Best Amazon Product Research Tool – Top 9 Analytic Tools Worth Trying

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Before selling products on Amazon, it’s important to conduct detailed product research and analyze your competitors. Luckily, there are many apps and tools that can help you throughout the process. Even luckier, we’ve done the research for you!

Below are the nine best Amazon product research tools that will help you find a profitable product to sell. Let’s see what’s out there so you can find the tool that has the right analytics for your needs.

Product Research Tools

Best Amazon Product Research Tool

Many of these tools will also help you rank high on Amazon, make more than your competition, and conduct keyword searches. The benefits of using these product research tools include optimizing your product listing and scaling your business. These product research tools will also help you generate more sales and become one of the top sellers in your category.

1. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a free Amazon product research tool that helps sellers choose a profitable product to sell. Unicorn Smasher will help you speed up the selling process and take the guesswork out of product research.

On Unicorn Smasher, you’ll find a long list of profitable Amazon products with sales estimates, product data, and information about the product demand. You’ll also be able to analyze competition and get an opportunity score for all of the items. That way, you’ll be able to plan out your marketing efforts and estimate your sales rank on Amazon FBA. 

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2. AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout is a product research tool for Amazon FBA sellers. This tool offers both free and paid plans that can be installed as a Google Chrome extension. On AMZ Scout, you’ll find a large product database, menu of tips, and case studies about successful Amazon FBA sellers. 

You’ll also find course videos from Amazon sellers, information about product sourcing, and other helpful seller tools. Whether you want help with keyword research or installing a Chrome extension for your business, AMZ Scout will become your go-to tool. This tool will give you access to valuable data, such as trending keywords, that will help you sell more products and grow your business. 

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3. Sellerly


Sellerly is an Amazon marketing tool for FBA sellers that provides listing protection, traffic insights, and split testing. This free tool is great for sellers that need help with marketing campaigns or product listings. If you’re searching for a product research tool that provides helpful data and information about trends or keywords, this is the perfect pick.

On Sellerly, you’ll have access to a keyword tracker, the rules on Amazon FBA, and tips on how to make more sales. You’ll also be able to research your competition and analyze the best keywords to use. Once you take advantage of these features and many more, you’ll be able to make more sales and become a popular seller on the platform.

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4. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a popular Amazon seller tool that can also be installed as a Google Chrome extension. This tool will help you throughout the process of finding a winning product and scaling your business.

With helpful data and tips about product sourcing, Jungle Scout helps Amazon sellers become the best sellers on the platform.

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5. AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is an all-in-one tool for Amazon FBA sellers that helps users from product research to the product launch. With helpful tips and guides about product trends, useful keywords, and popular items, AMZ Tracker is great for someone who wants to find all of their selling tools in one place. 

By using AMZ Tracker, you’ll be able to understand the supplier database, email marketing, and much more, even after you launch your first product. 

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6. Helium10


Helium10 is a tool made for Amazon sellers that offers both free and paid plans, also known as their pro-lite plans. On Helium10, you’ll find keyword research tools, a keyword tracker, inventory management, and much more. If you want to find a profitable product, rank high on Amazon, and make more sales, Helium10 is the perfect seller tool for you. 

With their product research tools and tips about selling on Amazon, Helium10 has great tools for any Amazon seller that wants to analyze data, track trends, and make more sales.

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7. Viral Launch


Viral Launch provides seller tools to those who sell products on Amazon. Whether you want product review alerts or a blog written about your brand, Viral Launch will help you write something that draws in more sales. 

Viral Launch also provides:

  • A keyword tool
  • Product research tools
  • Data about trending products
  • A product tracker
  • Info about current trends
  • Keyword research tips
  • Tips on making more sales
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8. SellerApp


SellerApp is the all-in-one guide for product sellers on Amazon. SellerApp will help you take your business to the next level by helping you improve your listing, track keywords, analyze competitors, and generate profitable product ideas. Their keyword scouting feature and product tracker will help you stay on top of your business in more ways than one.

If you want help with Amazon product research and data analysis, SellerApp is a great tool for you. This is one of the best Amazon product research tools for new and beginning sellers who want to speed up the selling process. 

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9. Feedback Genius


Feedback Genius is an online seller tool made to help Amazon sellers control their reviews. If you want to increase product demand and have access to all of your reviews, Feedback Genius is the best tool for you. 

This research tool gives its users helpful data points and access to all of their reviews. You’ll also have other resources, such as a large product database, that will help you choose a product, implement keywords, and manage your inventory.

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Final Thoughts: Amazon Product Research Tools

The Amazon product research tools above will help you conduct product research and sell an Amazon product that customers love. Whether you’re looking for a keyword research tool or web app that provides competitor analysis, the tools above will help you analyze that data.

By using one or more of the Amazon product research tools above, you’ll be able to sell more items and rank high in the search results on Amazon. Most importantly, you’ll be able to make more sales as an Amazon seller!

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