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Best Places To Sell Watches – 10 Picks for Top Prices

Are you looking to sell watches online?

Many online and in-person platforms are worth looking into if you want to sell your pre-owned watch and get the best offer. However, selling luxury watches can be difficult. Connecting with a reliable watch buyer and competing with the other watches online can make it a slow and tedious process, especially if you want your timepiece to be sold quickly.

Below are the 10 best places to sell watches that connect you with watch buyers and luxury watch experts who will give you the best offer. Of course, the best way to sell your luxury timepiece depends on the brand, how you prefer to sell a watch, and how much creative control you want over the entire process.

For instance, while some online platforms, like Chrono24, let you post your own listing, other platforms, like The Real Real, let you ship your used watches directly to them. Then, the luxury watch experts will post the advertisement of your watch for you. Once the watch buyer with the best offer comes along, the platform sells the timepiece, and you get paid.

If you prefer to sell your watch in person, an in-person watch store, such as New York-based Luriya, might be your best bet. Furthermore, choosing a luxury watch market that offers fully insured shipping and lets you get paid for your timepiece right away is essential. 

Best Places To Sell Watches

Many of the platforms below will let you sell your watch by connecting you with interested customers, choosing the best offer for your watch, and taking creative control over the selling process. Each watch marketplace below is known for its knowledge of the watch market, well-known brands, high-quality items, fair market value, and helping each customer sell their valuable watch at a fair price.

1. The RealReal

The Real Real Website

If you want to sell a luxury watch, The RealReal is the perfect selling platform. Once you video chat with a watch dealer or ship your watch to The RealReal, an expert will evaluate the watch’s authenticity and price it accordingly. Then, one of the interested watch buyers will purchase the item and take it off the market.

Selling watches can be hard if you don’t know what to price your item at or how to calculate the top value. However, The Real Real is a great platform to sell your watch if you want to let the experts do all of the work. You won’t have to spend time pricing your item, calculating the market value, or communicating with potential active buyers in the watch industry. 

Once an expert evaluates your item and prices it accordingly, they’ll post a listing for you. Once someone makes a purchase offer and RealReal accepts, you’ll be paid through direct deposit, site credit, or a mailed check.

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2. WP Diamonds 

WP Diamonds

With WP Diamonds, you can sell your luxury watch with no fees and get paid as quickly as 24 hours after someone purchases the item. This fast and secure watch selling process lets you get a price quote and get paid as soon as possible. Once you communicate with a watch expert and calculate the value for your watch, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ve gotten the best possible price.

If you want to sell your luxury watch quickly but don’t know how to price it correctly, WP Diamonds is an excellent watch shop for you. Their wide array of watch brands, watch buyers, and knowledge of market value make it a great company to choose from.

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3. Diamond Estate

Diamond Estate website

Diamond Estate guarantees top dollar and the highest possible offer for your luxury watch. However, to start the sales process on Diamond Estate, you’ll have to:

  • Fill out a brief questionnaire
  • Provide a watch dealer the watch brand & serial number
  • Receive a preliminary offer 
  • Receive a final offer
  • Accept the final cash offer
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4. The WatchBox

The Watchbox website

The WatchBox is known as one of the best places to sell your Rolex Submariner online at the highest price. The WatchBox lets you sell and trade your luxury watch to interested buyers. Their most in-demand brand names include:

  • Omega
  • Rolex
  • IWC
  • Patek Philippe
  • Hublot
  • Panerai 
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After an expert from The WatchBox evaluates your watch, you’ll receive payment immediately. You’ll also be able to ship your item out at no extra cost. So if you’re looking for the best deal for your watch, The WatchBox is the place to go.

5. Crown & Caliber

Crown & Caliber website

If you want to sell your used watch, Crown & Caliber is the best platform. At Crown & Caliber, you can send over the details about your watch and get a fair reserve price within 3-5 days. 

Once you get an offer, they’ll email you a pre-insured FedEx pre-paid shipping label that will allow you to ship the watch to them. Ensure you send the exact watch. Then, once their qualified watch experts inspect and authenticate the item and its serial and model number, you’ll be able to receive payment. The payment method is a mailed check or store credit. 

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6. Worthy Inc.

Worthy Inc. website

With many watch sales daily and buyers interested in a wide variety of watch brands, Worthy is one of the best online marketplaces to sell and buy watches. Worthy is an online retailer that connects interested buyers to diamond jewelry and watches from various brands. On Worthy, you go beyond local buyers and can attract bids from anyone since their audience resides all around the country.

If you like to take creative control over selling your watch online and communicating with potential buyers, Worthy is a great platform for you. 

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7. Luriya 

Luriya website

When you sell a watch with Luriya, a portion of the proceeds go to charity or a community in need. Luriya is based in New York City and will examine and authenticate your luxury watch right in front of you. With years of experience and instant cash payout, Luriya is one of the most trustworthy companies to sell your watch to. 

Like an auction house or online auction platform, their expert watch sellers value quality and will calculate the value of your watch accordingly.

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8. Sell Us Your Jewelry

Sell Us Your Jewelry website

If you want to get a free quote and the best reserve price for your vintage watch, the experts at Sell Us Your Jewelry will give you that in no time. 

To start selling with Sell Us Your Jewelry, you’ll have to fill out a quick online form and answer questions about your watch. Then, you’ll get a free preliminary quote. If you’re happy with the quote, you’ll be able to ship the watch over to them at no extra cost.

Once they receive your watch safely and verify that it’s just like you described, you’ll get paid right away via a mailed check or wire payment. 

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9. Bob’s Watches 

Bob’s Watches website

Bob’s Watches is one of the most popular online platforms for selling luxury watches. Their most popular brand names include:

  • Rolex
  • Omega
  • Cartier 
  • Tudor 
  • Patek Philippe

Once you fill out their online form, you’ll get an instant quote for free. Then, you’ll be able to ship your watch to Bob’s Watches at no extra cost and get paid once they verify the item. Bob’s Watches guarantees to provide you with the best price and instant payment via cash, wire transfer, or a mailed check. 

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10. Chrono24

Chrono24 website

Chrono24 is an online platform that lets you sell your luxury watches to potential buyers worldwide. On Chrono24, you can create a free post of your watch and reach 9 million potential buyers instantly.

Once you find a buyer with a reserve price for your watch that you love, you’ll be able to receive your money. Ensure you send the watch fully insured and in its original packaging to complete the sale successfully. Furthermore, since you’ll be able to view an individual price from each potential watch buyer, you can rest assured that it will match the market value of your most treasured timepiece.

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Final Thoughts: Best Places To Sell Watches

The eleven platforms above make the entire process of selling your watch easy. It takes away the need to sell to pawn shops. Instead, by selling through one of the popular platforms above, you’ll be able to communicate with watch experts, connect with watch buyers, and get the best offer for your pre-owned or new watches.

Are you looking to sell some other pieces of jewelry? If so, you may be interested in our guides to the best places to sell a diamond ring online and the best places to sell jewelry online. Now get selling!

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