FindDreamJobs Review – Can It Find You The Job You Want?

With so much of the nation out of work and looking for new employment, many job search websites have popped up that claim to help job seekers find the perfect match. But which career boards can be trusted, and which ones are full of job scams? Not every job site is created equal, and some can be downright awful. Job hunting can be extremely stressful, and a poor job hunt experience doesn’t help.

In this review we will take a look at a simple job search website known as FindDreamJobs. Does it have the jobs you’re after? Is it worth using? We’ll take a closer look at this job site in this complete review of FindDreamJobs.

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What is FindDreamJobs?

The FindDreamJobs website is run by Search Works Media, LLC which is based out of Delaware.

FindDreamJobs hosts a very basic job search in which users can search for jobs near them by entering a keyword and their zip code. Users can also browse by categories such as full-time, part-time, and immediate hire.


You might be wondering whether you can find legitimate jobs on a job board like FindDreamJobs. FindDreamJobs lists and links to legitimate jobs from known companies such as Macy’s, CarMax, Cracker Barrell, and Petco. Like many job boards, FindDreamJobs tends to focus on retail and restaurant hourly jobs, so if your desired job is a stable 9-5 career position, you may want to try that search on other sites. However, you can find some entry level office jobs such as receptionist and customer service representative on the site as well. FindDreamJobs also lists job openings by temp agencies and gig assignments from other providers such as survey companies.

FindDreamJobs advertises heavily on social media and is active on many platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The online platform is created specifically for users inside the U.S. and may not work at all in some other counties without VPN access.

Unlike other job sites, applicants cannot view job information or apply from the FindDreamJobs website. FindDreamJobs is simply a search aggregator that links to the target page, which may be a company website or another job board like CareerBuilder. In short, FindDreamJobs is like a simplified and focused version of Google to help in your search for a new job. This basic functionality can be frustrating to some job seekers, which other searchers prefer a slimmed-down interface that links directly to the company doing the hiring. In comparison with other full-functionality sites like Indeed, a minimalist site like FindDreamJobs can be refreshing and easy to use.

It is important to note that FindDreamJobs pulls in each job listing and all its information from other websites.

The plus side is that browsing a simple job board like FindDreamJobs can help you see which companies are hiring and get ideas of employers and keywords to search for.

On the FindDreamJobs website, this disclaimer is featured at the bottom of each page: “FindDreamJobs is a job search engine. We are not an agent or representative of any Employer. Registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners who do not sponsor or endorse this website.”

How to Job Search on FindDreamJobs

To begin a job search on FindDreamJobs, the process is fairly straightforward. Users simply visit the main website home page and enter a job title, keyword, or company into the search box, along with a zipcode or city name in the location box. The site also offers clickable keywords towards the bottom of the page featuring trending categories and trending jobs such as “Online Teaching“, “Medical Assistant”, and “Work From Home”.

Users have the option to sign up, create a profile, and receive emails with jobs available that are tailored to their unique individual skills. The site also offers a free resume builder that allows you to populate a template using their form and download a completed resume to distribute.

Are there Work from Home Jobs on FindDreamJobs?

Whether you need a work from home job due to pandemic-related school closures, or just decided that you like commuting from your bedroom better than dealing with rush hour traffic, telecommuting jobs are in high demand. Is the FindDreamJobs website a viable option to search for this type of gig?

FindDreamJobs-work from home jobs

There are 2 clickable keywords on the FindDreamJobs home page that allows you to browse telecommuting jobs. These keywords are: Work From Home and Remote. Unlike some other job search websites, these results appear to be actual job listings from local employers in the community near you.

This is a huge plus to using FindDreamJobs, as other job search engines can be filled with work from home scams and links to companies who make you pay for information. It appears that FindDreamJobs can actually be used to find legitimate work-from-home opportunities.

FindDreamJobs Reviews

Comments and reviews about FindDreamJobs online are mixed. There are even a few YouTube videos advising that FindDreamJobs may be a scam.

Some users ran into issues with the FindDreamJobs registration process, posting complaints online about the website’s “spammy” emails and phone calls. It seems that one of the ways that FindDreamJobs makes money is by selling user’s information to third-party companies. To remedy this, you can simply opt-out of marketing emails or use the website as a search tool without filling out your personal information at all.

In addition, some users of the site did report getting stuck in a “redirect” loop when attempting to apply for certain job listings through the site. After being asked several annoying survey questions, they were directed to another site which did the same thing, and eventually led them back to the original site. One way to remedy this is to go directly to the employer’s website and apply from there. Once you have found a job listing you are interested in on FindDreamJobs, you can then leave the site and locate the proper information on your own terms.

To be fair, the company is in full legal compliance with all disclosure laws and states their policies clearly in the terms and conditions.

Another downside to the FindDreamJobs site is that there is no information given about when the job posting was originally posted. Other job sites post the date along with the job posting so candidates can see how long ago the job listing was posted and if it is likely to still be active.

Is FindDreamJobs Legit?

In short, although you may receive some marketing emails and unwanted solicitations, this does not make FindDreamJobs a scam. The job opportunities featured on the website are legitimate positions open for hire from legitimate companies. This makes FindDreamJobs a legit job search website.

There is nothing dangerous or unsafe about creating a profile, and no payment information is ever collected or placed on file. There is also a disclaimer on the website that although the company “cannot delete your personal information from our database” they can “suppress it from being shared with third parties upon your request”.

So, if you are very concerned about having your information collected, stored, or distributed by FindDreamJobs the best thing to do is not create a profile in the first place. Avoid giving out your phone number, address, or any other personal information. Remember, FindDreamJobs does not provide a way to apply for different jobs so they do not need this info, and the only benefit to creating your own account would be to receive job search emails.

It is an important rule of thumb with any job search site to make sure you are only giving your information to potential employers, and not a company who plans to misuse your information. Once your phone number and email address are out there, it is very difficult if not impossible to take it back. Guard your personal data closely and read any company’s policies very carefully before clicking “opt in” or “agree”.

If you click through a job posting on FindDreamJobs, make sure that the website you are linked to is a legitimate one before entering your personal information and applying. For example, FindDreamJobs sometimes links to job postings on known websites that offer job application capabilities such as CareerBuilder and Glassdoor. Stick to applying through trusted brands like these, and you will save yourself from wasting time while hunting for that perfect job.

How does FindDreamJobs compare to other job sites?

Compared to most websites for job seekers, FindDreamJobs is very limited in its features and capabilities.

The website does have the following advantages:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Posts legitimate job openings
  • Resume builder feature to generate and download a resume
  • Can search by location and keyword to find jobs near you
  • Can create a profile to receive job alerts
  • Links to other websites where you can actually apply for the job (in some cases)
  • A career resources page with helpful blog articles

On the other hand, FindDreamJobs falls short in the following areas, especially when compared to other more robust sites like Indeed, Snagajob, Flexjobs, or Glassdoor:

  • No mobile app
  • Sells information to third party companies
  • No ability to apply to jobs directly from the website
  • No information on when a job was posted
  • No ability to save jobs you are interested in for later
  • No salary information given
  • May send you through a cycle of endless redirects and survey questions
  • Restricted access for users outside the United States

Final Verdict: FindDreamJobs

In short, there are better websites out there if you are looking for a job search board with full application and search capabilities, but FindDreamJobs offers a good basic search for those looking to browse available jobs in a hurry. While you can use the site for quick leads, there are better websites out there to spend your limited time without the spammy emails. Any website can help you find that dream job, but check out our reviews for other job search sites like Snagajob to learn more about other options.

Overall Rating: 3.67 out of 5

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