Jobscan Review – Can It Help You Find Top Opportunities?

If you’re a job seeker, you probably already know how important a stand-out resume is in the job search process. In this Jobscan review, we’ll tell you all about something you might not know about – how Jobscan can help you tailor your resume to just about any job posting.

But wait – why do you need to tailor your resume to each individual job title anyway? Can’t you just use the same resume?

You can – but you probably aren’t going to get the results you want.

We’ll tell you why – as well as other important information you need to know – in this Jobscan review.

What is Jobscan?

Based in Seattle, WA, Jobscan is a resume manager tool that can help you adapt your resume to any kind of job posting.

jobscan resume converter

It was created by a founder who knew that he was struggling when it came to the resume writing process. Despite having tons of experience – and all the credentials necessary to land a job interview – his resume simply wasn’t getting to the top of the pile.

This is a dilemma that many job seekers face. Although they are wholly qualified, their resumes are never actually seen by humans because so many companies now use applicant tracking systems.

How Can Jobscan Help Improve Your Resume?

Applicant tracking systems are software programs meant to weed out resumes from job seekers who aren’t qualified for the job posting. These systems scan resumes for keywords that are included in the job description – for example, “team player” or “organizational skills.”

When you’re applying to multiple jobs and scanning tons of job postings in one sitting, it can be challenging to make sure you’ve nailed all the keywords that you need to get through the applicant tracking system. Short of rewriting your resume for every different job posting, there’s not much else you can do.

Until Jobscan, that is. This online analysis tool tells job seekers what they need to add or remove from their resumes for specific job postings. All you have to do is copy and paste your resume into the box, hit Scan, and go!

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How Do You Use Jobscan?

When you upload and scan your resume on Jobscan, you’ll get a Match Rate that’s based on an analysis of all the categories you might need to match within a job search – such as your hard skills, soft skills, job title, education, and other keywords that might be included.

jobscan how it works

The software goes one step further to help you get through the applicant tracking system, too. It will identify your word count, words to avoid, and measurable results. It can even look for things like headings, paragraph length, and date formatting.

All of these contribute to a “match rate,” helping you figure out whether your resume matches the job description and job posting well – or whether you need to go back to the drawing board to help you be more successful in the job search.

What Is a Good Score on Jobscan?

As mentioned in the last section, when you work with Jobscan, you’ll get a match rate that essentially provides you with an idea of how well your resume will fare in the applicant tracking system.

Ideally, you should look for a Job Cna score of 80% or higher.

If your resume doesn’t meet that threshold, you can revise it and resubmit for another Jobscan review. If you happen to have the premium membership, you can get suggestions in “real-time” for how you can improve your resume as you are in the process of making updates to it. 

Jobscan Cost

When you use Jobscan to search job postings for you, you will get five free scans per month. The free resume manager is a great way to make sure your resume gets past the applicant tracking systems, and if you’re not applying to tons of jobs each month, it should provide you with all the features you need.

jobscan pricing

In addition to access to the five free scans, you’ll also be able to use the Jobscan Learning Center. Not only that, but you can earn additional free scans by referring your friends to Jobscan.

You can also choose to go one step further and sign up for a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription costs $49.95 per month, or you can pay $89.95 at a slight discount for three months.

Sign up for a premium plan, and you’ll get unlimited scans and access to an unlimited scan history (with the free plan, you can only search the last 20 scans).

You will also have access to the resume manager, the Jobscan learning center, and LinkedIn and cover letter optimization tools. You can be paired with jobs that you match with and resume live scoring along with other useful features, like resume and cover letter templates.

Is Jobscan Safe?

You might be hesitant to use Jobscan in your job search since you’ll have to provide some personal information, like the address and other contact information you have on your resume.

However, Jobscan is totally safe to use. It has an EV SSL certificate to make sure that all the data you submit in the Jobscan review of your resume is kept safe, private, and secure. 

Customer Service at Jobscan

The one downside to using Jobscan is that it doesn’t have the best customer support. You can only get in touch via email, since the platform lacks phone and live chat support.

That said, the website is incredibly easy to use, so you may not ever need to get in touch with customer support, anyway.

Jobscan Pros and Cons

Below are some of the biggest advantages (and disadvantages!) of using Jobscan review as you’re attempting to match your resume to a job description.

Pro: Easy to Use

Especially compared to other resume optimization services, Jobscan is incredibly easy to use. The match rate that is delivered after each search is provided in a matter of seconds  – making it convenient for you to figure out what exactly you need to use to optimize your resume.

jobscan rate your resume

Pro: Career Coaching Available

Although you’ll have to pay extra for it, Jobscan does offer career coaching services to help you get some help in your job search. It’s pricey, but it can be worth it if you are having a hard time finding a job.

Con: Shady Free Trial Period

One disadvantage of using Jobscna is that the terms of the free trial are a little bit wishy-washy. You won’t get a reminder that your free trial is ending soon – so it’s important that you set a reminder for yourself so that you can cancel before your credit card gets charged.

Con: Jobscan Review Requests

Another somewhat frustrating feature of Jobscan is that you will be prompted to write a review before you even have the chance to really try out the platform.

Yes, businesses need reviews – but since you won’t have a good opportunity to really try this resume builder out for yourself, you’re probably going to leave a positive review. Some users have speculated whether this has contributed to the seemingly higher-than-average rate of positive reviews for the platform.

Jobscan Alternatives

While there are tons of options out there for job searching, from Steady App to Snagajob, Jobscan does a solid job of finding potential job matches. The biggest downside of using Jobscan, though, is that it does not offer resume writing services. Although it’s a valuable tool to help you get feedback and advice about applicant tracking optimization, it’s not meant to write your resume for you.

That said, there are some alternatives out there to Jobscan that provide this service.

One of these is ZipJob. ZipJob markets itself specifically as a professional resume writing service. However, it is much more expensive than Jobscan, with rates for usage coming in at around $139 per month.

jobscan alternatives zipjob

Another alternative is Resume Genius. Resume Genius doesn’t provide the same optimization for applicant tracking systems as Resume Genius does, but it does have templates and an easy-to-use resume crafter.

Another example is Resume Companion, which also provides templates and resume examples. That said, it won’t write your resume for you and it doesn’t have the same optimization features as Jobscan, either.

Is Jobscan Legit?

As you might be able to tell from reading this Jobscan review, Jobscan is one of the best resume optimization services out there. There aren’t many other tools you can use in your job search that are quite like Jobscan. It’s also totally legit, with plenty of positive user reviews.

So if you’re ready to improve your chances of getting an interview (ideally without having to hire a certified professional resume writer for $100 an hour!), it’s time to consider using Jobscan. Hopefully, our Jobscan review has convinced you to do just that!

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Jobscan Review Ratings

  • Ease of Use: 4
  • Cost: 5
  • Safety: 5
  • Customer Service: 4

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