Swagbucks Review – Can You Really Make Money With This Rewards Program?

Swagbucks has become increasingly popular. After all, they have already paid out over $250 million in rewards to their members. Now you’re wondering if you should jump on the Swagbucks wagon. You first want to know how it all works and what the pros and cons are. You also want to know if there are alternatives and if it is worth it. This Swagbucks review will answer all of that for you. That way, you can decide if Swagbucks is for you.

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What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a rewards-program platform that pays you to shop, watch videos, take surveys, search the web, play games online, and more. You can use Swagbucks through their mobile app, website, or browser extension. You can sign-up using your email or through Facebook.

For completing the tasks mentioned, you earn “Swagbucks,” which you can redeem for gift cards or cash. 100 Swagbucks(SB) equals $1 US. However, when you redeem for gift cards, you can get specials where your Swagbucks are worth more than when you redeem for cash. 


Below are more details on the various ways you can earn Swagbucks.

Surfing The Web With Swagbucks

If you make Swagbucks your default search engine, you will automatically start earning points for web surfing like you usually do. You might as well make money doing something you are already doing! How much you make will depend on the search queries, but on average, you will earn about 10-20 SB points for every 10-20 searches. 

Watch Swagbucks Videos

A popular and passive way to earn SB points is by watching videos. The pay from Swagbucks isn’t high, but for doing something so easy, you can’t complain. The types of videos vary and include some of the following: advertisements, daily sports content, news, and viral clips. 

You will usually earn 2 to 3 SB for each playlist that you watch. Each playlist usually takes 15-30 minutes to get through. There is also a 150 SB limit per day for watching videos. 

The best way to do this, though, is to play the videos in the background while you do other things, like watch Netflix or cook. That way, you get to make money while doing what you enjoy doing. 

Swagbucks Games

With Swagbucks games, you earn points for downloading, installing, and opening certain apps. Sometimes you get paid simply for installing the app, but usually, you have to either deposit money or achieve a certain level in the game. Some popular games include Bejeweled 2, Angry Birds Champions, and Wheel of Fortune.

If you want to make money without spending money, you should stick to only downloading/playing the free apps/games. Sometimes that free ones pay more than the paid ones!


Swagbucks Surveys

Swagbucks surveys typically take between 3 and 20 minutes to complete. You’ll typically earn anywhere from 5 SB to 100 SB per survey. You can also earn extra SB from completing their daily poll, which takes a few seconds.

Swagbucks Paid Shopping

There are many apps that pay you to shop, and Swagbucks does it too! If you love shopping, Swagbucks is an excellent way to get paid to do something you love. By using Swagbucks, you can get cash back on various purchases, including on travel! You also get access to coupons and promo codes. Therefore, if you already plan to make a purchase, do yourself a favor and get some money back on that purchase.

Swagbucks has partnered with various big-name brands like Best Buy, Expedia, Macy’s, and Groupon. This is perfect for those who want different shopping options.


Swagbucks Offers

You can find numerous Swagbucks high-paying offers when you click “Discover” on the main drop-down menu. Some of the offers allow you to earn SB while also completing attractive offers such as entering sweepstakes, receiving a free “goodie box” to tell the company what you think of the goodies, and getting to certain levels on certain games.

These high-paying offers are rewarding anywhere from 50 to 5000 Swagbucks!


Swagbucks Refer A Friend

Referring friends is an excellent way to make some passive income on Swagbucks. Both you and your friend will get 300 SB when they sign up and earn an extra 300 SB within their first thirty days. You will also receive 10% of your friend’s life-time SB earnings!

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What Is The Best Way To Make Money With Swagbucks?

While you might not become a billionaire from using Swagbucks, it is a great way to bring in a little extra spending cash you wouldn’t have otherwise had. Even if you only make an additional $5 a month, that’s still an extra $5. However, if you want to utilize Swagbucks effectively, it is best to use Swagbucks to do stuff that you were already doing before.

The surveys aren’t going to pay much and can take a long time. Instead, searching the web is a way for you to make money without doing any extra work. Another passive way of making money is to watch videos. After all, you can still watch videos while doing other things. 

Additionally, some of the higher paying offers that are also free to participate in can be a great way to earn more. 

Last but not least, if you can get many of your friends to sign up and continue to use Swagbucks, that’s even more passive income that can add up. 

Swagbucks Alternatives

There are various alternatives to Swagbucks, including other rewards apps and free money apps that pay real cash rewards. It’s important to remember, though, that Swagbucks has a 4.3 Trustpilot Rating, which is very high in the rewards program world. It is one of the most popular and highly rated platforms of its kind. However, if you want alternatives, be aware that they will also take time to make money.

With that said, you could sign up for multiple alternatives if you decide to go with watching videos to make money. Having numerous videos going at once on various devices can bring you in a lot more cash than just using one website. 

Some of the alternatives similar to Swagbucks are:

InboxDollars is one of the more popular platforms as well. However, Swagbucks wins on its dedication to paying people to search the web and its lower minimum payment amount ($25 versus $30). On the other hand, what InboxDollars does better is paying people for reading emails and paying a higher percentage on each friend that you refer (30% versus 10%).

The best survey alternative that you can use to make more money would be Vindale Research. They can pay up to $50 per survey.

Once again, though, if you want to make even more money, use more than one platform. 

Is Swagbucks Worth It?

It depends. If you plan to spend hours on Swagbucks taking surveys and paying to play games, then no. If you instead use it to browse the internet, get some deals when you shop, and watch videos passively, then yes, it is worth it. In the second scenario, you are making money without spending extra time on things you wouldn’t otherwise be doing. 

If at the end of the month you made $5 and didn’t do much to earn it, Swagbucks will be worth it to you. After all, it was easy money. But if you spend 60 minutes filling out a survey that only pays you $1, you’ll probably end up feeling like you wasted time. 

If you’re wise with how you use Swagbucks, it is worth it. 

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  • Becoming a Swagbuckeroo (ok, I made that word up) is entirely free! You also get a $5 sign-up bonus, so you get free money right away!
  • The website has a clean look. It is easy to use and make money; none of the methods for earning money require much skill.
  • Getting paid to browse the internet is one of the best benefits of Swagbucks. This is an excellent option for those of you that are already Google fanatics. Now you can be a Swagbuck search fanatic and make money!
  • Using Swagbucks is versatile. There are many different ways to make money. 
  • The minimum payment amount needed to withdraw money is $25, which is less than other similar platforms. 
  • They work with a lot of famous brands, which is great for shopaholics. 


  • Even though the minimum payout is less than other platforms, it will still take a long time to cash out. Surveys can take a long time for very little pay.
  • Sometimes you don’t qualify for surveys.
  • In general, the pay isn’t high.

Wrapping Up: Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a legitimate way to make some extra spending cash. They have already paid out hundreds of millions of dollars to their members. While paying for games and doing surveys isn’t the most effective way to make money, you can make money more passively in other ways on Swagbucks. Focus mainly on using their search engine and watching videos. Additionally, save yourself money on your purchases through cashback deals, coupons, and promo codes. You can also take advantage of their high-paying special offers and invite friends to use the platform. 

In comparison to other platforms, Swagbucks is one of the top-rated ones, but you’re better off joining multiple platforms to increase your earnings. Many of them have sign-up bonuses too, so you might as well get some more free money! 

Now, go achieve some Swagbucks success and some extra money!

Overall Rating: 4.33 out of 5

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