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How To Increase Sales On Etsy – 16 Best Tips For Earning More

Are you wondering how to increase sales on Etsy?

As a seller with an Etsy shop, knowing how to get your numbers up is important. After all, you aren’t going to make any money if you can’t get any sales.

Taking advantage of clever marketing and search engine optimization techniques is one part of the puzzle – but here are some more tips that all Etsy sellers should follow to take their Etsy sales to the next level. Banner

How to Increase Sales on Etsy

Are you sitting down for this? Take a seat, because these top tips for increasing your Etsy sales are sure to astound you. You can put them to work for your own Etsy store right away!

1. Connect Your Social Media Accounts To Your Etsy Shop

Social Media Apps

One thing that the most successful Etsy sellers have in common is that they connect their social media accounts to their Etsy shop.

It doesn’t matter what kind of social media platforms you use – this is a great way to get more sales. You can use your social media accounts to promote your products and target your loyal social media followers.

Try to engage with your social media visitors personally and find attractive, exciting ways to invite them to your shop. You can even run Facebook- or Instagram-only giveaways and sales to entice people to follow your social media pages and visit your Etsy shop, too.

2. Use Coupon Codes

To take your social media technique one step further, why not use some coupon codes on your Etsy page? People love the idea of coupon codes – they like thinking they are getting bonus offers.

You can encourage potential customers to share products on their own social profiles to earn more coupon codes – not only will this help you attract more buyers but it will help you reach more buyers and increase your brand’s awareness, too.

3. Try Abandoned Shopping Cart Discounts

There’s nothing more frustrating to an Etsy seller than an abandoned shopping cart – you got so close to making the sale!

You can try giving an abandoned shopping cart discount to boost Etsy sales. Etsy is unlike many other e-commerce platforms in that it allows you to automate this process so that you can send out coupon codes to people who leave their carts before finalizing their purchases.

This doesn’t have to be a huge discount – 10 to 15% is plenty. However, it’s a great method for boosting Etsy sales, even if you don’t make 100% of the value of the product.

4. Change Headlines and Etsy Tags Frequently

Etsy listings can become stale, so a good way to increase sales is to continuously change headlines and tags for an item. These can be updated when a special event is looming (like Easter or Christmas). Add these tags and you’re likely to get more sales.

5. Offer Free Shipping

Best Ways to Increase Etsy Sales-Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping is exactly what every shopper wants – and if you aren’t offering free shipping on all or some of your products, you’re missing out on a great online shopping platform hack (it works well on Etsy along with other online shops, such as eBay).

Even if you have to charge a bit more on your products to cover your shipping costs, you’ll likely still find that you make more sales. Plus, the unique Etsy algorithm means that items with free shipping often appear first in the search results!

6. Think About Search Engines

Have you thought about how your Etsy shop ranks in both web and Etsy search features?

SEO is one of the most important things you can keep in mind to increase Etsy sales. You can optimize your page for SEO by adding relevant keywords and continents. This will help your product rank at the top of all web searches.

An easy way to get started with this is to think about how you write your product descriptions and titles. When you write out the product details, include all the information you possibly can, including size, shipping, condition, use, color, and more. This will not only answer all the questions your customers might have but it will help boost Etsy sales because your product will be at the top of everyone’s search, too.

7. Try Blogging

It doesn’t matter how unique your products are – there’s always going to be an Etsy shop selling the exact same thing that you are.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to set your product apart. Starting a blog for sharing essential information is a wonderful way to improve the visibility of your Etsy shop while also helping you get more sales.

8. Research What Other Etsy Shops Do

The best way to boost your sales on Etsy is to take some time to learn from the best. Selling is different for every person on Etsy, but it can be helpful to look at the shops that appear most often when you search for products similar to your own.

Look at what they’re doing, from the types of product images they are including to what their product descriptions say, to improve your own shop’s sales on Etsy, too.

9. Make a Mailing List

Best Ways to Increase Etsy Sales-Make a Mailing List

If you don’t have an email mailing list, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to attract and retain potential customers.

Email marketing campaigns can let your customers know about new products you’re launching, discounts on purchases, and other shop announcement messages you’d like to share. It can also help improve customer feedback rates.

10. Upgrade Your Shipping, Return, and Refund Policies

Plenty of potential customers navigate away from a shop page because they can’t find the information they are looking for – often, this information has to do with shipping, returns, and refunds. Make your policies seamless, simple, and easy to find

11. Sell More Products in Your Etsy Store

This tip is pretty obvious – the more products you are selling, the more sales on Etsy you’ll get.

However, you probably don’t realize how many products you ultimately need to have in order to make an impact. The general rule of thumb is that you should have 100 items in order to sell on this platform.

100 sounds like a lot, and truthfully, if you’re selling something highly unique, you can probably get away with less. Make it your goal, though, to have as many listings as possible

12. Try a One Month Sale

While you might not want to run constant sales and offer coupon codes all the time on your shop page, doing a one-month sale is a great way to increase sales on Etsy.

This kind of temporary promotion, especially when offered with steep discounts, will let you sell more products and ultimately, make more money despite the discount.

13. Leverage User Reviews

Best Ways to Increase Etsy Sales-Leverage User Reviews

Take advantage of your biggest marketing tool when it comes to attracting potential buyers – your past customers. Encourage past customers to leave reviews for your online shop. They’ll be displayed automatically for potential buyers to see.

14. Improve Product Photos

Far too many Etsy shops have product photos that are grainy and of poor quality. There are a few things you can do to improve your product photos, including taking pictures that are the proper size and resolution and eliminating any dark or out-of-focus images you might be using.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – what sorts of pictures would you like to see if you were doing some shopping online?

15. Do a Pinterest-Etsy Search

We already mentioned that researching what other Etsy sellers are doing and incorporating top related keywords and keyword phrases is one of the best ways to improve sales. This clever marketing strategy can be used by leveraging Pinterest, too.

Much of the Etsy and Pinterest traffic is female, so it’s important to understand your target market. Use keywords that can be inserted into your title or image description for a product and you’re likely to attract visitors who are far more likely to convert to customers.

16. Etsy Ads and Promoted Listings

Another technique that you might neglect when trying to attract future customers is to use Etsy ads. One in every four rows of search results on Etsy are reserved for sponsored listings. An easy way to boost sales, especially in a competitive niche, is to attract more traffic by investing in ads. While spending money to make money might not be a philosophy you live by, in some cases (like this!), it’s a surefire technique.

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The Number One Tip Successful Etsy Sellers Know

The best tip for selling on Etsy?-Take the time to know who your potential customer

The best tip for selling on Etsy?

Take the time to know who your potential customer is. Research your market and do your best to find out what sorts of things your repeat buyers find absolutely essential.

Trying to implement the most creative tricks and digital solutions won’t do anything for your overall sales if you don’t have an Etsy listing that will captivate and entice the online shoppers that fall into your demographic.

So take some time to do some research and then work on upgrading your product titles, descriptions, images, and more. It can take some time to get good at selling products in an Etsy shop, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll likely find that owning an Etsy shop is a great way to make some serious money in the 21st century.

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