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Best Place To Resell Shoes – 8 Sites You Should Check Out

Shoes are some of the best fashion accessories one can buy. Thus, you may wake up one day to find that you have more shoes than you’d like. Well, if the shoes are in relatively good condition, you can sell them. Firstly, this would declutter your space. But, even more so, you will be making some extra money in the process.

There are various ways you could explore to sell shoes quickly. The most popular route is through selling using online spaces. There are several online platforms where shoes sell rather fast. You could even find one that sells clothing as well. This is an excellent way to make some money online.

Here, you will find the best places to sell shoes. This article considers both online and offline options. So, if you are looking for the right nudge to start selling your old shoes, you are in the right place.

Shoes is a fashion accessory

Reselling Shoes: Tips to Know

If you want to sell shoes for cash, you have to bear in mind a couple of things before you start. The process is generally not tedious. However, you make the process a lot more seamless for yourself if you pay attention to the following:

Choose Where To Sell

There are basically two options for selling: online or in-person. For the former, a cursory search online will reveal many online marketplaces. Some have shoes as their primary goods. However, you could also find other sites that sell clothes in addition to shoes. What online marketplace you choose does not really matter as long as customers buy shoes on them. You may want to strongly consider platforms where you can open a custom store. A custom store allows you to modify the online platform to your preference. You may also want to research and compare factors such as the shipping fee you’ll have to pay on your preferred platforms.

You could also opt to flip sneakers the old-fashioned way: selling in person. There are various ways to sell shoes offline. For example, you could host a sale yourself. But your reach may be limited this way. Furthermore, you cannot obviously sell designer shoes in a garage sale. However, you could also consider using any of the physical stores hosted by different owners. Typically, you send the shoes to them, and they buy cheaper than they will sell. However, the store locations will definitely impact the choices you make.


When you finally settle on a platform, the next stage will be properly packaging the shoes to attract higher sales. What you should consider here include photographing. Whether you sell your shoes and even how much you sell them depends on the angles you get of them. Thus, make sure the pictures are original. In addition, if you are looking to resell easily recognizable sneakers, you should make sure the picture covers the logos and name of the shoes.

It is also important to write an engaging description. Be clear and engaging but do not be deceptive. Make sure the condition of the shoes is great also.


What you get for the shoes depends on the platform you are using. Some allow you to negotiate with the customers directly and fix a final sale price. Others require you to have the final price already stated, such that the client pays without haggling. You may not be able to get paid directly to your bank account. Hence, you should always consider opening a PayPal account or something similar, especially if you use an online store.

Do not forget that you should always factor in all the shoes’ expenses when deciding the sale price. For instance, PayPal fees, shipping costs, and even the payment processing fee could all come to a tidy sum. If you do not do the due diligence, you may eventually sell your shoes at a loss.

Post-Sale Challenges

Sometimes challenges come up after you have completed your transactions. Some of these situations could arise even after you have implemented the best practices. Thus, the shoes could get lost in transit, or the customer could simply not like the condition of the shoes. Whatever the case, the first thing to note is that you should not panic.

If you are using an online platform, you may want to refer to them. There is usually a team that handles that sort of situation. If, however, you are running solo, attempt communicating with the customer. You could easily resolve the situation after a conversation. You may also want to consider offering something to the client. If that fails, gather evidence and open a case.

Best Places To Resell Shoes

If you intend to sell used shoes locally, the best bet is to consider thrift stores around you. As discussed above, there are some benefits when you choose to sell locally. However, the bulk of the places you can resell your shoes are online. Hence, the list below shows you some of the best places to sell shoes online.


Best Place To Resell Shoes-Kixify

The sneaker community online is huge. There is always a huge demand for the latest Nike shoes or Air Jordan sneakers. In fact, a sector of this vibrant community even specializes in collecting Vintage sneakers. This, of course, also means that there is a vibrant market for those reselling sneakers. Kixify is one of the online spaces that specializes in selling sneakers.

If you want to resell sneakers on Kixify, you will have to set up an online shop. The shop is free. There is no listing fee, too. However, the platform takes an 8% cut whenever you sell.

Kixify gives sellers a lot of legroom to do what they want. Hence, you get to set your selling price, shipping and return policies, and so on. This flexibility is great but could get overwhelming sometimes.

The platform pays using Paypal. This means that you will have to set up a PayPal account before using the platform. Kixify is one of the easiest places to sell shoes online, especially if you want to resell sneakers.

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Flight Club

Best Place To Resell Shoes-Flight Club

The Flight Club is one of the best online consignment stores for anyone looking to resell sneakers. The consignment store is physically located in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

To use the marketplace, you will first need to set up an account on Fight Club. Next, you will have to either ship the sneakers to any of its physical stores or its other drop-off locations. Shipping costs will, of course, depend on where you are sending the shoes from. Finally, when the shoes get authenticated, they can then be put up for sale.

The Flight Club’s selling process is pretty straightforward. It sells the sneakers using any of its online marketplace channels or on its website. It does not charge selling fees but takes a commission on every sneaker you sell.

The Flight Club is a great option for anyone who wants to sell shoes for cash. This platform claims that it has the best liquidity and sell-through.

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Best Place To Resell Shoes-eBay

eBay is one of the most popular places to sell anything from high-end classic menswear to luxury fashion items to books and even mobile phone accessories. It introduces you to a huge community of buyers. Basically, eBay is the go-to destination for many people. Thus, it is a great place to sell shoes for cash.

You have to set up an account and list your shoes under the appropriate category to use eBay. This attracts listing fees. Then you should go-ahead to set the retail price after this. Eventually, when a customer indicates interest, you can sell the item. Do bear in mind that due to eBay’s popularity, the fees you may have to pay on the platform could be higher than the average. Do well to factor in the shipping cost and listing fees when deciding your price.

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Facebook Marketplace

Best Place To Resell Shoes-Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is perhaps one of the easiest platforms to use to sell shoes. Setting up an account is relatively easy. You can have everything sorted from your Facebook account. Similarly, you can sell all kinds of shoes on the platform – brand shoes, designer shoes, or even dress shoes.

However, do note that you will conduct everything, including delivering to the customer yourself. In addition, the site gives you the avenue to list your items and interact with prospective customers.

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Best Place To Resell Shoes-StockX

StockX is a platform that mostly sells sneakers and streetwear. It has a unique selling process. Sellers first have to sign up on the platform. Then they will either put up the goods for auction or list them for sale totally. If a customer indicates interest, the seller sends the items to StockX, which authenticates them before sending them down to the buyer.

StockX charges both a payment processing fee and a seller fee. The seller fee is not consistent and will depend on how much sales you have. The higher your sales, the lower you get to pay. The platform offers payment either through PayPal or directly to your bank account.

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Stadium Goods

Best Place To Resell Shoes-Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods is a consignment store where you can sell sneakers and other clothes and accessories, including designer brands. The way the selling process works, you send the never-worn shoes to the store for authentication. When it gets authenticated, the shoe then gets listed.

Sellers can use the Stadium Goods Seller Portal to keep track of the process of their goods, change prices and then ask for payment.

Stadium Goods, as a selling platform, only considers authentic and never-worn items. This could put you in a pickle. It also means that if you have worn your shoes, the platform is not the right place to sell them.

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Smart Bride Boutique

Best Place To Resell Shoes-Smart Bride Boutique

This is one of the platforms that sell clothing as well as shoes. However, the website is niche-specific as it only offers wedding clothes and wedding shoes. Thus, it is a perfect fit if you want to sell bridal shoes.

The website has a listing page where you can list the shoes you want to sell. This benefit is available for basic account owners. The listing gets sent to prospective brides who could then buy. However, to increase the reach of your shoes, you may want to consider getting a premium account. This way, your shoes will be on the website’s homepage.

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Varage Sale

Best Place To Resell Shoes-Varage Sale

Varage Sale offers a virtual garage sale. Unlike regular garage sales, there are no brick-and-mortar locations. It is a great place you can consider if you are interested in reselling sneakers. This is because the service is available in all the states of the United States and even in Canada, too.

Before you begin to sell stuff on the platform, be aware that you must go through a verification process. You will need to connect your Facebook account and have them verify your application.

Everything you get on VarageSale is totally free. You get to negotiate deals with the clients. Additionally, there is no listing fee or commission.

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Conclusion: Reselling Shoes

As you can see, there are plenty of options for anyone looking to resell their old shoes. The wide array of options also means that you will definitely find one that fits your preference. So please take a look at our impressive line-up and start cleaning out your closet immediately.

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