Snagajob Review – Is It The Right Choice For Finding A Job?

Snagajob is promoted as “America’s #1 hourly work marketplace” and has become an increasingly popular way to find and apply for hourly jobs and shift work. Launched in the year 2000 by founder Shawn Boyer, Snagajob connects more than 700,000 employer locations with 100 million registered job seekers across the United States and Canada. But does this well-known job board live up to the hype? We’ll cover all the questions you may have and details you need to know in our review below.

Snagajob Website

Is Snagajob Legitimate?

Snagajob has been around for more than 20 years and since its inception has been the recipient of multiple awards including the Great Place to Work ™ distinction. Likewise, a search of employee reviews reveals many satisfied corporate employees working for Snagajob headquarters. The company prides itself on its values and strives to create a helpful service for hourly shift workers across the United States.

About Snagajob

Like most online job boards, Snagajob itself is a legitimate platform to search for your next gig, but individual job posts could still be illegitimate. Each listing should be vetted before applying to ensure your protection from a scam. Job postings should never ask you to pay any money for training or an interview. Other red flags include language that sounds like a MLM scheme, job interviews conducted en masse for sales gigs that pay on commission only, and company names that don’t match the job posting.

From a search of Snagajob reviews, the most common complaint that people seem to have against Snagajob is the amount of unsolicited emails and even phone calls they receive after signing up for the site. Thankfully, you can set your email preferences to a level anywhere from “spam me please” to “don’t bother me”.

While not officially accredited with the Better Business Bureau, Snagajob has a B rating on the BBB website and just 7 complaints from consumers in the last 3 years.

How Does Snagajob Work?

Snagajob’s mission is to match employers and job seekers through a simple process that is convenient and effective for both parties. Snagajob works by allowing employers to submit their job postings and helping job seekers create a profile with their work history, education and other relevant information.

After you create an account with Snagajob, you have the option to begin receiving email alerts for new jobs. You will also have a dashboard on the site with new daily job recommendations for you. These jobs can be saved or applied to as you encounter them. Best of all, job applicants never pay any fee for using Snagajob’s services.

Finding a job at Snagajob

If you download the Snagajob application for Android or iPhone, you can also choose to receive notifications to your smartphone and enable your location to receive job alerts near you. The app has a convenient “Daily Matches” tab where you can see what new jobs have been recommended for you. Just log on daily to dismiss or save each matched job in a process that is just as gratifying as swiping left or right on Tinder.

How Does Snagajob Compare To Other Job Sites?

Depending on whether you’re a millennial or a boomer, you probably have some familiarity with companies such as CareerBuilder, Monster or Indeed. How does Snagajob stack up to these other well-known career marketplaces? Snagajob has incorporated some unique features that enhance the job search experience and help set the brand apart from other similar resources. Some of these features include:

  • The ability to see an approximate commute time for each job listing
  • Snagajob’s signature “Refer friends, get paid!” program
  • An estimated wage range for each job listing on the site
  • Unique job filters including “urgently hiring”, “easy apply”, “essential jobs” and “teen”
  • Quick application process for many of the available job listings
  • Virtual Hiring tools for a faster interview process
  • Emphasis on matching hourly workers with employers hiring for shifts near them
  • A convenient resume builder that helps job seekers auto-fill their work history
  • The ability to set your availability for full-time or part-time work
  • Employer Connect feature which allows users to receive invites for jobs without applying
  • The inclusion of gig economy jobs such as Uber Eats or DoorDash
  • Daily job recommendations picked just for you and sent to your dashboard
  • Snagajob Crew for shift workers looking to pick up extra shifts from local businesses

The most common types of job listings that you will see on Snagajob are hourly retail jobs, food service jobs, customer service positions, store management roles, delivery drivers, and other types of shift work. Many of the job opportunities available on the platform are entry-level roles, and Snagajob is also a great source for finding part-time work.

Where some job seekers may find the site lacking is in full-time office work. Although Snagajob lists many positions from a wide variety of companies, its specialty is clearly hourly work and this is made very apparent to the seasoned employee looking for the next step in their career. Applicants looking for full-time work, corporate management positions, or other salaried work may be better served by another job board.

How Much Does It Cost To Post A Job On Snagajob?

Snagajob works by charging companies a fee to post their jobs, while remaining free for customers and job seekers. Employers are charged on a monthly basis with pricing starting at just $89 a month per job listing.

One of the ways that Snagajob seeks to make recruiting easier for companies is by offering them the ability to create job listings that are easy to complete and are ready to go live in minutes. Corporate users can also benefit from the use of pre-screening questions to automatically weed out applicants who aren’t a good fit, and an interview scheduling tool for maximum convenience.

Additional enterprise services include shift coverage with Snagajob’s on demand workforce and premium hiring services for companies seeking more than 200 new hires. If you are a business looking to use Snagajob’s product to hire your next employees, you can find out more by contacting them at (877) 354-2266.

Snagajob Pricing

Why Does Snagajob Need Your SSN?

According to Snagajob, some employers will ask for information such as your social security number in order to verify job applicants meet the minimum age required for the position. If the company in question is a large, well-known company (i.e. Domino’s) you can safely enter your SSN without any qualms. However, if you ever get sketchy vibes from a particular job listing or think it might be a scam, Snagajob requests that you email them at with any questions or concerns.

Snagajob Sign Up Process

While you can search for and view jobs without signing up, the greatest benefit to using Snagajob comes once you create a profile. This allows you to use your information to begin applying to jobs directly through the site. To get started, simply sign up for an account via the Snagajob website ( or the app. Once you have logged in with your email address, you can start completing your personal job seeker profile. Just follow the instructions provided during Snagajob’s easy and convenient process.

Snagajob Getting Started

Your profile allows you to set your daily availability for shift work as well as complete sections for your work experience, education and references. This information helps you quickly apply to jobs and lets potential employers find out more about you at a glance. Before you groan at the thought of filling out yet another job application, the site’s helpful tools make filling out these fields much easier and faster than other job boards you’ve probably used in the past. For example, when you select the industry and job title of your previous role, Snagajob suggests common job responsibilities to auto-fill!

A 90-second personality quiz at the bottom of your profile helps match you with future employers that fit your working style. Don’t worry, all you have to do is click “me” or “not me” to a series of photos and descriptors like “working with wildlife” or “counseling”. This quiz can be retaken at any time and your results tell you (and future employers) more about your dominant personality type, top traits, ideal work environment and possible career matches.

How Do Job Seekers Apply For Jobs On Snagajob?

Once you’ve found an opportunity or 2 that you are interested in, you can begin the process by clicking the apply button on the Snagajob website or app. Many job postings will take you through an interface known as ZipRecruiter, while others will take you to the employers’ sites. Jobs tagged with “easy apply” can be quickly submitted without having to leave the site or re-enter your info anywhere else.

Since you will be providing your email address and phone number, all you need to do next is sit back and wait to be contacted with more information about the job. Employers may contact you via email, reach out to you with a phone call, or opt to send you a direct request to schedule an interview through Snagajob’s scheduling platform.

Is It Safe To Apply For A Job Online?

These days, applying for a job online is generally very safe. Not only is it safe and secure, but it has also become the norm in today’s job market – especially as online, working-from-home jobs become more prevalent. Gone are the days of searching for hiring managers’ phone numbers or going door to door with a handful of resumes. Especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the job search (and even most of the hiring process) has gone digital. Sites like Snagajob have made this process quicker and easier than ever before, with much attention given to the security of your data and contact information.

That being said, you should always do your homework before applying to any job online or arriving to an unfamiliar location for a job interview. Scams and other fraudulent activities do exist, but some due diligence with a dash of common sense should prevent you from stumbling into any trouble.

When in doubt, you can always search for and apply directly through a company’s Careers page – which should reflect the same jobs you discovered on the Snagajob platform.

Final Thoughts: Snagajob

When you’re in the market for a new job, it can’t hurt to add Snagajob to your “career apps” folder on your iPhone. Even those who prefer gig economy jobs like Door Dash might be pleasantly surprised to find new local opportunities for your next side hustle that you might not have otherwise heard of. Although there are comparatively limited options for those looking for office jobs, those seeking hourly shift work will be especially well-served by completing a profile on Snagajob. Whether you use the app or the website, Snagajob offers many unique features that set them apart from the pack and even make the job search process fun.

We wish you all the best in your future job hunt!

Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5

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