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Online Jobs That Pay Weekly – 12 Best Online Options

Are you looking for online jobs that pay weekly? If so, there are many online opportunities to choose from. 

These positions may not pay as much as having a 9-5 job but the majority of them will still have an hourly wage. You can work from home – or anywhere with internet access – which makes it convenient when it comes to balancing your personal and professional life. 

Ready to dive in? In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to find (and land) the online job of your dreams that’ll pay you every week! 

Types of Online Jobs 

When you’re looking for an online job, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Which job is right for you and how do you find the one that best matches your schedule, skillset, and desired pay range?

To find the best online job for your needs, you should start by thinking about the types of online jobs that are out there.

Some of the most common job titles you might pursue as an online worker include:

  • Freelance writing
  • Data entry
  • Virtual assistant
  • Market research 
  • Social media marketing
  • Transcription jobs 
  • Online tutoring
  • Audio and video transcription
  • Appointment setting

Of course, the list of online jobs that pay weekly doesn’t end here. There are plenty of legit online jobs you can pursue in which payments are made weekly or even more often – keep reading to learn more!

How to Find the Best Online Job

Trying to find the right online job is a challenge, particularly when you consider that there is no single best job for everyone. Each one has its own lists of pros and cons that will need to be carefully considered. 

To help you find the ideal job, consider the following factors.

First, what is the expected pay? What will you be expected to earn on an hourly or weekly basis? 

How quickly can you start making money? Will you have to complete any sort of training or meet any rigid requirements in order to start working or can you start earning money immediately?

Do you need to have any kind of experience to help you get your foot in the door? Will the job allow you to grow, potentially making it possible for you to earn a higher income over time and to help you earn more money?

Will the job fit with your other life commitments, such as a second job or your family obligations?

And last but not least, is this an online job that you’re going to enjoy? While it’s important to consider how much money you will make and your potential for growth, ultimately, if it’s a job that you hate doing, you probably aren’t going to stick with it for the long haul. This should be the most important factor that you weigh in your decision-making process! 

Find the Best Online Job

Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

Looking for online jobs that pay weekly? If so, you might want to consider some of these legit online jobs – so you can get paid ASAP. 

1. Shipt 


Shipt is a personal shopping website that will allow you to make money primarily online – but also by shopping in stores.

With Shipt, you’ll apply online to become a personal shopper. You’ll pick up orders via an app, collect the items from a store, and then deliver them.

Shipt pays on a weekly basis and you can earn up to $22 an hour. They’re always hiring! 

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2. Scribie 

12 Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly-Scribie

Work for Scribie and you’ll be hired to do general audio and video transcription work. They don’t pay a ton of money – but they do pay every week, so that’s something worth considering. Payments are offered via PayPal. 

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3. Kelly Connect

12 Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly-Kelly Connect

Work remotely with Kelly Connect and you’ll be primarily doing customer service-type jobs. YOu might make phone calls or offer general customer service support via the Internet. Kelly Connect works with all kinds of major companies, including Apple, so you might be able to conduct interesting tasks like helping Apple customers with questions that they have.

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4. Gramlee

12 Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly-Gramlee

How are your grammar skills? If you want to get hired to correct grammatical errors – and get paid weekly! – Gramlee is a great option for you to consider. With this website, you’ll be working entirely from home. You can apply for either a full-time or part-time position and get paid weekly!

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5. Skooli

12 Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly-Skooli

Skooli is one of many different online tutoring companies that will allow you to get paid on a weekly basis. This company is almost always hiring so you shouldn’t have trouble landing a job.

You can earn around $20 per hour with more money depending on your qualifications. To become a tutor, you’ll need to have a Bachelor’s degree and teaching certification. You’ll be able to request a payout as soon as you earn $100, which may be more or less than a week depending on how much you decide you want to work. 

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6. TranscribeMe

12 Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly-TranscribeMe

If you like the idea of transcription, TranscribeMe is the way to go. This company will hire workers with little to no experience to transcribe audio files. While you won’t become a millionaire working for this company, you will still be paid regularly – once a week via PayPal.

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7. Upwork

12 Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly-Upwork

If you’re looking for the perfect online job that pays weekly but just can’t figure out what, exactly, it is that you might like to do, Upwork might be the answer. This website hires freelancers in just about every job category, from freelance writers to graphic designers and everything in between. You can bid on all kinds of contract jobs so you’re free to apply for any kind of task that piques your interest.

Since you can set up your own payment schedule once you have money coming in, it’s possible to get paid weekly (or even more often) when you’re working on Upwork. 

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8. Contemporary VA

12 Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly-Contemporary VA

Becoming a virtual assistant is one of the best things you can do if you want to make money working from home – and get paid promptly. You can conduct virtual assistant tasks by the phone or through the internet. You’ll be able to multitask as you assist customers online – the world is wide open when it comes to how much money you can make! 

Contemporary VA will help you find job openings in your area of interest with minimal effort required. You’ll be able to get paid every single week, too. 

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9. Cambly

12 Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly-Cambly

Cambly is another tutoring website that provides educational opportunities mostly to students looking to learn English. To work with Cambly, all you need is a webcam. Your working hours will vary depending on where your student lives. 

You’ll be paid around $10-$15 per hour with weekly payments available as long as you’ve met the $20 threshold. 

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10. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a website that you can access both on your computer as well as via the mobile app. 

True, it’s probably not the most realistic option if you want to quit your full-time job. However, Survey Junkie offers work-from-home professionals a reasonable way to supplement their regular income by taking surveys every now and then. 

With Survey Junkie, you’ll predominantly be taking surveys but you can also join focus groups and test new products!

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11. Amazon MTurk

12 Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly-Amazon MTurk

Amazon MTurk, or Mechanical Turk, is a website that offers a wide variety of jobs that you can complete on your own time. You might be asked to visit a website, to complete a survey, or do something else quickly. You’ll only receive a few dollars in payment per task but once you’ve earned a minimum of a dollar, you can cash out your payments. It’s possible to get paid every single day!

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12. Pinecone Research 

12 Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly-Pinecone Research

A leader in market research, Pinecone Research is a legit website that will allow you to work from home and get paid every week. It’s owned by Nielsen Company, a market research firm that offers insights into what people buy, like, and watch. As a panelist, you’ll receive points for completed surveys. You can get paid via PayPal in as little as two days!

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What is the Best Online Job that Pays Weekly?

The best online jobs that pay weekly are not always easy to find. However, if you know where to look and how to search for them, a good job opportunity could be waiting just around the corner. 

Have you considered applying for an online job? These positions require little or no commute time and can offer flexible hours, which may make it easier than ever before to balance your work life with family obligations.

If all of this sounds enticing to you, you might be thinking, “great – but how do I know what is the best online job?” 

The truth is that there is no single best online job for every worker. You’ll want to consider all of the variables we mentioned above – as well as how much time you have to dedicate to online work in your daily schedule – to find the best online job that pays weekly. 

Either way, it’s time to dust off that resume and get to work. Happy hunting! 

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FAQ: Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

How can I make money in a week?

If you want to get started with making money online fast, there are few ways to do so – so pick up your smartphone! 

Depending on your skills, you might consider taking a few online surveys from home or setting up a gig on Upwork. You could write articles for blogs as a freelancer or even start a blog of your own. You might try affiliate marketing or social media marketing – or you could even start a YouTube channel! 

While the websites we’ve told you about in this article are some of the best when it comes to posting online jobs that pay weekly, don’t feel like you have to stick to the tried-and-true. Let that entrepreneurial spirit shine!

How can I make $1000 a week working from home?

There are all kinds of legit jobs you can pursue that will allow you to make $1000 a week (or more) working from home. For example, you could start a blog or become a Pinterest virtual assistant. You could work as a freelance writer or tutor English online. You could even start your very own virtual assistant or proofreading business! Leverage the skills you already have to find the best online job to help you make all the money you need.

What online jobs pay daily?

Some online jobs even pay out every single day – though this is something that is admittedly harder to find than an online job that pays out weekly. MTurk is one of the best, offering the ability to withdraw funds in as little as a few hours after completing a job. 

What online job pays the most?

While freelance writing tends to be the highest paying online job (perhaps second only to those that require more advanced skills, like web design), you can also earn plenty of money by working in an online job such as dropshipping, online course creation, teaching English online, and virtual assisting. 

Is there any online job which really pays?

There are all kinds of online jobs that pay really well – your skills, how much time you have available, and what kind of work you want to do will all factor into finding the best paying job. 

However, it’s important to note that freelance writing on Upwork has some of the best potential for long-term, high-paying work. There are some freelance writers on this platform who can earn more than $100 per hour! The same goes for professionals in other niches on Upwork – web developers and designers tend to earn high hourly wages, too, and payout can be in as little as a few days, depending on the client.

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