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Where To Sell Pokémon Cards

Pokemon is one of the most known trading card games. If you are wondering about what to do with your Pokémon card collection, here’s an idea: you could sell them. You most likely will get a good deal, especially as there is a resurgence of interest for that kind of card. Some of these cards sell for quite a decent sum in today’s market.

A few factors influence how fast you’d sell Pokemon cards and the value you’d get for them. For instance, the condition of the Pokémon card might play a huge role. Gem mint cards, for example, are considered valuable cards.

Furthermore, the card name and type could also be of key importance. However, the most important factor to consider is where you can sell the cards. So, if you’re wondering where to sell Pokémon cards to get the best deal, you’re in the right spot! Let’s dive in so you can learn more.

Selling Pokemon Cards

Selling Pokémon Cards

There are a few options available when it comes to selling Pokémon cards. For instance, you can sell Pokemon cards online on any site. But first, you have to create an account, upload your cards and sell. However, it is necessary to get as much information about these websites before selling. Therefore, this article provides you with a guide on some of the best places to sell your Pokemon card collection.

The first section will examine why Pokémon cards have different prices as you move from one site to another. Then subsequently, we will discuss some of the best places you can consider. We will further point out the peculiarity of each website under consideration. Armed with this information, you can then make an informed decision. Let’s begin.

What Influences the Value of a Pokémon Card?

Besides locating the site to sell your Pokemon collection, it is important to know the price to set the cards for. This is because cards are not valued the same. Below are some of the factors that account for the differences in the pricing of different cards.

Pokemon Cards and Pokeball

Graded or Not Graded

The value of your card may be affected by whether it has been graded or not. Typically, collectors have their Pokémon cards graded by the PSA. The PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) has the responsibility of grading cards generally, not just Pokémon cards.

Grading a card tends to increase its market value. This is especially the case if the card has high scores, such as a 9 or 10. It is partly because the new owner will not have to grade the Pokémon card before adding it to their Pokemon collection.

Grading your Pokémon cards could also be for personal reasons. For example, some folks love how graded cards look when added to their set of cards. In any case, if you can afford to, it would be a great idea to have your cards graded to fetch you the best amount you possibly could earn.

The Rarity of the Card

One other crucial factor determining the value of a Pokémon card is its rarity. In life, the perceived scarcity of an item increases its worth. It is why a 1st edition Van Gogh painting sells for thousands of dollars.

This is because only a few paintings are part of the set that Gogh created in that era. The same logic applies when it comes to a Pokémon card. Therefore, ultra-rare Pokemon cards have the highest value when it comes to designating the prices of Pokémon cards.

Thankfully, there are some ways you can determine the value of your cards to ensure that you do not sell first edition premium Pokémon cards at a pittance. Cards in a given set or collection have different chances of being rare cards.

Some valuable Pokémon cards have a star symbol or holofoil picture (holographic cards). Cards with a star and symbol are also rare. You will usually find the symbol at the top right-hand corner of the card.

It could also be on the bottom right corner of the picture displayed on the card. The placing differs depending on the type of card you are with. As you must guess by now, all first edition cards are rare also.

The Condition of the Card

Similarly, the card’s condition could have a lot of impact on its value. For example, people careless with the cards in their collection often find that the card’s value and the prices go down with how unpleasant the card looks.

It is important to ensure that your Pokémon cards remain in mint condition. If that is not possible, having them close to mint condition is the next best option to explore. Cards in mint condition have no scratches, folds, or scuffs.

You may want to keep your cards in a transparent file to preserve their looks. However, remember that the price you will get for your Pokémon cards could very well depend on how careful you were handling it.


One other very powerful determinant of the value of your card is demand. Just like what edition your card falls into, you cannot influence demand. If many people have a particular card, those become cheap and less valuable.

Conversely, the reverse is the case if a card is quite rare. In the same vein, the price you set your cards for could also determine whether people will be incentivized to buy or not.

To set the appropriate price for your cards, you must do thorough market research first. Find out the prevalent rate, and then set yours, bearing that in mind. You may also want to check out the sites that sell cards. Although some may vary from others, they generally all have a uniform price range.

You can also use some online platforms to determine the selling price for specific cards. You would need your card number to get started.

Best Places To Sell Pokémon Cards

Collectors could get thousands of dollars selling rare Pokémon cards in their collection. But, unfortunately, the market is open to exploitation as long as you know what you are doing. This guide provides you with instructions on the best places to sell Pokemon cards.



eBay is a great online shop to sell an edition of Pokémon cards. The great thing with eBay is that you get to fix the amount of money you want to sell the cards for.

There are two ways to make money on eBay: selling your cards for a fixed price or at an auction. With the latter option, it means that you are open to ‘haggling.’ Buyers pitch their prices to you, and you then eventually conclude on a favorable one.

On the online store, you will find the listing of other collectors. You can then create a rough estimate of the price to sell for. It might be a great idea to use a professional price-fixing guide to determine the card’s value.

It makes things easier and certainly ensures that you do not get ripped off. If yours is a rare Pokémon card, you should have a professional valuer take a look and fix the appropriate price.

For shipping, you and the customer gets to decide who pays for it. eBay provides a seamless process both for users and buyers to its credit.

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A Comic Shop

A Comic Shop

One of the best things you get with selling your Pokémon cards to comic shops is convenience. It is easier to walk into one of those shops and receive your cards. In addition, you do not have to worry about setting up an account, downloading any app, or any of the tiny details you have to deal with when trading card games online.

You must bear in mind that selling your Pokémon cards this way also has its downsides. One of these is that you could make less money than you would sell directly to a buyer. This is because those shops would like to profit from the transaction.

It means that they’d want to buy the cards way cheaper than the average to enable them to recoup their expenses. So, if the price is a big deal for you, you may want to sell your card online.

Troll and Toad

Troll and Toad

This is a marketplace for trading card game online. It offers a way of getting rid of your Pokémon cards for cash. You can make a fortune in the process. Troll and Toad accept to sell both individual and bulk cards. However, your Pokémon card must be worth at least $30 and above before you can use the platform.

Something else you should know is that Troll and Toad offer store credit in place of cash. Also, generally, the platform is easier to navigate than eBay or any other site.

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TGC is also another platform for selling Pokemon cards for cash. It does not sell only Pokémon cards but also accepts and sells others such as Yugioh, Cardfight, etc. The platform does not charge any money for setting up your account. Also, you can use pictures and videos to make your cards attractive.

If you sell Pokémon cards as a business, you may want to consider TCG Player’s pro-level subscription. Here, you have the option of scanning your cards to identify which card it is. As a result, you would not have to rely on the edition mark or any other process to determine how much exactly your cards are worth.

This adds more money to everything you have to pay, so only explore this option if you are a massive collector. You can receive payment as Paypal cash or directly to your bank account.

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Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace works like an online store where you sell a bunch of stuff. You would need to set up a Facebook account if you didn’t have one already. Facebook Marketplace is a reliable option to buy and sell even 1st edition Pokémon cards.

You will also find various other trading cards, including famous sports players. The process here is quite straightforward. You list your cards, fix a price, and wait for a client to indicate interest. When the client does and finalizes the transactions, you can schedule a pickup time and place.

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CCGCastle is another online platform for selling cards for PayPal cash or store credit. This card market platform is pretty straightforward to use. When you turn on the ‘buy mode,’ it highlights the cards the company is buying.

Once this happens, note the cards eligible for sale. You can sell individual cards or Pokemon card collections. However, CCGCastle does not cover shipping costs. So keep this in mind before choosing the platform.

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Cape Fear Games

Cape Fear Games

Another platform you can sell your Pokemon cards is Cape Fear Games. This card game shop is perfect for selling online as you can sell in bulk and individual rare Pokemon cards or signed cards.

Before starting the selling process, use a buylist search tool to see if Cape Fear Games want your cards. Then choose a payment method. The platform can pay you with PayPal, check, store credit, or MTGOTraders credit.

After submitting the payment method, you submit the buylist request with information on the Pokemon cards you’re selling and their condition. Then, if the company wants to buy what you’re selling, they’ll send you a confirmation email.

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Do Pawn Shops Buy Pokemon Cards?

It would be hard to get a pawn shop to buy common Pokémon cards. But if you have some ultra-rare cards, they’ll likely buy from you. You can sell in person and decide how much you want for them beforehand. When looking for a pawn shop, run a quick Google search for outlets near you.

Conclusion: Selling Pokémon Cards

Pokémon does not just have powers; its cards can fetch you tidy sums in the market. Part of the things you have to satisfy before selling the Pokémon card is its edition – generally, 1st edition cards are the rarest and most valuable Pokémon cards.

However, if you are unsure, you can tell where a card belongs by examining its characteristics. Something else you have to settle is selling the Pokémon cards. This is what this article seeks to achieve. If you have read to this point, we can bet you already have a couple of places under consideration. So start selling and earning that extra cash.

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