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Best Apps To Sell Clothes – Top 6 Picks Worth Downloading

Recently acquired statistics show that selling clothes online generates an overall revenue of over $90 billion a year making it a most profitable venture to get into. The industry is fast growing and more people are getting into this huge market that deals with selling various clothes from designer clothes to men’s clothes, or thrift wear.

There’s a niche for anyone willing to put in the work and make the extra cash they want. The success of your entire selling process depends on the niche you choose, the branding you create, the quality of your clothing products, your site, the customer service you provide, and the entire market strategy you apply. 

The idea of selling second-hand clothes or pre-owned luxury fashion wears was not a widely accepted idea but with the flow of recent trends, it has become a huge venture especially with younger folk. That’s also, in part, due to the influx of apps designed specifically for selling clothes.

There are tons of clothes selling apps out there, though, so how do you know which one is going to help you sell the most items and make the most cash? That’s where we come in! We did the research and found the best apps to sell clothes on. So, read on and find the right pick so you can start selling!

Sell Clothes Online

Why Should You Sell Clothes Online?

Selling clothes online is fast becoming a lucrative business, whether it’s selling off your old clothes to declutter your wardrobe or dropshipping for designer brands, there’s a market for everyone. 

With innovations like Facebook marketplace, ASOS marketplace, and other platforms, the problem of advertising and publicity has been eliminated. 

It has become relatively easier than ever to send your old clothes, shoes, and accessories to online consignment stores or resale sites like ThredUp, Poshmark, or Tradesy and make money on the used clothes cluttering your closet.

Benefits of Selling Clothes Online

Simplified Marketing Process

It has even become possible to advertise and resell your unwanted clothing by first getting a clean-out kit, then setting up to take multiple photos of these second-hand clothes in natural light showing them off as good grade designer items and that’s it. 

Take your time to upload photos on your site with a detailed description, put your selling price, list shipping costs from your location, communicate with potential buyers, add your shipping label and send it off to its new owner. 

Different means of online payments are now available like through Paypal account, bank account transfers, Cashapp, and other such methods.

The Internet offers easy publicity

It is a powerful platform that’s providing a broad awareness of everything and people are always online looking to order products and services from the very comfort of their home. 

Providing such ease of access to potential buyers will boost sales and bring in some extra money that could finally help you go on that much-needed vacation you’ve been saving up for.

Minimal Restrictions

With the online market, there are zero to slim chances of facing time constraints. Potential buyers can order goods any time of the day from anywhere in the world and their order would get instant processing from your in-house team.

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How To Find The Best Place To Sell Clothes

Finding the best online store largely depends on exactly what you’re trying to sell. Sites are becoming more specialized and centralized with their content in order to attract the specific audience they want. 

Some of the available sites are ThredUP, Poshmark, Depop, Facebook Marketplace, ASOS marketplace, Tradesy, Etsy, Rebag, etc. 

Is OfferUp Good for Selling Clothes?

OfferUp is an ideal option for selling clothes because it gives seller ratings so it’s easy for customers to ascertain the competence of each seller and settle on who is most appealing to them. 

The site prides itself on expediting the entire selling process with as little time as possible to waste on setting up. Simply upload photos of the items for sale, add title, condition, category, a detailed description, location, and price. 

With OfferUp, you can also select whether you’d rather sell the item locally or ship nationwide. The app provides a mode of payment for both local sellers and those who choose the shipping option. 

Using paid promotions will help users find your sale items much much quicker and the app has designated safe meetup spots that will guarantee a smooth and successful transaction for both the buyer and the seller. 

Best Apps To Sell Clothes

There are numerous websites and apps dedicated to clothes vendors online. The following listed are the top sites for selling clothes online based on their features and the services they offer.

1. ASOS marketplace

Best Apps To Sell Clothes - ASOS marketplace

This is the ideal site to sell off your vintage clothing that probably looked good through the store window but ended up not being exactly your thing when you got home. 

The site takes a 10% commission fee on the sales price, however. ASOS marketplace is the upbeat resale emporium that features edgy and retro fashion, or vintage wear, functioning as your very own thrift store at great prices. 

Asides from vintage clothing, ASOS also features independent brands for cool graphic tees and streetwear. ASOS marketplace boasts over 900 small businesses from 50+ countries all with diverse products.

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2. ThredUP

Best Apps To Sell Clothes-ThredUP

ThredUP makes it super easy to sell. The company sends a clean-out kit (empty bag) that just needs to be filled up with clothes that you don’t wear anymore and sent back, with free shipping. 

Still offering an 80% cut of the resale item, this is perfect for people with busy lives and little time to spare. ThredUP’s biggest selling point for buyers is the huge inventory. 

With the 1-3 weeks processing time that the secondhand experts use in sorting through the items and picking what they can sell and what can only be recycled, the entire process is pretty fast and stress-free for the seller and the potential buyer. Unsold items can be sent back to the seller at a small fee.

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3. Facebook Marketplace

Best Apps To Sell Clothes-Facebook Marketplace

Unlike the actual Facebook app that has been around a while, Facebook marketplace is a much more recent concept. All Facebook users have to do is scroll through items that are near their area, eliminating the hassle of distance, time, and shipping costs. 

Facebook has over 2 billion daily users so there is a huge market for selling your items. Transactions are carried out through the Messenger section of Facebook that most of us are already familiar with, making it easier to use than having to learn the workings of a new platform.

Your Facebook account gives easy access to free listings and listing prices, making it as convenient as possible for users. It is basically set up like a virtual yardsale with a wide audience and it is available in 70 countries making it one of the best platforms for buying and selling things online. 

With the help of ads, you can boost your listings and get across to more people in Facebook groups. Anything can get listed on Facebook Marketplace including men’s clothing, designer items for posh parties, and regular used clothes. 

Sellers can either opt for local delivery or pay shipping costs of 5% per item sold.

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4. eBay

Best Apps To Sell Clothes-eBay

eBay has been around a while but still retained its top position as a credible site for selling high-dollar items because it protects your sale with a host of seller protections. eBay allows transaction monitoring and multiple payment options through the app with an enormous reach and a wide array of products to choose from. 

eBay is one of the oldest and most popular apps to sell products. Since its inception, it has gathered an audience of over 182 million users that come daily to buy and sell products. The app offers both local pickups and shipped orders. 

With seller protection features like transaction monitoring, security data systems for large sales, and 24/7 customer support to help at the slightest sign of trouble, eBay has proven how safe and reliable the entire selling process can be. 

eBay also offers sellers the option of listing their items one of two ways:

  • As an auction, where customers bid on an item starting at an opening price and timeline that has been set and climbing till a final order is settled upon. 
  • Fixed price listings that allow customers to buy on demand. 

eBay works with all of the major payment providers on its platform, accepting payments via credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Payments can also be made in person for local pickups and accessibility is fantastic, with the platform being available on iPhone, Android, tablet, or PC.

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5. Poshmark

Best Apps To Sell Clothes-Poshmark

For an app that launched in 2011, Poshmark has really proved its credibility by becoming a huge market with more than 25 million items for sale on the platform. Poshmark uses a simple interface that’s easy to understand and navigate. 

As a seller, you get to build your own online wardrobe of items for sale to make extra money. The app designates spaces to show both the retail and sale prices, offering an easy comparison to encourage more buyer purchases. 

The company sends priority boxes from USPS with pre-paid labels to sellers and takes a 20% fee off items sold. Sellers can opt to either post items for sale in their digital closet or join one of the daily “Posh Parties” that offer a themed group sale. 

These daily buy and sell group events boost audience engagement and attract sales. It is normal for buyers to pay shipping except in situations where sellers choose to offer discounts or free shipping. 

Poshmark supplies sellers with a prepaid shipping label and the entire sale is initiated and carried out on the app. Payments are always handled via the app and sellers have the option to either collect their earnings via direct deposit or receive a check.

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6. Le Prix

Best Apps To Sell Clothes-Le Prix

This company is great for selling high-end designer items still in good condition. LePrix used to be known as Snob Swap and the company is well-known for working with over 500 second-hand stores, using machine learning technology to make both the shopping and selling experience much better.

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How to Sell Clothes Successfully

You can sell pretty much whatever you want whenever you want because no matter what you need, there’s an app for that. The simplification of the entire selling process online is why more successful sales are guaranteed. All it takes is a willingness to make that extra cash and a mindset to put in the necessary effort.

5 Tips for Selling Clothes On Apps

1. Clear out in season: Don’t clear out a summer wardrobe in winter and expect to make sales. It just won’t work. Summer listings start around March so stay ready and updated. 

2. Section out your wardrobe and focus on one at a time: Trying to clean out the entire wardrobe at a go might prove stressful so it is better to go section by section creating order and staying organized. 

3. Keep designer labels in the best condition as they sell well: It is widely accepted that classics will always sell, so your Louis Vuitton and your Chanel deserve care and respect if you ever plan on turning a worthy profit from them.

4. Take clear photos using natural light and give precise descriptions as this is the only way your products will look unique, stand out, and attract potential buyers. 

5. Keep all clothes in clean and sellable condition

Conclusion: Apps to Sell Clothes

In 2021, there are many apps to sell stuff online, but you’ll quickly find out from research that they all differ in pricing, setup, and some safety security features. Product availability is also a major factor to weigh in as more apps and sites are becoming specific based on their target market audience.

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