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Best Telemarketing Jobs From Home – Top 5 Options Worth Considering

One of the more amazing aspects in the evolution of modern technology is just how many opportunities there are to make money from the comfort and safety of your own home regardless of your zip code. Once upon a time, the idea of working from home in such a fashion was downright unfathomable.

Today we are taking a good look at some of the best telemarketing jobs from home that are available on the market and seeing just what they bring to the table for those looking for remote opportunities. If you’re looking for consistent work from home then this list will absolutely interest you. There are opportunities ranging from full-time, part-time, and even freelance work that allow you to work from home. So, let’s dive in!

Telemarketing Jobs

Best Telemarketing Jobs From Home

Our hope is that you find something useful here as you pursue your own remote working endeavors. These telemarketing jobs from home offer the ability to work how you want, where you want.

 1. Manpower


Here’s a great work from home opportunity that is ideal for those based in the US and looking to work from home as it provides a solid pay rate and a consistent schedule.

In this capacity, you will be answering inbound calls in a customer service role and answer any questions from potential prospects and to document each interaction with consumers and the general public. You also are required to pass on information regarding Medicaid Newborn process, Good Cause, and/or Presumptive Eligibility for children.

Telemarketing Job Duties 

  • Answering inbound calls.
  • Basic data entry.
  • Guide or transfer prospects and the general public to correct entities.

Company Overview

Manpower is a staffing firm that has been helping people gain employment for over 50 years now.

They have over 25,000 employees and provide nice benefits such as vacation pay, weekly payment, paid holidays, and more.

Work At Home Position Requirements

  • Availability of  Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm. Pacific Standard Time
  • High school diploma
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Suite

Pay Rate: $15 an hour

Home-Based Positions Available: Call Center (Remote)

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 2. PrideStaff


PrideStaff is another reputable staffing agency that has years of positive results on its belt and a great place for those seeking phone sales telemarketing work or related positions.

Pridestaff focuses on building relationships with smaller entrepreneurs and businesses in order to provide unique solutions for labor, staffing, and more. It is worth noting that this one is different from other home office jobs in that you will be making outgoing calls and will be required to qualify for a Telemarketing License for the state of Florida, United States..

Telemarketing Job Duties 

  • Make outbound calls to acquire potential clients.
  • Maintain customer contact and high-quality customer service with each interaction.
  • Close customer deals, guide new customers through the verification process, and answer any questions.

Company Overview

PrideStaff is a niche recruiting firm focused on providing high-quality business solutions for over 25 years now and boasts a strong reputation of being professional and reliable.

While the standards and quotas required for joining and staying on the team at PrideStaff may seem daunting initially, they do a great job of providing all the support their employees need to have a productive experience working from their home office.

Work At Home Position Requirements

  • High level of organization.
  • A strong sense of professionalism.
  • Stronger than average communication skills.

Pay Rate: $10 an hour starting up to$13.75

Home-Based Positions Available: Telemarketing Customer Service

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3. Mart Medical Group

Mart Medical Group

Another fantastic opportunity for those with customer service experience is with Mart Medical Group.

Mart is seeking a fast-moving remote employee to engage in work as a telemarketer to generate leads and provide an excellent customer service experience for potential patients and anyone enrolling in their platform.

Telemarketing Job Duties 

  • Utilize provided call lists to engage in cold calling and telemarketing.
  • Close incoming calls as new patients and help them through the enrollment process.
  • Handle data entry regarding patient interactions.

Company Overview

Mart Medical Group focuses on the behavioral health niche and provides an array of group counseling services.

They have a history of being a great employer for those looking to work from a home office, provide killer support for their team, and a competitive pay rate to boot.

Work At Home Position Requirements

  • Experience in phone sales as a telemarketer or customer service representative.
  • High-level communication skills.
  • High school diploma level of education minimum, additional degrees are considered to be a bonus.

Pay Rate: $15 an hour to $17 an hour

Home-Based Positions Available: Patient Account Rep. Marketing/Telemarketer

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4. Robert Half

Robert Half

There’s another great home position available through Robert Half as Call Center Agents to handle incoming calls regarding questions, complaints, and other customer service-oriented duties.

It’s also great to be able to help others acquire jobs in troubled times by working from a home office as Robert Half is another reputable staffing firm with a focus on industries such as marketing, technology, finance, and more.

Telemarketing Job Duties 

  • Handling inbound calls and guiding the callers through the procedure.
  • Guiding incoming callers to the appropriate department.
  • Adhering to all company procedures and protocols.

Company Overview

Robert Half has been staffing agencies across the US for years now in fields such as tech, finance, marketing firms, legal entities, and much more

These jobs can range from full-time, part-time, and temp positions.

Work At Home Position Requirements

Pay Rate: $14 an hour to $16 an hour

Home-Based Positions Available: Call Center Agent

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5. Advantage Resourcing

Advantage Resourcing

If you are looking to earn money remotely from your home office as a call center agent then here’s another company that provides such an opportunity.

This remote job opportunity allows you to enjoy a consistent weekly schedule and Advantage Resourcing  prides itself on the family-friendly company culture that they have been thriving to build over the years.

Telemarketing Job Duties 

  • Daily availability Monday through Friday running from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm .
  • Provide an excellent degree of customer service.
  • Assess the needs of potential clients and recommend the appropriate course of action by becoming familiar with the company training content.

Company Overview

Advantage Resourcing is a member of the Staffmark Group and they provide over 250,000 jobs per year on average.

They have locations across the US but are based in Dothan, Alabama, and have a focus on assisting veterans in their goal to find good jobs or temporary work.

Work At Home Position Requirements

  • High school completion or equivalent education level.
  • Must be comfortable with telemarketing, customer service, and phone sales. 
  • Basic Microsoft function proficiency is required.

Pay Rate: $9 an hour

Home-Based Positions Available: Outbound Telephone Sales Representative

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Telemarketing Jobs Factors To Consider

  1. What are the available remote work hours? 
  2. Does this telemarketing job fit your skillset?
  3. Are the benefits and perks provided appealing to you?
  4. Do you find the pay rate and pay structure to be acceptable?
  5. Does the company seem reputable and trustworthy?
  6. Are your internet speed and computer/laptop able to perform the tasks required?
  7. Are there any specific software programs or equipment required in order to perform the duties required for the telemarketing job?
  8. Is this a career I can see myself committing to for a long period of time?
  9. What kind of schedule are you looking for? Full-time or part-time hours?
  10. Is your home office set up for the tasks at hand?
Telemarketing Jobs from Home for men and women

Making money online from home via remote work from home has never been more accessible and these 5 work at home jobs stand out as great options due to their levels of flexibility, pay rates, benefits, and more.

There is no shortage of innovative and interesting companies out there who are looking to add high-quality team members in a flexible and remote fashion for their home telemarketing jobs and there is no reason why you cannot enjoy such a working lifestyle in a fashion that suits you best whether you are looking for part-time or more in the United States and beyond..

Hopefully, you found some value in this brief guide regarding some of the best home telemarketing jobs available today, and happy hunting out there as you strive to lock in your own remote working endeavors!

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