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Best Place to Sell Beanie Babies

At some point in the early ’90s, the Beanie Baby industry became a thing. It was thriving, and Beanie Baby collectors made a lot of money, especially if they had a valuable beanie baby or the rarest Beanie Baby in their collections. However, the sale of Beanie Babies petered out at some point.

At the moment, however, the Beanie Baby business seems to be making a comeback. So if you have certain old Beanie Babies, especially rare Beanie Baby collections, you should be looking to sell some of the Beanie Babies in your collection for some cool cash.

There are two major ways to sell Beanie Babies. The first is to sell Beanie Babies locally. For example, most original Beanie Babies are considered antique toys so you could sell them at an antique store. You must know, however, that you may be unable to get top-dollar selling these collectible toys to antique shops.

The antique dealer will likely sell to others looking to buy Beanie Babies at a higher price than you sold to them. Furthermore, you could consider selling at a flea market. Flea markets bring you an abundance of customers who may be interested in these stuffed toys.

Finally, you may want to have a yard sale. Selling on your turf is a way to dispose of most Beanie Babies in your collection and make some extra money while at it.

The second option is selling Beanie Babies online. There are different online marketplaces where you can sell Beanie Babies online. Of course, they all have other specialties and how much you can fetch on any of those platforms. One thing they all share in common, though, is an aversion to fake Beanie Babies. Hence, as long as you have authentic and mint-condition Beanie Babies, you should be good to go.

So, wondering what the best place to sell Beanie Babies is? Let’s look at top options that can help you get top dollar for these plush toys!

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Rare Beanie Babies

Rare Beanie Babies are hard to come by and on the high end for price. Before selling, ensure you know what you have and the Beanie Baby’s value. Below are some rare beanie babies to be on the lookout for. Their rarity also means that they are vintage toys, are pretty expensive, and fetch the most money in the market:

  • Beanie the Bear
  • Snort the Red Bull
  • Halo, the Bear
  • Nana the Monkey
  • Peace Bear
  • Gobbles Turkey
  • Halo Bear
  • Peanut the Elephant
  • Princess Bear

Retired Beanie Babies can also fetch a higher asking price. Some regular retired Beanie Babies include:

  • Pretty Penny
  • White Rose

Best Places to Sell Beanie Babies

Below are some of the best places to sell Beanie Babies and get the best Beanie Baby prices.


Best Places To Sell Beanie Babies-eBay

eBay is perhaps the most popular online site for selling any item, including cute little critters. Hence, it is a perfect platform for anyone who sells or buys Beanie Babies. One of the most significant benefits of this platform is that it already has history on its side. Many collectors use the platform to either meet with or sell beanie babies individually or as a collection.

eBay has an easy set-up process and a responsive customer care system if you get confused about any steps in using the platform. Furthermore, there is a thriving online community on the site. You will find sellers who have sold many cheap and expensive Beanie Babies.

You can reach out to them if you have any questions. eBay is arguably the platform you can use to generate the most interest in your beanies and make that extra cash.

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Best Places To Sell Beanie Babies-Etsy

Etsy is also a platform like eBay for selling and buying Beanie Babies. The platform also has a thriving community of sellers to share experiences with and learn from. More importantly, they can provide price guides for these popular collectible toys so you can be sure no one will cheat you of your well-deserved dollars.

Etsy has sections for sold Beanie Babies, rare Beanie Babies, Ty Warner Beanie Babies, and so on. You can even sell your Ty Beanie Baby here. Another perk is that you will not have to search for long for buyers and will be offered a reasonable price for your valuable toys. This is because Etsy is a popular destination for Beanie Baby enthusiasts looking for valuable beanies.

You should, however, make sure that your collectible items stand out. Take the best pictures, label the beanies correctly and be on hand to answer any questions buyers may have. Then, when you make a sale, mark the Beanie Babies sold and ask the buyer to leave a review.

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Facebook Marketplace

Best Places To Sell Beanie Babies-Facebook Marketplace

This is another easily accessible platform for selling online and making some dollars. Facebook Marketplace puts you in contact with potential buyers within your immediate vicinity, making it one of the best platforms for selling locally. However, it has its pros and cons. For the pros, you can quickly contact the people buying your beanies.

This saves you the cost of shipping to buyers in other countries. You will also not have to search for buyers for a long time before you get any beanies sold, and you can control the overall sale price. Furthermore, the beanies need not be in mint condition. Finally, you are not charged any fees for putting your beanies on the Facebook Marketplace.

On the other hand, the platform does not introduce you to many people. You may not find a lot of Beanie Baby enthusiasts within your locality, and those you see may not want to pay good money. As a result, the final sale price might be less than what you will get on other platforms.

Furthermore, to use the Facebook Marketplace, you should be willing to meet with your potential buyers in person. If this does not interest you, then you may want to consider other sites.

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Best Places To Sell Beanie Babies-Amazon

Amazon is another platform to sell your beanie baby collection, including your most valuable ones. This platform is popular, especially for users in the United States. This is because this leading e-store sells almost every retail item you could think of. In addition, you can optimize the platform to sell some of the most popular collectible toys with original tags.

Most of your Amazon customers will likely be from the United States. These customers are famed for their generosity and will most likely purchase even an expensive Beanie Baby at the original price you set.

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Best Places To Sell Beanie Babies-Craiglist

Craigslist is one of the secondary markets you can explore if you have valuable Beanie Babies to sell. Unfortunately, most collectors only explore Craiglist as a last resort. This is because the ads make navigating the platform less than ideal.

However, there is no harm in putting your beanies up on the platform. You could even be lucky to find a buyer willing to pay a higher price than you ordinarily would have gotten selling on traditional Beanie Baby platforms.

Craigslist provides a meeting place between the buyer and seller. To sell, the buyer must physically meet the seller to make the exchange. Thus, the buyer could reject the Beanie Baby if it does not match what they had in mind.

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Open Your Own eCommerce Store

If you have a challenge with online stores, you can choose to create yours. Opening an e-commerce store is pretty straightforward. However, going solo opens you up to possibilities you did not even know existed.

However, starting up something from scratch can be daunting. First, you have to meet the standards set by the other online stores. Thus, when opening online stores to sell these popular stuffed animals, you need to check other sites’ listings to know what price to set. Furthermore, confirm that the hang tag of each beanie is intact. Finally, consider advertising your online platform, targeting people who may love stuffed animals.

Best Places To Sell Beanie Babies-Creating own e-commerce store

What Are the Best Times to Sell Beanie Babies?

There is a blossoming Beanie Babies market online. However, to get the best possible deal and make the most money, you need to take note of specific dates. Here are some of the best periods to sell your most valuable beanies:


Some Beanie Babies are tied to particular global events. So selling the toys close to the period or at the event’s anniversary can give you a significant boost. For instance, it has been widely speculated that the anniversary of the death of Princess Diana could open the room for the sale of Princess Bear Beanie Babies.

This is because the Princess Bear was made to commemorate Princess Diana. Therefore, the expected turnout for the Princess Bear at her anniversary is so good that if you maximize it, you might be able to sell off all of the Beanie Babies in your collection. That amounts to quite a lot of money.


Holidays also provide opportunities for collectors to sell their Beanie Babies. In addition, some beanie boos are considered holiday beanies. For instance, Valentino the Bear is connected with Valentine’s celebration.

The same goes for other holidays. This means you must identify the Beanie Babies in your collection that are tied to the holidays. Then, when these holidays approach, you can dust off the beanie bears and put them up for sale.

Major World Events

Major world events also allow you to sell your Beanie Babies. Like anniversaries, significant events will enable you to sell off all of the toys in your collection. So you could make the most money from your sales while selling during important world events.

This means that you have to keep up with global activities. For instance, you may want to sell your Beanie Babies at a sporting event where one of the team’s mascots is a bear. Enthusiastic fans will have no qualms about buying up your entire collection at a great rate.

Tips for Selling Beanie Babies

Apart from the places and the times to sell your Beanie Babies, there are a couple of other tips and tricks.

Know the Generation of the Beanie Baby

Beanie Babies all come in different generations. Some generations of Beanie Babies fetch more money than others. Thus, you need to learn the generation of the Beanie Baby you want to sell. The chief importance of learning about the generation of the Beanie Baby is to avoid being scammed while selling. To know the generation of the beanie bear, look at the ear tag on the beanie baby’s ear. You can also get other important information from the tush tag, swing tag, and hang tags on the stuffed animal.

Beanie Baby on the Bed

Get the Details Right

When putting up your Beanie Baby for sale online, you must set up the item correctly. Firstly, you cannot compromise on pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words. So sometimes, what the Beanie Baby appraiser needs to conclude whether to buy or not is a look at Beanie Baby’s picture.

Furthermore, include the name, tush tags, style number, and the price you are willing to sell. You can check out the online marketplaces where Beanie Babies are sold to have a fair idea of where to place yours.

The Pellets Matter

Like other pellets-filled toys, the pellets inside the Beanie Baby determine its worth. The most valuable Beanie Babies have different pellets from a regular beanie baby, whose sale price might be a few dollars.

Cheap Beanie Babies have Polyvinyl Ethylene (PVE) pellets. They are common. Thus, if your Beanie Baby collection is mainly made up of toys with this pellet, your collection may not be worth much. The real deal is the PVC pellets (Polyvinyl Chloride).

They are found in rare Beanie Babies and are worth much more. If you want to sell your Beanie Babies, whether online or locally, make sure you know the value of your pellets before putting them up.

Here are some additional tips to get the most money when selling your beanie babies:

  1. Research: Before you can effectively sell your Beanie Babies, you need to know what you have. Not all Beanie Babies are created equal. Some are extremely valuable, while others aren’t worth much. Look up the name, release date, and other specific details about your Beanie Babies.
  2. Condition Matters: A Beanie Baby in mint condition will sell for much more than one that is worn or damaged. Mint condition means that the Beanie Baby is like new, with no stains, rips, or smells. The tag should also be in good shape. If the toy’s original hang tag or tush tag is missing or damaged, it might decrease its value.
  3. Price Comparatively: After you’ve identified and evaluated the condition of your Beanie Babies, you need to decide on a price. Look at what similar Beanie Babies are selling for on various online platforms to get an idea of what the market will bear.
  4. Use Clear Photos: If you’re selling online, make sure to take clear, well-lit photographs from different angles. Include close-ups of any tags and any unique features. If there are any defects, photograph those as well.
  5. Choose the Right Platform: You can sell Beanie Babies on a number of online platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, Mercari, or specialized Beanie Baby selling sites. Some people also have success with local selling apps or at collectibles fairs.
  6. Consider Selling in Lots: If you have a large collection of less valuable Beanie Babies, it may be more efficient to sell them in lots rather than individually. This can save on shipping costs and make the deal more attractive to buyers looking to grow their collection quickly.
  7. Be Patient: The market for Beanie Babies isn’t as active as it once was, so you may need to wait a while for the right buyer to come along. If you’re not in a hurry to sell, waiting may result in a better price.
  8. Negotiate: Be open to negotiation. It’s not uncommon for buyers to try and haggle down the price, so consider this when you set your initial asking price.
  9. Communicate Well: If you’re selling online, prompt and polite communication can help you sell more effectively. Answer any questions potential buyers have, and try to dispatch items as soon as possible once they’re sold.

Selling Beanie Babies FAQ

How Much Do Beanie Babies Sell For?

The value of Beanie Babies varies greatly depending on the specific model, condition, rarity, and current market demand. Most Beanie Babies aren’t worth a significant amount, often selling for anywhere between $1 and $10. However, there are exceptions.

What are the Top Selling Beanie Babies?

Certain rare and highly sought-after Beanie Babies can sell for a good amount of money. Some of the most valuable Beanie Babies include:

  1. Princess Diana Bear: Released in 1997 in memory of Princess Diana, this bear can be worth a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on its condition and version.
  2. Valentino Bear: This bear can be worth a good amount, especially if it has errors on its tags.
  3. Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant: This is one of the earliest Beanie Babies and was quickly retired, making it a valuable collector’s item.
  4. Claude the Crab: This tie-dyed crab can fetch a good price, especially if it has tag errors.
  5. Peace Bear: Another tie-dyed bear, Peace Bear’s value can vary widely depending on its colors and tag errors.
  6. Iggy the Iguana: Depending on its color and tag, Iggy the Iguana can be worth a good amount.

Can You Sell Beanie Babies Locally?

Yes, you can definitely sell Beanie Babies locally. Here are a few ways you could do that:

  1. Garage or Yard Sale: This is a common way to sell items locally. You can set your prices and negotiate with buyers directly.
  2. Local Flea Markets or Swap Meets: These are great places to sell collectibles. People who go to these events are often looking for unique finds.
  3. Consignment Shops: Some consignment shops may take Beanie Babies, particularly if you have rare ones in excellent condition.
  4. Local Auctions: If you have particularly rare Beanie Babies, a local auction house might be interested.
  5. Community Sales Events: Some communities organize sales events where residents can sell used goods. These could be a good opportunity to sell your Beanie Babies.
  6. Local Classifieds: You can advertise in local newspapers or online classified websites. Websites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or Nextdoor allow you to sell items to people in your local community.

Are Beanie Babies Still Sold in Stores?

Yes, Beanie Babies are still being sold in stores. The Ty company, the creator of Beanie Babies, continues to release new designs and retired older ones, which maintains a level of interest and collectability for the toys.

Retailers such as Walmart, Target, and various online stores like Amazon may carry newer models of Beanie Babies. Independent toy stores and gift shops might also carry Beanie Babies.

However, the rarity and value associated with the original Beanie Babies from the 1990s are typically not seen with newer releases. The ones that are potentially valuable are typically older models that are no longer produced, especially if they’re rare or have tag errors. Therefore, while new Beanie Babies can be bought in stores or online, older, potentially more valuable ones are typically found at resale shops, online auction sites like eBay, or through personal collections.

Conclusion: Best Places to Sell Beanie Babies

Whether your Beanie Babies are expensive or cheap, you can sell them with any of the platforms mentioned above. However, don’t forget the tips discussed, as they will help you get the best prices.

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