It contains questions about your previous job experience, your skills, your competencies, the preferred job categories you would like to work in, among others.

Once this is over, Steady App will match you with on-demand jobs that you will be most suited for.

Searching for gigs through Categories

Steady has four main job categories. They include; Anytime work, Work from home, Part-time and Full-time work, and Recently added work.

You can choose any of these categories that best describe or suit your current needs. For instance, if a home job is your preferred choice, you should look through Work from home jobs. You can find a wide range of gigs from delivering office supplies to voice acting, personal assistance, helping with technical difficulties, and a host of others. 

Steady App Pricing

Steady has two versions, the free and premium versions. Read on to see the best fit for you in this Steady App review.

Steady for Free

On the Steady free version, you can use the app for many things, including searching for a fitting side hustle, posting content, sending newsletters, and creating new projects. As soon as you start making money from the app, you’ll be charged a 10% commission on jobs.

Steady Premium

On the Steady premium version, you get all the benefits of the free version, but with extra perks. On this version, you can compare different sources of income, maximize opportunity cost by seeing what employer pays most, and download the financial data you have curated since using the app.

The Steady premium version starts at $1.99 monthly.

Get Started With Steady For FREE Sign up with the Steady App for free now and find your first job! GET STARTED NOW

Steady App Main Uses

  • Find the right job for your lifestyle: With Steady App, you can discover jobs that agree with your schedule, so you only work at your convenience. You also have options like the Anytime work category that allows you to work only when you can afford to.
  • Boost your income quickly: With the bonus offers you receive on Steady for carrying out simple tasks, you can get a quick boost in your income to settle important needs.
  • Get income boosting tips: By staying connected to the Steady community, you can find real-time information on how to improve your resources. Ensure you make no error submitting your email to not miss out on the free email course for users.
Steady App Uses

Is Steady App legit?

Yes, Steady App is a legitimate company that offers great services for college students and fresh graduates. Its main goal is to create a side hustle platform to provide individuals like these with income sources before finding a regular job.

At first, the app may come across as a little promotional but job seekers will find it handy if they can stick around and explore the mobile app to find part-time jobs or traditional jobs in high demand through the side hustle search tool.


Many users have found that Steady is more than just an app to source multiple gigs or work from home jobs. It also offers some basic budgeting app features and a handy dashboard to clearly picture your income goals, monthly income, and financial health. See the Steady app pros highlighted below:

  • It helps find users a steady side hustle to help meet financial goals, save their money and increase income sources.
  • It offers Steady App sign-up bonuses to help you earn money even without much effort. Users get up to a $70 bonus for their first Postmates delivery.
  • You can track your financial health using the efficient income tracker feature. It helps you keep tabs on your side hustle and regular jobs so that you know what employers pay well, and which jobs are bringing you the most money.


Although the Steady app earning potential is high, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have downsides. Here are some below:

  • Steady claims to be a budgeting app but its budgeting features are quite limited.
  • Steady is not exactly for high-level jobs, so you would hardly find job listings with high-paying salaries. It’s mostly for side hustlers in need of a side hustle.
  • You must apply for each job individually. To apply for available jobs, you would have to visit each company’s website to begin a fresh application.
  • While steady offers a large array of side hustles and job opportunities, you would hardly find jobs you don’t already know about. It’s more focused on giving already-popular jobs like Airbnb, DoorDash, Wingz, etc., a platform to put up their job ads.

Steady App Alternatives

Steady appears to be almost a pioneer in the field of money-making apps. Its unique strategy of culminating the gig economy into one app for the benefit of its users is not one you would find in most apps.

There are quite a few job search site alternatives out there, such as FindDreamJobs, Jobscan, and Fiverr. Another option you may check out is FlexJobs. It is a top job search site where you can find full-time and part-time jobs. However, it offers no other great features different from Steady, like the income tracker.

Steady App FAQs

Many people have many questions about this app to help them decide whether they should proceed to use the app. Here are some of the most common ones answered for you.

Is it safe to link your bank account to Steady App?

To use the Steady App, you would need to link your bank accounts to the app. This would mean sharing your personal information with the app; this includes your bank information, search preferences, and possibly your employment history.

However, Steady App understands the need for privacy and security and ensures that your information is protected at all times. It uses a secure industry-standard encryption protocol known as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for this purpose.

What is the Steady App income boosters section?

You would find the Income Boosters section in the app, and in it, a list of products and services to help you maximize your income. The companies offering these services and products claim to help you:

  • Receive tax deductions
  • Cut back money on insurance
  • Earn more from ridesharing and lots more.

How much does Steady App cost?

Steady app is a completely free app so you don’t have to spend more money to keep up with your search for jobs. Once you sign up on the app, you can start to get steady work to make some extra cash. It’s a find work-earn money platform that earns money by referring applicants to companies.

Through the lead generation model, any company that signs up to use the service by advertising jobs on the platform pays a fee to Steady.

Get Started With Steady For FREE Sign up with the Steady App for free now and find your first job! GET STARTED NOW

Is Steady App safe to use?

While Steady App works hard to keep you safe, it is important to remember that you’re dealing with an internet-based app which means there’s always a level of risk attached. This becomes even more heightened if you use the app with any third-party site that can open you up to breaches.

Steady works to ensure all users’ data is safe and secure, but it is also up to you to ensure you maintain cybersecurity protocols as you use the app.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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