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Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs With No Startup Fee

We are seeing more people tilting towards work-from-home opportunities to make ends meet via remote work. Who wouldn’t want to work from the comfort of their couch or home desk, at their own schedule, and earn money?

It is fascinating to see that more remote opportunities are becoming available. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, it has become easier than ever to earn money from the comfort and safety of your own home. The challenge here, though, is finding the right legitimate opportunity that costs little to no money to start and is ideal for your lifestyle and goals.

So, what are some options for legitimate online jobs with no startup fee? First, let’s take a look at a handful of remote jobs that stand out among the rest so you can decide whether or not any of these work for you.

 1. Textbroker

Text broker

Textbroker is a fantastic option for those looking to earn remotely while flexing and sharpening their writing skills. Textbroker is an intermediary between clients who need freelance writing content and freelance writers looking to perform these duties remotely.

My experience with Textbroker was predominantly positive, and I see it as an excellent alternative for those turned off by the pay-to-play model that Upwork employs.


  • Easily accessible for those with even basic writing skills.
  • Direct deposit available.
  • The payouts occur weekly with Textbroker.


  • The editors of Textbroker have been known to be tough.
  • You will have to pass tests to determine the level of projects you qualify for.
  • The initial identification process is a bit cumbersome as it has multiple verification steps and requires a copy of your ID. 

2. Rev


Rev is an exciting free work-from-home opportunity or online side hustle if you’re interested in transcription jobs. It focuses on creating captions for videos by watching videos and transcribing them. Rev has you log in to their site to watch videos or listen to the audio files to generate accurate transcriptions.

Transcription is an excellent work-from-home job. With Rev, there are all kinds of videos to watch and transcribe, so this online endeavor can be fun, educational, and serve as another remote avenue of income. In addition, you might stumble upon something new that catches your interest.

You can earn from $1.50-to $3.00 per minute of video or audio transcribed and choose what kind of schedule to maintain.


  • You are pretty much getting paid to watch videos. Hard to beat that, right?
  • The video content can be surprisingly entertaining and educational. You never know what you might come across on Rev.
  • As with many remote positions, you can enjoy a very flexible work schedule and choose which projects to take on.


  • You cannot mentally check out or be sloppy with this online work opportunity, as poor results will result in you being terminated from the platform.
  • Not all of the content is exciting, so be prepared to endure some potentially boring videos to transcribe.
  • There is an initial degree of testing to qualify as a “Revver.” If you fail to meet the test’s speed and accuracy standards, you will not be eligible to work for Rev.

3. NextWave Advocacy

NextWave Advocacy

Here’s a fascinating work-from-home job that might catch your attention if you enjoy talking to people on the phone.

NextWave Advocacy employs remote outgoing callers to make phone calls and discuss political topics with the intent of helping people get involved with politics. This can range from guidance with writing letters to local politicians, how to get involved with voter drives, and much more.

If you are passionate about helping others get involved in politics, then this work-from-home job is a great way to earn remotely while contributing in such a fashion.


  • Getting paid $12/hr to talk on the phone is not a terrible notion at all.
  • Payment is weekly, and direct deposit is available with this remote opportunity. 
  • You can enjoy a very flexible and accessible schedule as long as you put in a minimum of 20 hours per week.


  • Talking about politics with random people can be unpleasant or even hostile. So brace yourself for potentially challenging conversations with this one.
  • The flexibility of the schedule can be limited by appropriate calling hours.
  • You will be required to download and work from their software and utilize and headset to call from your computer rather than your phone. 

 4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Serving as a virtual assistant or starting your own virtual assistant business (also known as a VA) has been one of the more rapidly growing legitimate work-from-home jobs. Virtual assistant jobs offer a flexible and beneficial avenue of income for remote workers while also solving the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs that need to outsource some help in their endeavors.

There are many freelance platforms for VAs, such as Time, or you may have more control by creating your own VA business or agency. The range of tasks may vary significantly from client to client as they will all have different needs and perspectives.


  • Virtual Assistants on Time Etc. can make $11/hr starting and up to $16/hr over time, and freelancers have been known to make up $30/hr after proving themselves to be beneficial investments.
  • You have opportunities to connect with seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners that may lead you to future possibilities.
  • As you evolve as a VA, you can zero in on specific niches and choose what you want to work on.


  • If you are not selective with your clients and able to maintain control, it is possible to lose control of the situation and end up getting pushed around or taken advantage of by potential clients.
  • There is no shortage of Virtual Assistant opportunities for those seeking remote working possibilities.
  • Limited flexibility at times due to client needs.

5. Online Tutoring

Online Tutor Work From Home

Being able to make money from home online while also contributing to the lives of others is truly a fantastic opportunity, and becoming an online tutor can offer just that.

You can engage as a freelance tutor, start your own tutoring business, join a pod or group, or explore online platforms for tutors such as and others. Many freelance tutors utilize Skype, Zoom, Discord, Facebook Messenger, and others to conduct their classes. You can engage in one-on-one tutoring or in small groups.

There are many ways to embrace being an online tutor, and this opportunity can create a nice flexible flow of income via working from home.


  • Contributing to the education of others while making money from home is fantastic!
  • You are likely to learn something new or brush up on your knowledge while working with others remotely.
  • The ability and freedom to choose your own hours and lesson plans are significant aspects of this work-from-home job.


  • As an educator, you may find it challenging to get through to your pupils/clients.
  • While there is a degree of freedom here, you may have to compromise with scheduling with your clients/pupils.
  • If you are freelancing, you are responsible for handling requesting payments and other conflicts between you and your client/pupils.

6. Data Entry

Data Entry

Data entry jobs require you to input information into a computer. Data entry clerks verify the information before entering it. This work pays a national average of $26,928 per year, and you need high-speed internet for this role.


  • Data entry online helps you gain experience in research and analysis
  • Data entry jobs offer you flexible working hours


  • It is difficult to find a genuine company
  • It may be hard to get accurate data
  • Data entry is quite tiresome

Other Work-at-Home Jobs

Below are other remote jobs you can do as an independent contractor.

  • Customer Service Jobs: Customer service representatives answer questions through phones, emails, online chat, mail, and social media. Also, customer service agents are constantly making phone calls to verify account information, process refunds, orders, and exchanges. The average yearly salary is $19,406.
  • Pet Sitting: Pet sitters take care of other people’s animals when they are away. They feed them, groom them, bathe, and entertain them. The yearly average salary as a pet sitter is $23,754.
  • Call Center Agent: Call center agents provide customer support. Some of them work as tech support staff. Starting this work is completely free and you assist customers with finding solutions to problems. The average yearly salary is $28,995.
  • Social Media Management: Social media managers create social media posts, develop campaigns, and use analytics to determine success or failure. Social media assistants also help a company build its online voice and audience. It pays an average of $37,444 yearly.

Other options are working translation jobs, helping busy families shop online using a home shopping network, conducting online surveys, etc. You can find job leads using a remote job board. For some of these roles, you may or may not lead a bachelor’s degree.

However, some online marketplaces require you to pay sign-up fees. Alternatively, you can visit the careers page of the company you’re interested in if they hire independent contractors.

Final Thoughts: Work-From-Home With No Startup Fees

Thanks to modern technology and the internet, it has never been easier to make money from home, on our terms, and in ways that suit our individual needs and lifestyles.

These legitimate work-from-home jobs with no startup fees are great places to begin your journey to creating additional avenues of income via remote opportunities.

Taking the time to read up on these remote jobs and others is vital to understand your niche and maximize positive results, so take the information here and start making money on your terms.

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