Loved Investing Review – Is This Platform For Families Legit?

Loved Investing is a unique investment platform designed to bring family members together for investing.

With this brokerage app, you can invest for yourself or set up custodial accounts for your children. Children can see their custodial accounts grow over time and even request investments, and family members can gift shares to one another. On top of that, investing with Loved Investing is completely free – the app has no subscription fee and charges no trade commissions.

So, is Loved right for you and your family? Our Loved Investing review will cover everything you need to know about this investment app. Let’s get started!

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Loved Investing Pricing

Loved Investing app is completely free to use. The platform doesn’t charge any subscription or membership fees and there are no commissions when you make trades with Loved.

What Can You Invest in with Loved Investing?

Loved Investing enables you to invest in thousands of individual US companies and ETFs. You can invest in fractional shares from as little as $1.

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The Loved Investing platform also has 5 premade portfolios that range from 100% bonds to 100% stocks that you can use for goal-oriented investing. However, there’s no prospectus for any of these portfolios and it’s not clear exactly what specific assets they’re invested in.

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Loved Investing Features

Custodial Accounts

One of the essential features of Loved Investing is the ability to invest for your child’s future with its custodial accounts for children. You can open custodial accounts not only for your own children, but also for any child you want to create an investment account for. All you need is their name, date of birth, and social security number. So, Loved is suitable if you want to open an investment account for your niece or nephew or for a close friend’s child. 

These custodial accounts are much more interactive than traditional investment accounts for minors. While you remain in control of all transfers and trades in the account, you can create a login for the child so that they can watch their portfolio grow over time. Children can also request specific investments within their account, which you can then approve or deny.

The idea is that children will be able to be more involved in investing from an early age. They can see compound growth in action in their account, and even select their own investments with your approval.

Goal-Oriented Investing

Loved Investing also makes it possible to set up investment goals to help you save for buying a home or retiring. When you set up a goal, you can choose from 5 premade portfolios or create your own custom portfolio from individual stocks and ETFs. Loved Investing lets you enter the total amount you want to save and the age you want to reach your goal by, and then calculates a recommended amount to save each month.

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There are some odd things about how Loved treats goals, however. First, you can only choose between buying a home or saving for retirement as investment goals – there is no way to set up a custom goal, or to set up more than 2 goal-oriented portfolios. In addition, goals require you to either deposit money immediately or set up a bi-weekly or monthly recurring transfer. You cannot create a goal and leave the portfolio empty for the time being.

Investing with Friends and Family

A unique aspect of Loved Investing is that you’re not investing alone. While each family member (including adults) can have their own Loved Investing account, you can connect with family and friends on the app. Once connected, you can see how much money each person has in their account, what they’re invested in, how their portfolio is performing that day, and even what investing goals they have set up. Loved also has an in-app chat so you can message with family members about their investments.

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While this level of transparency won’t appeal to everyone, it can be extremely useful for teaching kids about the market. They can see how different portfolios perform under different conditions and ask questions through the chat.

Sending and Receiving Stocks

One of the neatest things about Loved Investing is that it lets you send and receive stocks and ETFs to or from anyone in your network. So, it’s possible to give stocks as gifts to family members and friends, including children. You can even set up recurring stock gifts for birthdays, although there’s no option to set up recurring gifts for other events.

Loved Investing User Interface

Loved Investing is only available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. The app is relatively straightforward to navigate, although it does have a few glitches. For example, when swiping through pre-made portfolios, the text doesn’t always match the portfolios being displayed. One nice touch is that you can connect with family and friends using your phone’s contacts, which makes it easier to set up your network.

How Does Loved Compare?

Loved is a very unique investment app that’s built specifically for family-oriented investing. While many brokerage apps let you set up custodial accounts, Loved stands out for making these accounts interactive for children. In doing so, Loved hopes to make investing and concepts like compound interest much more tangible for kids.

The way that Loved lets you connect with family members and friends is also unique. The app encourages transparency by letting anyone you’re connected with see your investments and account growth over time. The built-in chat lets kids easily ask questions, while the ability to send and receive stock gifts offers a new way to start kids on a strong financial path.

Loved is a relatively new platform and it still has a few kinks to work out. Its goal-oriented investing tools could be improved, and it needs to provide more information about its pre-made portfolios. Loved could also offer more flexibility when it comes to setting up recurring investments or stock gifts. That said, it’s an innovative app that offers a variety of features for families that you won’t find anywhere else.

Who is Loved Investing Best For?

Loved Investing is best for families who want to teach kids about investing. The platform offers commission-free investment accounts for adults, but it lacks the investment tools that most adults would want. So, if you’re looking to invest seriously as an adult you may want to consider other options, such as Acorns, Personal Capital, or Worthy Bonds.

Loved Investing is ideal if you want to create a small portfolio for yourself and custodial accounts for your kids and to connect them through the app. That way, your kids can watch their investments grow, see how you invest for yourself, and ask questions along the way.

Loved is also a good option for non-parents who want to help nieces, nephews, and the children of close friends invest. You can set up a custodial account for any child or gift stocks to give them an investing boost early in life.

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5


  • Open custodial accounts for any child, including nieces and nephews
  • Kids can access their accounts and request investments
  • 100% commission-free investing with no account fees
  • Connect with family and friends to see their portfolios and goals
  • Send and receive stock gifts


  • Almost no information about pre-made portfolios
  • Inflexible goal-oriented investing tools
  • Very limited investment and analysis tools for adults

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