Best Places to Buy Business Cards

Shopping for your new business cards takes time, and even if you think they’re a small part of your business, they require a lot of attention to get right. You need to decide what you want on your cards, how you want to design them, where you want to print them, and how fast you need them.

You can choose to create your own design and print same day cards or upload a design online and receive your new business cards in the mail. Regardless of which options that you choose, make sure you end up with a quality card and design that represents your business well. Whether you’re already a part of or just starting a party planning business, a house cleaning business, a bookkeeping business, or really any business type, business cards are crucial. Your business card might be the first connection you have with a new client — do you want that connection to fall flat or impress?

Set of business cards

Design Your Own Business Card

Before you look for a company to order your new business cards, decide whether you’re okay using a template or whether you want to create a custom design. Using pre-designed templates is an excellent option if you’re in a hurry or are not interested in custom upgrades. However, developing your own designs on editing websites like Canva and Adobe Spark offers more creativity, customization, and a personalized touch that matches your business.


Canva Business Cards

You can use a designing website like Canva to create the perfect business card with your logo and images on it. Choose a designing area that matches the printing size of your business card template, and then you can start adding different elements like your logo file or stock images. Canva offers a limited free membership that lets you use basic design tools. Advanced features require a paid account.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark Business Cards

Adobe Spark is very similar to Canva. You can use the same design tools to put together the perfect business card on a PC or your phone. Adobe Spark also offers a wide range of royalty-free stock photos from Pixabay and Unsplash that you can search through with keywords. Whichever editing site you use, make sure you only create designs that can fit onto the business cards you’re ordering. When you upload the design to the company’s website, it should show or tell you whether your card is too large for the printing area.

Pick Up In-Person


Staples Business Crads

Staples offers a variety of same-day business card templates that you can design and order online and pick up in-store in only four hours. Staples includes a variety of designs and themes to choose from, or you can upload your own design for a more personal and customized touch. Staple’s business card printing service starts at $30 for 100 cards.

Office Depot & Office Max

Office Depot Business Cards

Same-day business card service with limited options. Same-day business cards are printed on one side only in either matte or gloss 12pt paper. Don’t let the limitations stop you from ordering through Office Depot & Office Max, though. If you order your business cards by 2 pm, you can pick them up in a couple of hours, which is perfect if you’re in a pinch. The same-day business cards start at $9.99 for 50 cards.


Walgreens Business Cards

Walgreens is already known for their same-day photo services, but they also offer same-day pick-up of business cards. They include a range of ideas and designs to get you started and can come in double-sided prints with square or rounded corners. Walgreens business cards start at $0.29 each for 40 cards ($11.60 total) and lower to $0.11 each for 400 cards ($44 total).


FedEx Business Cards

FedEx offers a 24-hour business card service that lets you bring your custom design into a FedEx location for same-day printing. All you need to do is bring a flash drive with your logo, images, and design ideas to your local FedEx store and start the order and printing process. The 24-Hour Business Cards option is ideal for professionals on the go. The pricing varies on the type of paper and other options that you choose in-store.


Costco Business Cards

If you’re a member of the Costco warehouse club, you’re in luck. You can order discounted business cards through their online printing service platform and choose to pick them up in-store. Costco offers full color, double-sided business cards on 16pt paper that start at $21.99 for 500. This is by far one of the best deals you can find for quality business cards, especially if you want to pick them up vs. delivery.

Order Online


Vistaprint Business Cards

Vistaprint is one of the more popular printing websites for business cards. You can choose from thousands of templates or upload your own design. Vistaprint also offers customized promotional products like masks, banners, menus, and label stickers, which means you can keep your design themes the same across all of your products. Business cards from Vistaprint start at $15 for 100 standard cards on 14pt paper.


iPrint Business Cards

iPrint is a quality provider of both business cards and promotional products. Their design platform includes options for basic templates, or you can choose to upload a custom design you create yourself. The platform lets you customize in only a few quick clicks to simplify the designing and ordering process. iPrint also offers fun magnetic business cards. Promotional products include customized self-inking stamps, address labels, pens, and even water bottles. Business cards from iPrint start at $15 for 250 cards.

Magnets USA

Magnets USA Business Cards

Magnets USA offers a wide range of magnet business cards, bookmarks, notecards, and more. The magnetic business cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes to reflect the nature of your business. Shapes include standard rectangles, houses, bumps, and waves. You can choose to edit a standard mockup or upload your own design. A standard 4” X 7” horizontal magnet is as low as $0.87 each.

Taste of Ink

Taste of Ink Business Cards

Taste of Ink specializes in high-end business cards that come in a variety of finishes, including suede, silk, cotton, and plastic. The company works interactively with each client to design the perfect business card, and they don’t rest until you’re happy. Taste of Ink allows you to start the design process online or work with a specialist. The base price for a standard 16pt silk laminated cardstock is $110 for 500, and the prices go up from there for each added design element.

Morning Print

Morning Print Business Cards

Morning Print is a global business card design service that ships anywhere in the world, usually with express 2-day shipping. They offer low-cost packages to meet any budget, including their Economy Paper Business Cards that come in at $7.99 for 200. They are the cheapest card service online and are perfect for tight budgets and rapid shipping times.

Print Your Own Business Card

Avery Clean Edge Business Cards

Avery Business Cards

If you’re interested in speed over quality, you can’t go wrong with do-it-yourself printing options. The Avery Clean Edge Business Cards let you load your custom design into an online printing template for you to churn out your own business cards on-demand. The card stock comes with perforations to easily pop out each card, and the online templates are easy to use and guide you through every step.

Printing your own business cards does require a quality printer with both black ink and color ink cartridges. Make sure you have enough ink to print as many cards as you need and always do a single card test printer. Look to see whether you have lined up the paper correctly. If you try to print an entire page of business cards without checking your page alignment, you could end up wasting cardstock and ink.

Avery Clean Edge Business Cards start at $8 for a 90-card pack, and pricing goes up depending on the number of cards, color, and type of printer you have (laser vs. inkjet).

Final Thoughts: Best Places For Business Cards

Business cards are an important aspect for any business. Having the right business cards can make all the difference when trying to gain more customers. Now you know the best places to get business cards. Whether you want to make your own, get help from a store, or print business cards yourself, the options are out there! Get your business cards now and start passing them out to your future customers.

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