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Where To Sell Broken Electronics – Get The Best Deal

There is no reason to have broken devices lying around in your house. Even if you have some sentimental attachment to broken electronic gadgets, you will likely be better off without them.

First, you will be decluttering and obtaining all of the pleasures that come with it when you throw out unwanted devices. More so, you could even make money from selling off your used electronic devices.

Where To Sell Broken Electronics - Broken Phone

This review looks at a few places where you can sell broken electronics. Of course, yard sales may work. However, except you have a pile of electronic devices you want to sell off, that option will be inefficient.

The sites we recommend will help you sell your old cell phone and other gadgets. Some offer other services, such as a trade-in program. This is the process where the platform either buys your device or exchanges it for something else.

Read on to find our top spots to sell your used electronics.

Best Places To Sell Broken Electronics

Below is a rundown of some of the most efficient places to sell your broken electronics of any type.


Where To Sell Broken Electronics - SellCell

SellCell is probably the most popular site for selling old electronics. Many erroneously think that you can only buy and sell old phones on the platform. However, that is not true. You can sell a used cell phone as well as other electronic devices on the platform. The great thing is that SellCell has a trade-in program to buy the broken electronics from you.

SellCell also helps you compare prices and select the best offers for your old electronics. When you sign on to the platform, you will be prompted to select the category that your electronics fall under. You then select the items’ brand and make. Immediately, SellCell pulls up the prices for various buyers. You can then decide on the buyer you want, and the platform will link you up with them.

SellCell is an intuitive and dependable platform to sell your old phones or any other old tech product.

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Best Buy Trade-In Program

Where To Sell Broken Electronics - Best Buy Trade-In Program

Best Buy Trade-In Program gives you the room to sell many electronics, ranging from broken laptops, gaming consoles, and even apple devices like iPhones.

The platform also allows you to get an estimate of the old device you want to sell. Thus, if you want to sell laptops or cell phones, you will just input the model and make of the device. The platform gives you an estimate of what you could get for it. This saves you the hassle of figuring out if the platform is worth your time.

One of the downsides to using this platform is that you will probably be selling your old device for less than you would on other platforms. You get a Best Buy gift card inside of cash. You could also get store credit which you can use to purchase other items on the platform. Imagine getting a gift card for your Dell laptop? That will certainly not feel so good.

However, you can sell any damaged electronics, even game consoles, with the Best Buy Trade-In program. This is a huge plus for them.

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Where To Sell Broken Electronics - Close5

Close5 works just like Facebook Marketplace because it helps you to sell items to people close to you. The idea is that you sell to people within a 5-mile radius of where you are located.

Additionally, Close5 is not a platform where you can solely sell electronics. You can sell mobile devices like broken iPhones and other Apple products, other devices, and non-electronic goods like clothes, shoes, bags, and so on.

Most people love Close5 because it is easy to use. You have to set up an account, upload what you are selling, and include stellar descriptions. When a buyer hits you up, you then set up the arrangement to meet them to complete the transaction.

However, you will be the one to do the vetting of the customers. Also, you will need to be security-conscious while selling the device. Therefore, it is preferable to meet the buyer in a public place. As another precautionary measure, you could go with another person to where you want to complete the sale.

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Where To Sell Broken Electronics - GreenBuyBack

GreenBuyBack operates a website where you can sell your old phones and other electronics. The process is equally seamless, especially for those who are first-time users of the site.

Once you get on the site, you will have to identify the broken electronic device you wish to sell. You will then have to fill in the details of the broken stuff. Then, finally, you get a quote, which you can either choose to accept or decline.

If you are comfortable with the quote and click “Checkout,” you will then get directed to where you get paid. You will have to fill in the necessary details about your identity and your preferred payment method. The site can either make a Paypal transfer or send you a check in the mail.

However, the company only processes payment after they have received and confirmed the used electronics. This should not be a challenge because GreenBuyBack gives you a prepaid shipping label. This way, you do not have to worry at all about shipping fees.

GreenBuyBack gives you the room to sell all manner of old electronics. Hence, you can sell broken tablets, your used cell phone, and even game consoles.

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Where To Sell Broken Electronics - ecoATM

ecoATM operates shops across the United States where you can sell broken electronics. ecoATM is focused on environmental conservation. Hence when you sell your used electronics to them, you will do so with the knowledge that you are helping preserve the environment.

One of the biggest attractions of ecoATM is its convenience. You need to take your old electronics to a local store where they are stationed. You will get an instant quote on the used electronics and get paid. ecoATM could even make a direct deposit into your bank account. In a matter of minutes, you could start and complete a transaction.

Similarly, you do not need to set up an account on any site to sell. The selling process is straightforward. There will be no issues with selling fees or shipping costs.

Unfortunately, this platform does not offer the best prices. You could get more cash from other online platforms. Similarly, it does not operate a trade-in program. Thus, if you are looking to trade your old electronics for something different, you may be unable to do so.

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Facebook Marketplace

Where To Sell Broken Electronics - Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace competes with other websites like eBay, Amazon, and Craiglist. It is not a platform where you can solely sell your used electronics. Instead, buyers and sellers of different products use Facebook Marketplace to advertise their wares. However, if you want to sell your broken electronic gadget for extra cash, this platform can still serve you.

Facebook Marketplace is easy to use, especially if you have an existing Facebook account. Furthermore, you will not have to pay selling fees or shipping fees. The platform does not charge users to set up their accounts. Furthermore, it is easy to find customers on Facebook Marketplace. There is an established and thriving community on the platform. Selling off your broken devices will not be a challenge.

However, you may want to clear off any unnecessary personal information before you upload pictures of the product. More so, there is no guarantee of fast payment. It all comes down to your negotiations and delivery to the buyer.

Additionally, if you want to sell your item quickly, you will have to do a lot yourself. Hence, you will have to do a lot of the advertising and promoting of your goods on your own.

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Tips for Selling Broken Electronics

Below, we show you some tips to make it easier for you if you want to sell or recycle electronics. The tips you implement could make the selling process smoother or not. So let’s get into them.

Broken Electronics - Laptop

Take Presentation Seriously

The anecdote “first impressions matter” applies even when you want to sell electronics. How the electronics look will decide whether you get the best price for it or not.

There are two things to bear in mind here. The first is taking care of the device’s condition. As much as possible, make sure your old iPhone or other electronic gadget is in top shape. If possible, fix problems such as cracked screens or dented surfaces. You could think this is an unnecessary expense, but it will work to your advantage later on.

Similarly, you have to present the gadget appealingly. It is possible to spruce up an old phone and make the buyer offer you a fair price. This does not mean that you will pass off your old device as a new device or anything. Rather, you should clean up, package, and present it to look appealing.

Compare Prices

Before using any platform to sell your broken items, ensure you have carried out the necessary research. Compare the prices you get for that device on the various platforms we’ve discussed. It is possible to get more money somewhere else. Ostensibly, you should go with the platform where you get the most cash.

Apart from checking out what potential buyers offer on various platforms, also check out incidental costs. Here, pay attention to selling fees and shipping costs. Also, consider how quickly sellers get paid and whether you get the option of a trade-in or store credit. Only after you are satisfied with all of these should you consider using any platform to sell your used electronics.

Sell the Full Package

You will most definitely sell at a higher price if your gadget comes with all of its accessories. Thus, if your old iPhone comes with its charger and box, you could get higher than the average price.

However, when selling old tech devices, you may have little control over this. Accessories may be damaged or lost. Do the best with what you have.

Be Honest

Keeping things honest and straightforward is probably the best thing to do for yourself when selling broken gadgets. Do not manufacture numbers in a bid to get extra cash or the best trade-in value for your device. Instead, be open about the device’s state, warranty, and any other pertinent information. Lying will hurt your reputation, such that you could find it difficult to sell electronics online in the future.

Conclusion: Selling Broken Electronics

You are doing yourself no favors if you leave your broken device to hang around your home, cluttering up your space. We have listed the platforms you can sell such devices and make some extra money. Most are easy to use and could even provide a free shipping label to reduce shipping costs. Admittedly, some of the platforms will give you a gift card instead of cash. However, that is still better than nothing. So go through the list we have here and start the process of selling your device!

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